Welcome to the Tilikum Day Camp Program!

We appreciate you!  Thank you in advance for your willingness to support, not only Tilikum and local churches, but also the children that will be at camp this summer.  I heard a statistic recently that a child’s moral compass is set by the time they are eight.  They learn and catch on to ideas so quickly at a young age…what an opportunity to be a part of that process, speaking truth into the lives of children.  Please read through the information on the left sidebar to prepare for spending a week at Tilikum as a volunteer.  Thank you for serving in this capacity!

Below is the structure that the Tilikum summer staff will use when they do "trail talk" each day.  Trail Talk is a specific time set aside to talk about the daily theme and biblical lessons.  The Tilikum staff will lead these discussions but your input, intentionality in following up with campers afterwards, and helping with group management during this time is very important!

 Check it!

This is the information that the campers should have a good grasp on by the time they leave.  

 Talk it!

These are questions about the skit and questions that will lead into deeper discussion of that day’s theme.

 Apply it!

This is an extremely important part of a Trail Talk.  It helps the campers remember what they learned by some sort of interaction and hands-on activity or demonstration.  There are many suggestions given for each day.  Some work better for different grade levels than others, but all are adaptable.  

 Journal it! 

We use the journals at Tilikum as a reflection tool. You can ask your campers to answer questions about the theme of the day, or you can give them free rein to draw, write, and ask you questions - about yourself, about camp or about God.  It’s often interesting what kids will ask when they are given the opportunity in a safe place.  At the end of every week your campers will get to take their journals home with them as a reminder of their week - and you! 

 Act it!

This gives the campers a chance to put what they learned into action.  How can they take these lessons away from camp and into everyday life?

It is our hope that we can help campers discover God all around them, in every detail.  More than anything, we pray that campers would discover God’s love.  It is so important to learn and be reminded that we are loved by our creator!

The purpose of this website is to provide you with useful tools while you are at Tilikum.  Use what you find here as a springboard for camp leadership and spiritual growth.  In these pages you will find devotional ideas and meditative readings for each day.  They are designed to be a guide for and a supplement to you personal meditation before camp in preparation for you ministry during the day. 

Thanks again for joining us this summer!

This summer be challenged to see life through the eyes of a child.

Mandy Schmidt

Camp Program Director