TimberSweet Maple Syrup

Welcome to TimberSweet Maple Syrup. Our pure maple syrup is produced on the northern slopes of Minnesota's pristine forests, just a few miles west of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. TimberSweet Pure Maple Syrup has been gracing world-wide tables since 1980.

We carry a full line of maple products including pure maple syrup, maple cream, maple candy, maple sugar, and maple nuts.

Pure maple syrup is delicious on pancakes, ice cream. baked beans, grapefruit, and hot cereal. For a special flavor, use as the sweetener in your favorite recipe.

Maple cream contains only maple pure syrup that has been concentrated to make a spread for toast, muffins, and peanut sandwiches. It can be stirred into coffee or tea or put on green beans and squash.

Research shows that maple syrup contains 54 nutritional benefits.

Our maple syrup is available in many sizes.

8 oz. plastic or glass bottle $7.00

16 oz. plastic or glass bottle $11.00

32 oz. plastic or glass bottle $18.00

64 oz. plastic or glass bottle $34.00

128 oz. gallon or glass bottle $64.00

Our other Maple Products -

11.2 oz. maple cream jar $12.00

Maple Almonds (4oz) $4.00

Maple Mixed Nuts (4oz) $4.00

Maple Sugar (4oz) $5.50

Many various sizes of beautiful decorative glass bottles.

Order by calling 218-326-0614 or 218-259-0739

Orders can be shipped.

Come see us at:

Grand Rapids Farmers' Market (Summer 2021)

Wednesday 8:00 - 1:00

Saturday 8:00 - 1:00

Call for tours or syrup

218-326-0614 or 218-259-0739