About the Artist

Bonnie Byrne LeMay
A contemporary Impressionist and a life long student of the arts, Ms. LeMay

has been recognized as a "natural artist" since childhood.  Her work has been

described as  passionate yet  calming in spirit and pleasing to the eye.  She has won awards

for works in both oil and pastel.  She enjoys creating with a diffused, softly

focused simplicity and a wide range of color as well as diversity of medium

Bonnie is an alumna of the Lyme Academy College

of Fine Arts in Old Lyme Connecticut , where she  had the privilege to

study with the late Robert Brackman of international acclaim as well as

many other fine artists.
      Ms. LeMay's inspiration comes from within , influenced by nature , life experiences , as well as imaginative realms of mythic symbology and spiritual journey.  " The art experience is as an evolutionary process.  As we evolve and transform so does the art and vice verse. We are continualy growing. The key to maturing as an artist  is to  broaden the scope of one's artistic horizons while retaining the childlike element of wonder and infinate possibility.  Each piece is an opportunity to explore and discover our own unique perspective ."

Bonnie LeMay,
Jul 26, 2017, 10:40 AM
Bonnie LeMay,
Jul 26, 2017, 11:09 AM