Concert Attire

What do we wear for the concert?

All Logan Middle School Band students must wear a blue Band shirt, black pants (no "cargo" pants or shorts), a black belt, and black shoes with black socks for  performances.  Girls may wear black skirts if they choose.

Shirts must be worn tucked in.

  No jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes or open-toed shoes will be permitted. 

For basketball games, band members will wear the blue Band Shirts, Jeans (in good condition, with no holes) and sneakers.

Any student not in appropriate attire will not be permitted to participate in the performance.

Please follow care instructions that are distributed with the shirts.

Band Shirts are only available from LMS Band at the beginning of the school year. It is not the Band's policy to order extra shirts, nor to place more than one order per year.