Time Management for Teachers

Welcome to TM4T.  The most comprehensive guide ever to Time Management for teachers. TM4T covers everything a teacher could need to know, whether you are in your early years of training, or a grizzled grumpy veteran of the chalkface.

TM4T is a fully developed (but easy to follow) time management method, with its own tools and techniques, but this website also offers more general guidance on time management principles, common barriers to success, how to manage stress, and even a complete guide to lesson planning.

If it touches on Time Management for teachers, you'll find it here.

To make things easier for you, we have structured the website in three main sections: A, B and C

A is for Abridged:  this is aimed at teachers during their training period, and offers a quick grounding and overview in what you need to be successful.

B is for Basic: this section is tailored to teachers who are recently qualified and need to cope with a full timetable for the first time. It covers everything you need to balance your life inside and outside work.

C is for Complete: this section offers a comprehensive guide to the principles, methods and techniques involved in time management - enough to spread the good word and help others to cope.

If you're new to TM4T you're likely to find some of this stuff a little jargon-heavy, so please take ten minutes to read the general introductory material  

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