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What's Happening Around Timberlane!

These are some interesting events written about in our February Issue.  Articles on Timberlane Events in this issue:
Table of contents:
  • Artist of the Month
  • Debate Club
  • Nurses of Timberlane
  • Teacher Feature- Mr. Rügoletti

Artist of the Month
By Kimberly Andrade


This month it was recognized that one of Timberlane’s juniors, Miss. Hayley Scharn, had something very important happening in her life. She is a resident of Atkinson, NH and has been doing art for about four years now. She takes private lessons every Monday after school in Plaistow, NH.

Recently she was honored to have all of her pictures put on display in the Atkinson Public Library. They were on display for a month, and all were welcome to view her remarkable art. She has taken Intro to Art I and II here at Timberlane as well as Pottery but finds a more special interest in Photography; which she is currently taking.

Hayley has one younger sister named Kathryn, who is in the 6th grade at TRMS and also enjoys art very much. When Hayley cannot make an art class for some reason Kathryn is always more than happy to fill in for her big sister and take the lesson.

Although Hayley enjoys all of the many pieces of art she has completed her absolute favorite is that of a picture she drew of her dog, Chester. It is the most important piece of art to her and was also recently hung in the library.

When asked what artist she looks up to most Hayley responded by saying, “I look for inspiration in my art teacher, Susan Kneeland. She has taught me so much.”

Hayley plans to pursue teaching in the years to come but knows that art will always be a passion of hers and a hobby for life. She’d also like to say to all of those who admire her art that, “I am so glad that people enjoy my art and I will definitely be drawing  more real soon!”

Debate Club- Getting Your Two Cents In

By Samuel Murray


 Everybody loves to argue. It’s a way of proving ourselves more intelligent, more informed, and more involved in society than whomever we’re arguing with. People argue about politics, music tastes and sports teams. Anything that has two or more sides to it can be debated. So where do you go when you feel like a good argument?

This is just the question Amanda Knight asked when she founded the Debate Club in 2008. Since the beginning of 2010, there has been an attempt to reboot the club by using controversial topics such as abortion and the legalization of Marijuana with some success. More recently there has been a move towards milder topics such as gun control and censorship.

Everybody has an opinion on some of these issues, and that’s what gives some of these debates such wide appeal. The debate club meets every other Tuesday right after school, and the meetings are open to anyone. If you want to join the debate, meet us in room 600, and leave your reservations at the door.





Nurses of Timberlane- Lending a Helping Hand

By Rob Gagnon


The nurses of Timberlane High School are probably the most important people not only in the school, but in the district. They see students and teachers every day for various illnesses and injuries, and treat them accordingly. They also ensure that students have their immunizations to keep them safe and free of infection.

When treating injuries, the supply immediate first aid and make sure the injured area is not moved. Next they apply ice and if needed they splint the fracture or sprain. The nurses, who include Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Morse, also provide CPR and first aid training to the entire district. They have trained approximately 400 staff members district wide. Whe

The nurses see 50 to 70 kids a day, and no two days are the same. The nurses monitor, report and recommend changes for safety hazards and sanitary conditions in the school. They have to meet state and local requirements as well as state and federal laws for nursing practices. The nurses keep a safe and healthy environment for everyone to learn.

When people undergo surgeries, the nurses help them through their healing process.

Teacher Feature- Mr. Rügoletti

By: Rob Gagnon

A lot of people know Mr. Rügoletti and that he’s a pretty popular teacher. He’s been in the Timberlane district for nearly 20 years every year he’s been teaching physical science. For the past 3 years he has also been teaching a class in Computer Integrated Manufacturing, CIM for short. CIM is the study of how computers are used to manufacture various products. Mr. Rüg had taught at Timberlane Middle School for 9 years teaching 8th grade physical science. He has spent the last 11 years teaching at the high school. Before he was a teacher at Timberlane, Mr. Rüg was a full-time sub for a year. He substituted at Milford and Newton, Massachusetts for half a year each.

                Mr. Rügoletti is included in theatre for the district. Since he’s worked here, he has seen 20 out of the 21 musicals and has worked on 16 of the 21. He is also the PAC technology director for the last 2 years. He provides lights and sound for Spirit Week, the Coffee Houses, and the carnival. He was a semi-finalist in the Teacher in Space Program. He had a 1 in 66 chance in winning but was disqualified for health conditions.

                Mr. Rügoletti loves to ski, and he was the co-advisor for ski club. He says he skis too fast for his own good and has to stop. The last day of mid-terms, Mr. Rüg took a spill and damaged his shoulder. He was advised by his doctor to stop skiing and Mr. Rüg unwillingly obliged. But he is still very happy with his life and his job.