Grade Characteristics

At Tilikum we have observed a few characteristics about the grades we have here at camp. This list is not overly scientific but it is practical and helpful. These are general characteristics, not always true of every child.

First Grade

  Have not actually been to first grade so they have trouble learning what it means to be in a group. Such things as being in lines and circles, listening to others, and taking turns are sometimes difficult for them.

  On the positive side, everything is new and exciting to them. However, many things can be potentially scary to the first grader.

  Very dependent on staff and counselors and can not do many things by themselves.

  Homesickness and unwillingness to leave parents is common.

  Tire very easily and need a lot more time for traveling from one activity to another.

  Absolutely crucial to take the kids to the bathroom before going to the next activity.

Second and Third Grade

  Have been to school and have a better understanding of how to function in a

group setting/process.

  More daring than first graders.

  Seem to have less fears than older children.

  Even more capable and independent.

  Third graders are developing a gender identity.

Fourth and Fifth Grade


  They are physically able to do everything at camp.

  Interested in girl/boy relationships but not necessarily for themselves. (They often try to play matchmaker with staff and counselors.)

  Increased ability to use their mind.

  Have not developed the group mentality of the older children.

  Fifth graders are in a transition period having some characteristics of both fifth and sixth graders.

Sixth Grade

  Awkward stage, many starting puberty so you have children of various sizes and stages of physical development.

  Group mentality.  Most are concerned with not deviating from the norm of the group. Kids will sometimes act like they are not enjoying themselves, even if they are having a blast, because the rest of the group is bored.

  Starting to use their imaginations less.

 Interest between boys and girls is beginning.