Reps Needed

Please read carefully:

My name is Tim Darnell.  If you are professional, entrepreneurial, self-motivated and can see yourself making multiple thousands of dollars per month contacting businesses that you already know (via simple research) are in desperate need of help with their Reputation Management situation, please send an email to the address below, and you will be apprised of what we do, and what is required of a Representative for this position. 

As a precursor to the document that I will send you, be assured that you will be thoroughly trained and equipped to be effective and profitable in this business.  No previous experience in Reputation Management is necessary, but you will be interviewed by me personally prior to acceptance to determine if we have a genuine fit. 

A generous, lucrative, trade-marked commission structure provides our Representatives truly excellent earnings potential.

If you would like a PDF overview regarding this position, please email me at:  Include a paragraph about yourself, including a brief description of your past business/job experience, why you are interested in this position, and what you are looking to accomplish.  Also, be sure to mention the name of the current Representative, or independent individual that referred you to this site, if that is the case.

This is not a salaried job, but rather a commissioned position.  You will have the opportunity to work hard and make significant monthly incomes.  Your income is not guaranteed.  Income will be based on your consistency, diligence, teach-ability, and persistence.  This is direct sales, and you can benefit from referring other Reps to our business as well, but we are not a multi-level or network marketing opportunity.

I will personally respond to your email to me, and if I feel like you have the potential to be a productive Representative for our project, you will also be interviewed via phone.  For more information, prior to emailing, see:

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!

Tim Darnell
Tim Darnell Reputation Management