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Dear Visitor,

I am Till. My official name, which I use on my papers, is Tillmann Miltzow. I am from Berlin, where I finished school in Pankow in 2004. Thereafter, I studied Mathematics at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. I did my Diploma thesis(=Master thesis) with Stefan Felsner at the Technical University of Berlin. In order to visit all three major universities in Berlin, I worked on my PhD under the guidance of Günter Rote at the Freie Universität Berlin from 2010 to 2015. Thereafter, I did a postdoc in Budapest at MTA SZTAKI in the group of Dániel MarxHere is a picture of the group:

Now, I joined the group of Jean Cardinal and Stefan Langerman. Check out their group page to see the other members of the group.

My research activity is not very easily captured. There are many things that I find interesting. I have worked on games, complexity, combinatorics, algorithms and geometry. So far, plane geometry, seems to be the most distinctive description of my interest. In the group of Dániel Marx, I focused on hard geometric problems and try to find FPT algorithms for them or show that these don't exist. In particular, I am interested in tight bounds with the help of ETH. In the group of Jean Cardinal and Stefan Langerman, I try to focus on connections between real algebra and geometric problems.

Please feel free to browse my webpage or to contact me via email (t.miltzow at gmail.com).
In particular check out the videos that you find under Publications.
If you consider me as a reviewer for a journal please read my notes Cost Of Knowledge.


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