Guest Feedback

    "This is such a beautiful setting and a lovely place to spend some time enjoying each other for a couple of days.  Thank you for the opportunity!"   -The S Family 

    "Thank you for sharing the blessing of this cabin with us.  Celebrating our 15th anniversary here was magical.  It was exactly what we needed.  Our time here was blissfully quiet - beautiful weather and sunshine!"  -C

    "Thank you so much for your hospitality!  God has blessed you with a beautiful little "shack-in-the woods" :).  I was struck by the serenity of the panorama encircling the cabin, and it has had a wonderful effect upon my heart- peace, stillness, calm, and an overpowering sense of rest.  I won't forget this!"  -S

    "Thank you so much for your hospitality.  We love every moment in this beautiful cabin.  All of the little "touches" that you have put into this house are fun to see.  We really enjoyed our time in the house and at the pond.  The children loved the loft and the canoe the best." -The P Family

    "Your invitation to visit did not conjure visions of our actual time in your neck of the woods.  This cabin was perfect...  There was nothing we lacked and we gained a relaxing, though too brief, respite from Philadelphia."  -PT

    "As our sons get older we spend less and less time together, so we were looking for a place with peace and quiet where we could all be together for a few days without the interruptions of real life.  Well, I must say we found what we were looking for and much more.  From the moment we stepped through the door, we felt at home, and you have made everything so comfortable and cozy.  We leave today after our short stay rested, relaxed and with a sense that we accomplished our original mission.  Thank you for everything!"  -The F Family

    "Tho our stay has been short, it has been a peaceful enjoyable stay!  What a wonderful cozy "home away from home" you've made.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of us."  -KM

    "Our stay at your cabin was exactly what we had hoped for, time to play games and just enjoy our three girls.  The cabin is spectacular with all of the comforts of home packaged in a beautiful cabin.  We truly enjoyed the fireplace, finished basement with pool table and the overall ambience you can only get with a cabin.  We rang in 2011 and look forward to continuation of the fun we have enjoyed in your place.  Great hospitality as you have exceeded our expectations.  Thank you for everything!!"  The M Family

    "We had a wonderful time enjoying your cabin...  The rugged beauty of this area, especially in winter, was awe-inspiring.  We enjoyed four-wheeling, playing pool, watching movies, playing hockey on the pond, sledding and tapping trees at Dewy Meadows!  Above all, we enjoyed our visits with you and your special and caring family.  All of you hold a special place in our hearts and memories.  We hope to come again."  The W Family

    "What an amazing home-away-from-home you have made with 'The Timbers Cottage'.  So amazing in fact that our chldren wanted to move right in forever :)"  PK Family

    "Thank you so much for sharing your cabin with us.  We have enjoyed so much the beauty here.  I never once missed home, felt so at home here.  What a blessing!  We have loved being out of town and in the country.  I have captured some beautiful sunrises and sunsets and am amazed at God's artistic hand.  Thank you, thank you for the memories!"  The J Family

    "Your cabin is very beautiful.  Thank you so much for sharing it with us, in this special moment in one of our friends on the party, asking his girlfriend to marry him.  It was very special.  Coming from teh city and getting away from all the stress is wonderful.  Thank you so much."  The R Family  "PS we loved your wood fireplace, and everything on the cabin is your image to us.  Very warm and heart welcoming.  Thank you."

    "Thank you so much for the wonderful stay in your lovely cabin.  First, thanks for making our short notice request work!  All the "touches" were very appreciated- the boys LOVED all the food (Mom you never buy this!), pool table, pond (the youngest caught the biggest fish :)!), hot tub (it snowed the one day they went in!)), ETC!  Mom & Dad enjoyed getting away from the 'hustle and bustle' of teaching and owning your own business, but mostly watching the kids enjoy each other and having lots of laughs and fun as a family .  Wishing you continued success with the cabin!"  The K Family

    "Once again-magical.  We feel so at home when we are here.  The hot tub is a fun addition!  Star gazing from the hot tub is highly recommended. :)  It's never easy to end a stay here, but we leave refreshed, reconnected, and very, very thankful to have spent time here together." 

    "This, our second visit, was undoubtedly as enjoyable as our first.  The beautiful cabin and countryside are the perfect solution to a relaxing and delightful escape.  We are looking forward o a third visit for sure!"

"Thanks so much for opening your cabin to us.  Every detail of what you put into this place just speaks to us love and hospitality."  The Z Family

    "Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful cabin with us.  I needed a large area to decorate a wedding cake, and your kitchen was perfect!  The birds sang every morning while we had our coffee on the porch, and they sang in the evening while we soaked in the hot tub.  They sing because they are happy living here, and I agree with them.  I'd sing every day if I lived in this peaceful, scenic, beautiful area too!  Thank you again!"  L&M

    "We have been so blessed to spend these few days with you and at the cabin.  Your hospitality has made us feel very welcomed and very loved.  It was a joy for us to meet the entire family, talk, and play games together.  Thank you for hosting us- we look forward to next time!"  The E Family

    "Thanks for your cabin!  My oldest son and I had our 'man's weekend' here, and we are so blessed!  ...  You have a 14" bass in your pond.  I had to throw it back (dad said)!  You have a lot of fish in there."  The M Family

    "From the first moment we stepped foot in the cottage we were lavished with smiles from ear to ear.  Our stay at Timbers Cottage is magical and spectacular.  This is a perfect get-away to enjoy the atmosphere, comfort, and scenery.  We thank you for opening your cottage with peace, love, and happiness, and offering us everything that you have offered from the goodness of your heart.  You are a wonderful family and we want to wish you nothing but wealth, health, happiness, and love.  Again, we thank you so much for this beautiful place.  It is families like you who make other families want to be better.  Matt, you are a good man."  The M Family

    "Lots of thanks to you and your family for sharing your beautiful cabin with our family.  Such a wonderful setting.  Enjoyed meeting you and your children.  Very peaceful weekend, from fishing, canoeing, riding our ATVs, watching deer, turkeys.  This will be a tough one to beat.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Playing pool together was fun.  Hot tub extremely relaxing!  It was very special to see fridge stocked with items.  Thank you kindly!  The cabin had everything we needed and more...  We are already planning a return trip.  Can't wait.  This mini vacation has a very special spot in our hearts.  Warmest thank you.  We are leaving here with even more smiles than what we came with."  The C Family

    "Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful cabin with us.  We all had a great time over this Thanksgiving break.  Thank you for teaching us shooting this afternoon.  You were too generous to us!"  Love, A group of Chinese students from Penn State, and one from New Hampshire