Life in Helsinki, FI for an American Jew 

Helsinki Synagogue 

First Apartment 

Vappu (May Day)

Lag BaOmer BBQ 2006 

Portuguese Synagogue (Amsterdam)

First Property

I don't really have much to say yet. The weather this May has been great. I have a bunch of pictures from Vappu, but it'll take me a while to get them uploaded. 

 I'll see about posting some of the more interesting photos later. There are about 350 from my first round of using the P1, many from the flight up to Seattle. Plus I have 2 Photo CDs, but those are mostly from my trip to Israel (with a few shots from when I visited Helsinki in January). Given that limits me to 100mb and that i've already used 25mb for the handful of pictures mostly linked from thepages to the left, I'm not quite sure whatto do about the rest of the photos. I really don't understand Google Picasa/Hello.

As of June 15, 2006, I became a real member of society. I have a huge debt, theoretical title to property, and a credit card bill that I can't afford to pay. Until then, I've never had any of those things.