Welcome to the class web site for the Using Google Earth to Create a Virtual Tour of Missouri Landmarks.  This site will provide you with all of the resources used in this course.


Before we begin, please visit the following page to assess your skill level as of right now:  http://tinyurl.com/yh3j48h

Part 1.  Introduction to Google Earth
This section of the activity will cover the following objectives:
  • Define Google Earth
  • List uses for Google Earth
  • Download and install Google Earth

Exercise 1: 

Part A:  Please complete the exercise found at http://tinyurl.com/yh4u7bv
Part B:  Once you have completed the exercise in Part A, work in your small groups and share your answers to the questions in the exercise.

Part C: Download the latest version of Google Earth from http://earth.google.com, then install it on your workstation.

Part 2.

This section of the activity will cover the following objectives

  • Find a location using Google Earth
  • Use navigation tools in Google Earth to zoom, pan and otherwise change view of location
Exercise 2:

Part A:  Complete the interactive tutorial found at Google Earth Learn: http://tinyurl.com/ycfbdb3 to familiarize yourself with the navigational tools in Google Earth.

Part 3.

This section of the activity will cover the following objectives
  • Create a placemark
  • Create folder to store places in
  • Move placemarks into the places folder
Exercise 3:

Part A:  Create placemarks for the following locations by using the Search section of Google Earth:
  1. Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City, Missouri
  2. Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri
  3. Jefferson Expansion Memorial (Gateway Arch) in St. Louis, Missouri
Part B:  Create a folder in the Places section of Google Earth called Missouri Landmarks. 

Part C:  Move the three placemarks into the Missouri Landmarks folder

Part 4.

This section of the activity will cover the following objectives
  • Use Google to locate descriptive text and/or links to use in placemark properties
  • Edit placemark properties to include a description and/or links to information about landmark
Exercise 4:

Part A: Using the Google search engine at http://www.google.com, find reputable web sites that contain information about your Missouri Landmarks.  Copy down the web addresses that link to the sites of your choice.  Also, note down a few important facts about your landmarks for use in the placemark properties.

Part B:  Edit the properties of each placemark, adding the descriptions that you noted and any web links you wish to include.

Part 5.

This section of the activity will cover the following objectives
Exercise 5:

Part A:
  Please complete the exercise found at: http://tinyurl.com/yakfprr

Part B:  Once the exercise in Part A is complete, visit the Flickr website at http://www.flickr.com and use the Advanced Search feature to locate Creative Commons-licensed photos that you can use in your placemark properties.  Download one of these photos to your computer for each landmark to use in your project.

Part C: Work through the Google Earth Tutorial: "Annotating Google Earth" found at http://tinyurl.com/ybwlfz3.  When complete, edit the placemark properties to include the photos that you downloaded.  Be sure to provide proper credit to the photo owner.

Part 6.

This section of the activity will cover the following objectives
  • Record a tour of the landmarks you have placemarked
  • Play a tour of the landmarks you have placemarked
  • Save your tour as .KML file for sharing
Exercise 6:

Part A:  Using the instructions found at Google Earth Help: “Making tours and movies” (http://tinyurl.com/y9kmqa5), record a tour of the landmarks that you have placemarked in Google Earth.

Part B:  Play back the tour of your landmarks.

Part C:  In Google Earth, save your tour as a file with the .KML extension so that it can be shared with others.

Share your Project

The last section of this course will be to share your project with the class by presenting your .KML file and demonstrating your placemarks and their properties.


Please complete the post-assessment found at http://tinyurl.com/yb8ygdj

Compare your pre- and post-assessment answers to determine how your skills/comfort level has changed.

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