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This section of TM4T is aimed at trainee teachers and teachers with very limited knowledge of time management.

If that's you, welcome.. (if not, the material you're looking for is probably in the TM4T Basic or TM4T Complete sections of the site).

So... here is what you need to know to get up-and-running with time management.

1. You need to understand the basic ideas of time management. These are not specific to teachers, they apply to all professions. You will notice, I hope, that there are several different dimensions - or levels - to be considered. On one level, we are dealing with weighty matters: our life goals, our values, our ethical viewpoint. On another level, well... it gets pretty mundane: ticklists and diaries and stuff. This central idea needs to be really well understood: time management simply means that - as far as possible - you spend your time on this planet doing things which enable you to achieve what you really want to achieve.

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2. You need to understand very clearly the time management problems a teacher is likely to face.

2. You need to understand TM4T's ideas about planning. You need to think about the differences between 'lesson planning' and other kinds of planning, and how you are going to tackle them.

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