LifeOne Formula

The LifeOne Formula is developed for and manufactured as an IMMUNE SYSTEM ENHANCEMENT FORMULA. It helps the immune system fight disease.

As such it should not be considered a treatment or medicine . If  you are suffering from serious illness we recommend you consult a physician

To support the Immune system a healthy lifestyle is necessary, including eating healthily, managing stress, detoxification, reducing chemical exposure and balanced activity. 

* 1 bottle  @ £139
* 2 Bottles @£274

* 3 Bottles @£405

* 4 Bottles @£532

* 5 Bottles @£655

 * 6 Bottles @£780
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You can purchase LifeOne from us. In the UK our prices are inclusive of VAT, shipping and insurance. We aim for delivery in 5 working days.
Payment methods; You can call the shop with a card payment on
01425 483505 (excluding Sundays), we can send you a Paypal invoice  or you can pay by Bank Transfer, details on request.
Just contact us by email at with your order. Prices for outside the UK are also available by contacting us.
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