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TM4T - In two mins

TM4T is all about how teachers spend their time when they're not actually teaching. That is, when they have one of their mis-named 'free' periods, or a working lunch, or when they decide to do some school stuff at home.

At times like these, a teacher is - to all intents and purposes - an office worker, no different to office-workers in business and commerce: filling in forms, writing reports, dealing with e-mails and filing; trying to carry out their routine in spite of constant interruptions.

TM4T represents a training course for that part of a teacher's life - not actually teaching, but not actually not-teaching either.

The intention is that when a teacher gets a 'free' period, they know exactly what to do, and the quickest and easiest way to do it. I'll stop putting quotation marks around 'free' periods from now on, because I think we've got the point.

TM4T also looks at stress. Many teachers cite their administrative burdens - the bureaucracy of their jobs - as a significant cause of stress, and TM4T is explicitly aimed at addressing that issue.

TM4T takes well-proven time-management techniques, tailors and tunes them. It will explain how Ticklists - not checklists, action lists, or to-do lists - help to ensure a sense of control; it shows how an undersanding of Sources and Buckets can remove any headless-chicken tendencies in your workstyle; it spells out how clearly defined Plans - supported by free templates - let you manage your time effectively.

Note: free templates are currently being updated for 2016-17: watch this space for Yearly Plans, Weekly Plans, Gardening Calendars, and Timetables....

For the most part, these are business methods which are used globally in industry and commerce to reduce the strain of modern living; simple effective techniques that are rarely - if ever - taught or used in schools.

PS: You may also see FT2T mentioned. If you have a deep love of acronyms or just like clicking links, this is explained here.


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