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Here are the editorials of the March Issue:
Table of contents:
  • Anti YouTube in School
  • Meat is Murder
  • Olympic Insensitivity
  • Spruce Up School With YouTube
  • Steams My Clams

Anti-YouTube in School

By Kathryn Kaasila


As most students probably have noticed, the school has blocked YouTube access for students. However, teachers are allowed access to YouTube. Some students may feel like this blockage is annoying and useless, but YouTube truly is not necessary for school work.

In the past, students could upload videos onto YouTube for school projects, but students can still upload videos from School Tube, save them to discs, or send them to an e-mail. Although YouTube isn’t necessary for school, some students feel that we, as young adults, deserve to be trusted. However, even if we are all responsible, school is not the time for watching YouTube videos. Students can use YouTube during their free time at home.

It’s important that the school blocks websites like YouTube and social networking websites, like Facebook and MySpace, because these websites can be distracting and inappropriate. Having these websites blocked makes it easier for students to focus in classes that use computers because students won’t be as tempted to do other things during class.

Teachers have also ran into problems in the past because the usage of YouTube slows down the other computers and when teachers are using the computers for important class work, the computers might freeze or take longer to load. Although students can’t use YouTube, teachers should use it to show clips for educational purposes. Without so many students using YouTube, the computers run more efficiently, thus making it easier for teachers to run a class that depends of computer usage.

Overall, it’s only beneficial towards the students to have certain websites, like YouTube, blocked. School is a time for learning and focusing on class work. Without the ability to use distracting websites, students are more likely to work harder in class. Blocking YouTube in no way impairs student learning because students can still upload or save the videos in other ways.

Meat is Murder

By Kathryn Kaasila

Pork, beef, hot dogs, burgers, tenders, patties. Call it what you want, but deep down we all know that what you are consuming is the result of cruel animal treatment and slaughter. 


People are accustomed to eating poultry, fish, and meat, but at some point you really need to consider what you are eating. In reality, what you are eating is  dirty and injected with chemicals and growth hormones. The consumption of meat is inhumane, because we’re murdering animals solely for our taste buds. There is no nutrient necessary for optimal human functioning, which cannot be obtained from plant food. Therefore, I believe that more people should consider becoming a vegetarian.


Some people argue that meat is necessary for protein; however protein can be obtained in numerous other ways. There are beans, nuts, tofu, soy products, lentils, hummus, peanut butter, oatmeal, cereals, grains, and much more. Vegetarians can also find protein in eggs, milk, and cheese (however some vegetarians and vegans don’t eat these products because they come from animals). The options are endless!


Some people say that they can’t give up meat because they like the taste, however you can find meat substitutes, such as veggie burgers and chk’n nuggets at the grocery store (some common brands are Boca and Morning Star). These products taste, in my opinion,almost exactly like real meat. There truly are no more excuses for eating animals!


Vegetarians often choose to not eat meat because of ethics and because it’s harmful to the environment. Vegetarians enjoy the health benefits of decreasing their chances of getting coronary artery disease, gallstones, cancer (particularly lung and colon cancer), kidney stones, colon disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. A vegetarian is also less likely to be overweight than a non-vegetarian. There isn’t much of an argument that can be made against vegetarianism because making the switch is so beneficial!


So next time you think about chowing down on some meat, remember that it’s a heart-clogging, forest-killing, hormone fed, drug injected, deceased, dismembered, and decapitated piece of murdered animal.

Olympic Insensitivity
By: Cassandra Sullivan
The 2010 Winter Olympics took place in Vancouver this year and there were many headlines that came with them, but one stuck out in particular.

On February 12, before the games even began, a luge slider from Georgia, Nodar Kumaritashvili, was in practice and flew off the track. He crashed into a metal column and severely injured his head, leading to his death.

Almost immediately after Kumaritashvili’s death, news stations were broadcasting the video and showing the photos of the death which are extremely graphic. Sights like this generally make people cringe, but if you go on YouTube, some videos of the accident have almost 20,000 views. That many views on a video of an innocent 21 year old’s death shows just how insensitive this country has become.
Every day on the news, there is coverage of the war and the tragic deaths that come with it, and only those directly affected are truly saddened. The rest of the country just watches as if it was news as simple as the weather. Events such as the war and other heart-wrenching stories are so common in the news that people have become desensitized and are no longer affected by them. When people can just watch this gruesome accident as if it was nothing, it is clear that there is something wrong with this society that we live in.

Where has our sensitivity gone? No one should be able to watch, or want to watch, such a disturbing video. There is absolutely no respect shown to the family of Nodar Kumaritashvili by whoever released this video, as well as those who watch it.

Spruce Up School With YouTube

By Josh King

Don’t you think YouTube is a great educational tool? Along with many of the students of Timberlane, I think so! It should only be allowed for school purposes, of course. However, it should also be a privilege for students to use.  If someone isn’t using it for what it’s meant to be used for, they should have that privilege taken away. YouTube can be a very helpful tool to have at your disposal, and it would be wise for schools to recognize that potential. There are so many positive ways to use YouTube in school, so I can’t begin to imagine why it would be blocked.

YouTube is definitely useful if you have a project due and it needs a video. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take up much of the server bandwidth, unless everyone in the school is using it at the same time. In reality, although some people do take advantage of YouTube, there is still a majority who use it appropriately. People who follow the rules should be allowed to use YouTube in school, while those who don’t should have it restricted.

The technology department can keep track of everything that students do on the internet. For example, when I was playing a game during class, my mouse was taken over and closed the internet window. Since they can keep track of the students’ activities online, there should be a log list that says where and when everyone has done something against the rules. A cyber track list should allow them to check everyone’s usernames and give the people who follow the rules the privileges they deserve.

Overall, I don’t think it’s fair that everyone should be punished for what a few do.

Steams My Clams

Un-spirit Week

                You know what really steams my clams, the kids who do not dress up for spirit week. I can understand if one day you don’t dress up because you didn’t feel like it, but not dressing up at all for the whole week, come on. You may think that you will look dumb if you dress up, but you don’t because everyone else is dressed up. So in fact, you are the weird looking one. You look like a fool if you don’t dress up for spirit week! Plus, you are costing spirit week point s for your grade and your peers may get frustrated with you. Besides, when else do you get to dress up like that in your life? Also if you don’t dress up, you have no chance of becoming a spirit week lord or lordess, the highest award Timberlane offers! You could go down in the history books just for dressing up weird for a week, and what could be better than that? So why don’t you just let loose for a week and have a little bit of fun with it.

-Tyler Maclean and Kyle Benson