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All material on this website, unless explicitly indicated otherwise, is the sole property of the authors, and must not be used or republished in any form without their permission. All other rights are reserved.

The authors are Alex and Joe Durham.

Alex Durham is a freelance writer of copy and web content, and is a graduate of the University of East Anglia School of English Literature and Creative Writing. If there are any badly written pages on this website, they were probably written by Joe.

Joe Durham has a Masters degree in Business Administration, as well as a first-class honours degree in his teaching subject. Before becoming a teacher, he was one of the UK's top project managers, planning multi-million pound software development programmes and business re-engineering projects for blue-chip companies, and gaining national awards for excellence. He has worked in a number of UK state secondary schools, as a head of department combining chalkface teaching with a pastoral role. He is now nearly bald.

The authors can be contacted via this e-mail address: timemanagement4teachers1@gmail.com


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