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National Headlines


Adriana Holsberg & Taylor Trahan & Dan Ferreira

 Nintendo has introduced its newest handheld game known as the 3Ds which will go on sale in June. The device allows you to play games in 3D without the use of specialty glasses.

 Congress signs a new health care reform bill. The bill will give health care to all citizens of the United States; however some people are worried that this bill may mean higher taxes and lower quality treatment.

 Unemployment rates for jobs reach a high of 15% in 35 metropolitan areas in the United States. A little over 19 of those areas were in California.

 Flooding in the New England area left many people without power and in a state of emergency. Red tide caused by the flooding has made a setback for fishermen, because they had to close their traps up.

A 6.7 earthquake hit Chile February 27th, but no immediate damage or severe injuries were caused by this series of earthquakes. After the earthquakes hit Hawaii was put on a tsunami warning keeping its citizens off of the coastlines and up on higher ground.

Alabama Professor Denies Killing Colleagues—Alabama professor Amy Bishop is accused of shooting six colleagues, killing three, with a gun bought in 1989 for her husband.  Even though the proof is there, Bishop denies killing anyone after the rampage at the University of Alabama.

Woman Saved after SUV goes into Pool—In East Bridgewater, MA, 62 year old Marjorie Ponder drove her 2005 Kia SUV off the road, through two fences, into a pool behind someone’s house.  Local bystanders were able to pull her out and save her.

Zoo Investigates Dismembered Giraffe—At Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, NM, an investigation has been ordered to discover the source of one of the zoo’s giraffes that was found dismembered.

Owls of the month

Paige Caruso offers her best in Creative Book.


Kira Brown lends a helping hand in Creative Book.


Jessica Mascola always gives her best and serves as a positive role model.


Jessie Hill for lending a helping hand.


Cam Picard for going above and beyond to help out in English.


Emma Toth for  her excellent work ethic and attitude.


Jess Knight and Kate Sheridan for showing true compassion.


The Project Hope (Strut for a Cure) team for all of their work on an incredibly good cause.