Proxy grabber and checker PHP script

Get fresh anonymous proxy when you sleep!

Proxy checker

— is a PHP script for searching valid proxies, both anonymous and elite. This system is installed on remote web-server.

Proxy checker automatically search for and tests proxy servers. It saves addresses of existing proxies in the database until they are valid. The system is installed on remote server. As it works permanently a number of valid proxies always exists.

At first proxy-list should be added to work with the system. The system will catch proxies, save them in the database and automatically check for non valid proxies. High speed of check is reached thanks to multithread and large number of queries per second.

The system has intuitive web-interface. With the help of special URL or export mechanism your scripts can get the list of valid proxies with given characteristics from system database. Export of scheduled list is supported.


Proxy checker features

- Fast and simple installation, the installer of database.

- Work with a number of parallel processes, the use of multiqueries in each process, high speed of search and check (400-900 proxies per minute depending on server configuration).

- Startup of processes from CRON.

- Automatic database update of proxy-list via the Internet

- The check of proxy servers on several parameters, such as the level of anonymity (transparent, anonymous, elite), POST query support, “Referer” header transfer, Cookies support, connection time, query time, data transfer rate.

- Valid proxies recheck.

- Proxy country detection using embedded database, based on two main databases IP addresses - GeoIP and IP-to-Country.

- Filter for making a list of proxies from given countries, with given parametres, in given format.

- Proxy-list export customization. The system supports saving in files, sending e-mail, loading on FTP server. Different types of scheduled export.

- Modules customization: timeouts, processes count, threads count and other settings

- Running processes control: start-up time, uptime and current action. Log-file of every process supported. Grabber and checker processes and an average speed check are shown.

- Proxy grabber and checker real-time testing.

- Proxy servers database viewing, with sorting on different parameters.

- Proxy sources viewing with sorting on different parameters, adding new sources with Google parsing.

- Proxy sources update control. The possibility to delete rarely updated sources.

- Database statistics. Statistics by countries.

- Tool for grabbing proxies from pages.

- Fast proxy-list check tool.

- IP-addresses country detection tool.


System requirements

  • Server with UNIX ОS (Linux, FreeBSD and other)
  • PHP version 4.x.
  • MySQL version 4.1 or later.
  • cURL version 7.1 or later.
  • Zend Optimizer version 2.5 or later.
  • PHP exec() support