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     On this project I worked together with Barabas Szabolcs and Barabas Antoniu in the summer of 2010. The purpose was to control the RV-2AJ, robotic arm with a Graphical User Interface in which it is integrated a Virtual Realty simulation of the system. Meanwhile we added an other feature, image processing. 
    The GUI and the simulation is similar to my first project, so the challenge was to control the robot and to make an automate program to move objects from one place to an other by using a webcam to identify the objects. The communication between the GUI and control unit of the arm is based on TCP/IP protocol. In the program we calculated the angles of the actuators for a certain position of the gripper and we sent the COSIROP(it is the programming environment for Mitsubishi robots) command to move the arm to that position. The robotcontrol.m file contains the commands sent to the arm controller.
        The camera.m  file is from the main program, so it wont work alone as an .m file. Try to understand how it works and reuse it.
    We used a simple webcam for image processing which was mounted next to the gripper. From a certain position the program takes a picture. After processing the image we obtained the position and orientation of the objects. 
    The robot has 4 types of control:
  • direct control, setting the angles of the links,
  • indirect control, giving the position and orientation of the gripper
  • control by joystick
  • moving objects to a specific position.
 The application can be found at the bottom of the page: RV-2AJ_V3.6.zip

Below is a short movie about the project.

Description: A MatLab GUI controls Melfa RV-2AJ robot including image processing. The program made by Barabas Szabolcs, Barabas Antoniu, and Pall Elod from Technical University Cluj-Napoca.

Control of RV-2AJ

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Robot control commands
It can be used classical MelfaBasic4 commands for robot programming , but with command prefix “EXEC”. Thanks to Freire's and Santiago's thesis.
  • CNTL control (smooth movements)
  • CNTLON enable smooth control 
  • CNTLOFF disable smooth control 
  • PPOSF get robot position (x, y, z, a, b)
  • MOV move
  • EXECMOV move to a position in the list
  • RSTALRM reset alarm
  • SPD designate the speed
  • EXECSPD set the speed
  • EXECCOSIROP set final robot position
  • MVS move S
  • JOVRD J override 
  • EXECJCOSIROP set move parameters x, y, z, a, b
  • J_CURR 

The equipment:
  • RV-2AJ 5-Axis Robot Arm
  • CR1-571 Robot Controller Unit
  • R28TB Robot Teach Pendant
  • Webcam

Graphical User Interface:

Matlab GUI communicates on TCP/IP protocol.
  • Direct and inverse control or by joystick
  • Image processing
  • Simulation
  • Virtual Reality
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