Timbers Cottage Story

    The story of Timbers Cottage is one of friendship, family and faith!  Thank you for taking some time to read a brief overview of the history behind the cottage.  We hope and pray that you are inspired by the deep love in action, by many, that has brought about this dream.

    Our neighbor and friend, Susan, allowed us to purchase a bit of land on top of Moore Road that we had long admired.  The farmland lay still for a couple of years as we began to dream of potential plans for the future.

    My dear friend had just completed his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at University and was moving back with his bride and newborn daughter, to begin his career.  We had talked several times about our area's lack of quality rentals, and the challenges of buying and/or building a house, especially when starting a career.

    When I sense the possibility for "win-win" I get all excited.  I thought up this crazy idea that seemed to have "win-win" all over it, but I still had my doubts.  After much discussion with my wife, we decided to run the crazy idea by our friends to see what they thought.  At first they laughed.  Somehow though it made sense to both of our families, and by February 2007 we were committed to making this dream a reality!  

    They got their extended family together, and our extended family helped so much.  My brothers are both skilled timberframe builders and gave us way too much of their time and talent.  Many other family members and friends gave inexhaustibly of themselves throughout that summer.  Excavation began in May, and 3 months later our friends moved in!  We all took 2 weeks off from work in May to raise the frame and get as much of the building done as possible.  We were so grateful to have no rain the week we put the roof on.  We hired 2 local builders who worked through the summer.  We knew where we would be each weekend and any free evening, and I think it was the only summer we didn't open our pool because we had no time to swim in it, let alone take care of it!

    Our friends bought a house in August 2009.  The reality of their friendship is the legacy of this cottage.  They thought they received, but they have really given!  Because of what they did, in accepting our offer to work together and build this cottage, we can now extend hospitality to you, and the friendship just grows!