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Marineland France has a terrible history and it is time the public hears their real story. 

Few remember Calypso. She was a six year-old orca captured from Canadian waters in December 1969. Calypso was transferred to England and then France, where she was the first orca at Marineland Antibes. Forced to swim alone and invaded with some of the first attempts at artificial insemination, she only survived for one year. Calypso’s heart-wrenching existence served as a symbol of questionable ethics and an omen of darker things to come.

Calypso died in 1970 from an abscess on her lung. Since her death, eleven orca have died at Marineland Antibes. With the exception of Freya’s four stillborn calves, each of these individuals had their own name, given to them by their captors, and their own story.
Clovis was the second orca to arrive at Marineland Antibes and he was captured by SeaWorld. At just two years-old, he was a victim of the horrific 1970 US Penn Cove orca captures that decimated the Southern resident population from which he originated, (the population is still endangered today).

The young calf was captured at the same time as Lolita, a female orca who is still alive today, isolated in one of the world’s smallest orca tanks at the Miami Seaquarium in Florida. In a distasteful twist over forty years later, Parques Reunidos, the company that owns Marineland Antibes, now also owns the Miami Seaquarium (and Lolita) under its US subsidiary, Palace Entertainment. Parques Reunidos itself is owned by Candover, a private equity fund managed by London-based Arle Capital Partners.

When Clovis was shipped to Marineland Antibes, he was put into a tank with Calypso. Where Clovis was a Southern resident, Calypso was from the Northern resident community. “In the wild, these populations do not mix,” Howard Garrett, co-founder of the Orca Network and Free Lolita campaign remarked, adding, “Clovis and Calypso would have had no social affiliation or language similarity and it is unlikely they would have been able to socialise without sorting out their dominance roles. That could have been a violent process and one which may never have been resolved.”

Shortly after Clovis arrived at Marineland Antibes, Calypso died, leaving the young male swimming by himself for the two and a half years he survived.

Between 1976 and -89, a further five orca were captured from the wild and taken to Marineland Antibes. 

Written by Sam Lipman -- Taken from The Orca of Marineland Antibes


1 LS tweet for #Blackfish, #dolphins past and present who suffered at the callous & uncaring of #Marineland #Antibes https://t.co/AxBUriRQ5K
2 There is an insidious darkness @Marineland_fr, deceptively lurking behind the performing animals & tawdry circus acts. #Marineland
3 .@Marineland_fr established 1970 by French industrialist Roland de la Poype #Blackfish https://t.co/efbcM963Wr pic.twitter.com/2gZAZFRjcS
4 In 2006 @parquesreunidos bought #MarinelandAntibes & plans to expand abusive dolphin interaction programs #Blackfish https://t.co/9IJ3rMsKno
5 After opening #MarinelandAntibes expanded their animal collection by claiming scientific research[pg15] #Blackfish https://t.co/Kqr8wDrg6M
6 And so began an ocean carnage that would span 20yrs & sacrifice 1000's of #Blackfish & dolphins #Marineland https://t.co/DJTUQqzlGi
7 In 2006 @parquesreunidos bought #MarinelandAntibes & plans to expand abusive dolphin interaction programs #Blackfish https://t.co/9IJ3rMsKno
8 1964-1989, 138 orcas were captured worldwide for aquariums. #Blackfish #Marineland via @BornFreeUSA https://t.co/PxrUaqEequ
9 The Orca of #MarinelandAntibes -- Past & Present via @samlipmanwriter #Blackfish https://t.co/ZwS6iWkBWI pic.twitter.com/qinOUAumme
10 Calypso was the first #Blackfish to be cruelly enslaved @Marineland_fr. She was 7 yrs old. https://t.co/CrdZN6o7az pic.twitter.com/4RTCN2KKPd
11 Dec 11 1969 - #Blackfish Calypso & 11 more No.Residents were brutally captured in PenderHarbourBC #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/NLbpYt6UlP
12 Dec 11 1969 -- #Blackfish Calypso was captured with Corky & bought for #MarinelandAntibes by a couple of teenagers. https://t.co/xHUpV2y7Je
13 Read more here on the family of Calypso & Corky who was terrorized by @Marineland_fr #Marineland #Blackfish https://t.co/1H44dhuCab
14 After being terrorized #Blackfish Calypso is flown to Cleepthorpes briefly before moving on to @Marineland_Fr pic.twitter.com/xYGFzqg2Sz
15 #Blackfish Calypso swims scared & alone for the first time in her young life at Cleepthorpes #Marineland https://t.co/WNKsYmhn18
16 At Cleepthorpes #Blackfish Calypso is reportedly forced2 endure experimental AI breeding attempts #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/9DTejTh8Se
17 #Blackfish Calypso’s heart-wrenching existence served as a symbol of questionable ethics&an omen of darker things to come #MarinelandAntibes
18 #Blackfish Calypso barely survived a year before succumbing to the despair of captivity & mercifully dying in 1970 @Marineland_Fr.
19 #Blackfish Calypso’s tragic death marked the start of a long trail of dead orcas @Marineland_Fr #Marineland https://t.co/5FjhKQHzjC
20 Learn more about the Northern Resident #Blackfish community & what U can do to advocate for them #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/tPivnxBvtv
21 In the mid 60s, #Blackfish wrangling became a coastal spectacle headed up by @SeaWorld's Griffin. #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/cPmucUgos5
22 Clovis was the 2nd orca added 2 @Marineland_Fr's #Blackfish 'collection' this time by @SeaWorld's Ted Griffin https://t.co/enWocJBr3D
23 Aug 8 1970 #Blackfish Clovis & Lolita were savagely captured by #Seaworld #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/75mt05nW8y pic.twitter.com/uyqQppHZqB
24 #Blackfish Clovis leaves temp holding facility&for the first time in his life, is w/o family--Confused, terrified & alone #MarinelandAntibes
25 #Blackfish Clovis joins Calypso @Marineland_Fr but she dies soon after and once again he is all alone. [Ch.7] https://t.co/8VDGkVUicR
26 #Blackfish Clovis is denied dignity & is immediately turned into a circus animal for the greed of #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/zcOYqqCQMn
27 #Blackfish Clovis would never know another orca & died alone in his tank @Marineland_Fr after only 2.5 yrs. pic.twitter.com/HVofNEf185
28 #Blackfish Lolita is the only living orca from that capture. Today we still fight to #FreeLolita ~@orcanetwork https://t.co/cZ1ndgNxll
29 In a distasteful twist over 40 yrs later, @parquesreunidos now also own MSQ & #Blackfish Lolita #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/lBfsOPdFL3
30 Clovis & Lolita's family are #SRKW's & they still swim free in the Salish Sea. #Blackfish https://t.co/xNIl5vMybD pic.twitter.com/LBbYL5LmNU
31 Clovis&Calypso were #Blackfish from different cultures & would have had no social affiliation. #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/vVLO6qkMf5
32 1976 #SeaWorld's Goldsberry was caught using explosives to hunt #Blackfish. It would be the last time orca would be hunted in WA State.
33 The gov of WA sued Goldsberry who was ordered release the whales & #Seaworld's permit was revoked #MarinelandAntibes pic.twitter.com/F70uM1xzTn
34 Hear #Seaworld's Goldsberry's black-hearted account of the PNW #Blackfish he captured & killed. #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/0etxmWaykK
35 In 1976 Marine Biologist Kenneth Balcomb was hired by the USGovt. to carry out a census of #Blackfish in WA State. #MarinelandAntibes
36 When we finally counted #Blackfish, we learned we'd almost wiped them out~Operation Orca @TheTyee #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/5unpWRpqrz
37 Instead of repopulating their pod, a generation of #Blackfish were instead dying in tanks. #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/CscvVOHnmR
38 The SoRes #Blackfish never fully recovered from the captures& in 2005, were listed as endangered. #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/9vzsKKxrCB
39 #Blackfish's @jeffrey_ventre explains #Seaworld's lasting impact on the Southern Resident Orcas. #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/X7IOUgiD8W
40 After being kicked out of WaState 4 inhumane capture methods, #Seaworld moved #Blackfish hunting OPS to Iceland. pic.twitter.com/i2PYogtGJa
41 .@Marineland_fr acquired its Icelandic #Blackfish from a notorious operation which carelessly killed many orca. pic.twitter.com/j6CvBcmd5l
42 Many #Blackfish were mortally injured during capture while being separated with nets & violently torn from their family. #MarinelandAntibes
43 One #Blackfish was reported to have broken its back & was transported anyway only to be shot. #MarinelandAntibes pic.twitter.com/fbKUOWrODy
44 Powerful video depicts how terrifying it must've been for #Blackfish being stolen from freedom. #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/8TJw6D0Dt6
45 Captured Icelandic #Blackfish would be sent to Hafnarfjordur, a decrepit zoo in Saedyrasafnid. #MarinelandAntibes pic.twitter.com/1NVn15UjyN
46 Newly captured #Blackfish would be stored at Saedyrasafnid Zoo awaiting sale to #MarinelandAntibes & other parks. pic.twitter.com/S1GUZLOvSJ
47 These once proud predators would submit to their tormentors&learn to beg for dead fish #Blackfish #MarinelandAntibes pic.twitter.com/DtRtwncWRG
48 Rabid exploitation would see 59 #Blackfish poached from the sea before Iceland ended the captures #MarinelandAntibes pic.twitter.com/Hvr7mUslXJ
49 Kim was the 1st Icelandic #Blackfish to be callously stolen from family by #Seaworld for #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/1cWMmSkwlz
50 1976 #Blackfish Kim struggled & vocalized pitifully as he was removed from the sea to go to #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/zuleH3tWea
51 It would be the last time #Blackfish kim would swim in an ocean. For the rest of his life he would know only hell @Marineland_Fr
52 In 1978 Kim was joined by #Blackfish Betty who he lived with until his death 4 yrs later. #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/UcLH7R6yGH
53 #Blackfish Betty was the next orca to be cruelly torn from freedom by #SeaWorld to fill #MarinelandAntibes tanks pic.twitter.com/uHCJUwmvWX
54 During his short life as a captive #Blackfish, Kim became blind & required ocular injections. #MarinelandAntibes pic.twitter.com/G0s8NGxJi4
55 It was also reported that #Blackfish Kim required blood transfusions & #Seaworld refused to help #MarinelandAntibes pic.twitter.com/WKOLNCzcGF
56 On July 24 1982, After only 5 years in captivity, #Blackfish Kim died due to a Lung Abscess @Marineland_Fr. pic.twitter.com/5KGqnfHCqu
57 After the death of #Blackfish Kim in '82, Betty would remain alone @Marineland_Fr until the arrival of Kim2 & Freya in 1983.
58 #Blackfish Betty died @Marineland_Fr September 8, 1987 at the age of 13 of pneumonia https://t.co/RqeZ8kDBbC pic.twitter.com/MynyERN3tc
59 By the end of the Icelandic captures, @Marineland_Fr had received 6 #Blackfish, incompetently killing 4 of them, Kim2 & Freya remained.
60 1983 #Blackfish Kim2 was captured & sent to #MarinelandAntibes he was less than 1 yr. old https://t.co/1DSSPJicAU pic.twitter.com/mTzBQdCQnO
61 1983 #Blackfish Freya was stolen from her mom & sent to live @ #MarinelandAntibes at 1yr old https://t.co/1DSSPJicAU pic.twitter.com/CwNPObO8BM
62 Freya and Kim 2 joined #Blackfish Betty & they all performed together until Betty's death in '87 #MarinelandAntibes pic.twitter.com/qRck1XEEH4
63 #Blackfish Freya gave birth to 4 stillborn fetus fathered by Kim2, only 1 of her children lived. #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/4003XlIGxb
64 Freya & Kim2 produced a live calf in '96-His name was Valentin #Blackfish #MarinelandAntibes pic.twitter.com/PkAiK4ZM7g https://t.co/HXw6vKps88
65 #Blackfish Kim 2 was a prolific breeder and sired 4 living 'assets' for #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/PgZTgHg14R pic.twitter.com/rzqmyx0fu9
66 2005 #Blackfish KIM2 the last adult male @Marineland_Fr, dies from a lung infection https://t.co/KgV5iHytvE pic.twitter.com/cESEyvc0Av
67 Over time #Blackfish Freya became the dominant orca .@Marineland_fr often becoming posessive her her trainers and causing disruptions
68 1998 #Blackfish Freya was disruptive, prevented other whales from performing and was confined to a back tank until 2000 #Marineland
69 #Blackfish Freya had a history of showing trainers who was really in control~@johnjhargrove #Marineland https://t.co/k3iuVk0rNu
70 #Blackfish Freya: The most dangerous whale @Marineland_Fr with an "unnerving aggression" #Marineland https://t.co/W8LRpglDyr
71 In 2008 #Blackfish Freya violently attacks another trainer thus ending water work for good @Marineland_Fr https://t.co/fax0udBzuY
72 BeneathTheSurface describes @johnjhargrove's time as an orca trainer @Marineland_Fr & #Seaworld. #Blackfish https://t.co/6xoMlyYnmc
73 Jun'15 #Blackfish Freya 33yo Matriarch of @Marineand_Fr Dies~@BDMLROrcaAware #Blackfish https://t.co/NyiqbT2rGO pic.twitter.com/RCLEsmD5Rr
74 Of the wild Icelandic orcas captured for display @Marineland_Fr, #Blackfish Freya was the last to die. pic.twitter.com/q0MKQ2acWT
75 Had #Blackfish Freya's life not been so heartlessly interrupted, she could've lived another 70yrs #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/mJdw9UT3ZI
76 1989 #Blackfish Sharkan&Tanouk are captured, utterly terrified, their cries are heart-wrenching #Marineland https://t.co/uLqWus6B8i
77 Sharkan&Tanouk were stored @ a holding facility while @Marineland_Fr waited4 permits #Marineland #Blackfish https://t.co/xs1t9qNJY3
78 The captures of Sharkan&Tanouk disturbed Foster so much he left the industry the following year #Marineland https://t.co/Hi0I2u0YUp
79 Between 1975-1988, permits were issued for the capture of 64 Icelandic #Blackfish, most are all thought to be dead now #Marineland
80 There would not be another orca captured in Icelandic waters until 2010 when #Blackfish Morgan was found lost & alone in the Wadden Sea.
81 Under the guise of humane rescue #Blackfish Morgan was captured and betrayed into captivity. https://t.co/M75kXbxyhE #Marineland
82 In 1990 #MarinelandAntibes defies public outrage & imports two more #Blackfish with the blessing of the French Govt. https://t.co/i01SAIdUNN
83 How many #Blackfish mothers unwillingly sacrificed & mourned their childen for the sake of @Marineland_fr's greed? #Marineland
84 After all the lives destroyed by capture, @Marineland_Fr wants you to believe #Dolphins CHOOSE. #Marineland pic.twitter.com/NsCgBuXdfS
85 We hold @Marineland_Fr responsible for every #Blackfish life brutally interupted & ended in or because of captivity. #Marineland
86 #Blackfish Sharkan didn’t respond well to changes in her environment & would log at the gates for hours. #Marineland
87 Wild-born #Blackfish Sharkane would isolate herself in a corner all day, bobbing & vocalizing #Marineland https://t.co/5FjhKQHzjC
88 #Blackfish Tanouk&Kim2 frequently fought and 5 yrs later he was moved to Japan & renamed Yamato #Marineland https://t.co/542V6NrZUO
89 #Blackfish Tanouk died October 24, 2000 at Izu-Mito (Japan) #Marineland https://t.co/i01SAIdUNN pic.twitter.com/XDh18chETt
90 #Blackfish Sharkan gave birth to Shouka[sire:Kim2] in '90, she was 8yo. #Marineland https://t.co/OMkCJF4QQR pic.twitter.com/q9SNotboUL
91 #Blackfish Shouka had a long history of aggression and at least 5 documented incidents #Marineland https://t.co/JJQn51uTQ6
92 #Blackfish Shouka tried to grab her trainer, John Hargrove off the stage and drag him into a tank with 7 other whales. #Marineland
93 #Blackfish Shouka would drill her trainer, JHargrove in the back & push him under the water. https://t.co/blmJa9sPLF #Marineland
94 At 9 yo, Shouka is callously torn from her life long captive pod @Marineland_Fr &sent to SixFlags on breeding loan #Marineland
95 May 2002 #Blackfish Shouka is shipped to Ohio where she lived with dolphins for the next 10yrs instead of her family https://t.co/cGBcXkXxaw
96 #Blackfish Sharkan is given no time to mourn the loss of Shouka and performs the next day #Marineland https://t.co/cWA95Ucqr6
97 #Blackfish Shouka spent the majority of her remaining years @ DiscoveryKingdom completely alone #Marineland https://t.co/4MGbcJrf5S
98 July 2012 #Blackfish Shouka Lunges out of the water&attacks her trainer at #SixFlags https://t.co/iOgbYvyzjE pic.twitter.com/NNvUumwjdn
99 Aug'12 #Blackfish Shouka is sent to @Seaworld instead of back home to her family @Marineland_Fr #Marineland https://t.co/4bOZQLrt5Z
100 The family structure of orcas is destroyed by captivity. #Blackfish #MarinelandAntibes #Marineland https://t.co/kdrNRTj1hd
101 #Blackfish Valentin would pull @johnjhargrove under the water by his socks @Marineland_fr https://t.co/BJxPOFH4hD pic.twitter.com/kmEstYNpIB
102 #Blackfish Valentin was doped up with testosterone suppressants to prevent sexual aggression. #Marineland https://t.co/9nzBIaXm2H
103 When drugged #Blackfish Valentin's his eyes would roll back in his head making him dangerous #Marineland https://t.co/tb1pZ4Kgif
104 .@Johnjhargrove advocated on #Blackfish Valentins behalf to have him taken off testosterone suppressants and suceeded. #Marineland
105 #Blackfish Valentin Dies @Marineland_Fr-Just 4 Months After His Mum ~@BDMLROrcaAware https://t.co/STot0ZZKCU pic.twitter.com/F1PSpKNO7A
106 12 Oct 2015 #Blackfish Valentin is reunited with his mother Freya in death. He leaves @Marineland_Fr by crane. pic.twitter.com/JjNhVXCVl6
107 12 Oct 2015 L’orque Valentin est mort dans le marais d’Antibes via @Dauphins_libres #Blackfish #Marineland https://t.co/mzptTrxCrh
108 #Blackfish Valentin wasn’t even safe in the tanks that were his home #Marineland http://t.co/DVTq1LhiFZ pic.twitter.com/ZStR4AdmCy
109 #Blackfish males have a greater probability of dying after the deaths of their mothers. #Marineland https://t.co/3R8M2qSN49
110 #Blackfish Valentin "suffered since the day he came into the world." ~@johnjhargrove #Marineland https://t.co/A4RcoyDT9H
111 What We Can Learn From the Life and Death of #Blackfish Valentin @Marineland_Fr https://t.co/zoiLwrXotl pic.twitter.com/GNTnDSlaS5
112 Since the death of Calypso in 1970, a further eleven orcas have died @Marineland_Fr #Marineland #Blackfish https://t.co/3cNEIk1sx8
113 .@Marineland_Fr seems to be little more than a revolving graveyard for #Blackfish. https://t.co/pa0C32ZiEQ pic.twitter.com/1ccLjIqVxb
114 #Blackfish Inouk was born to Sharkan & Kim2 on February 23 '99-He was very close to his mother. #Marineland https://t.co/D5Db604Tmy
115 Before she died in '96, #Blackfish Inouk would wait at his mother Sharkan’s gate when separated #Marineland pic.twitter.com/q0OZ3uUY1a
116 Many of #Blackfish Inouk's teeth R destroyed by self-mutilating behaviors & are flushed daily #Marineland pic.twitter.com/rWKs4DZY0U
117 Anthropogenic tooth damage & how it is painfully treated in captive #Blackfish~@Voice_OT_Orcas #Marineland https://t.co/3FB4hT4j38
118 #Blackfish Inouk is smaller, often dominated by other whales, is often ill as a result of his injuries and on meds. #Marineland
119 #Blackfish Wikie was born in 2001 & was Sharkans & Kim2's 3rd calf #Marineland https://t.co/iIEc0CsXRt pic.twitter.com/03gEuKHUBJ
120 #Blackfish Sharkan was often observed forcing Wikie & Inouk onto the slideout. It's unknown why #Marineland pic.twitter.com/V7QlNyNNJO
121 When Sharkan died @Marineland_Fr. the young mother of 3 was just 23 yo. #Marineland https://t.co/3cNEIk1sx8 pic.twitter.com/q6OB2u189z
122 In freedom, #Blackfish Sharkan could've lived to be over 100 years old like wild "Granny". #Marineland https://t.co/JOhYzUS9xb
123 #Blackfish Wikie was the youngest orca to be successfully Artificially Inseminated at 8 yrs old #Marineland pic.twitter.com/5sxpJ3vJvf
124 In 2011 #Blackfish Wikie gave birth to Moana who catches on quickly & stays close to his mom. #Marineland https://t.co/lc7XStj2UY
125 Just 2yrs later Wikie gives birth again, this time to #Blackfish Keijo. #Marineland https://t.co/Gv8ijgBHPJ pic.twitter.com/DECy5qnYwT
126 As her mother Sharkan forced #Blackfish WIkie onto the slideout, so did she with her son Keijo. #Marineland https://t.co/rcg6tQ1LYz
127 #Blackfish Wikie-15 yo & has given birth twice by unnatural AI, never by choice @Marineland_Fr #Marineland pic.twitter.com/GAvCUAoNVE
128 In the wild #Blackfish females the average age at first observed birth is ~ 12-14 years of age #Marineland https://t.co/Cf9iBgBq7j
129 No equivalent of the US MarineMammalInventoryReport exists in the EU. Deaths/transfers can go undetected @Marineland_Fr #Marineland
130 Prior to passage of the MMPA in '72 over 1000 dolphins were captured from US waters. #Blackfish #Marineland https://t.co/PxrUaqEequ
131 The Rose-Tinted Menagerie delves into the disturbingly dark&barbaric history of @Marineland_Fr. #Marineland https://goo.gl/jV4ex5
132 Dolphins captured for sick experiments @Marineland_Fr fail to adapt, 1 dies from shock, the other 4 barely cling to life. #Blackfish
133 .@Marineland_Fr fearing controversy quietly releases the remaining 4 back to the ocean, it is unknown if they lived. #Blackfish
134 #MarinelandAntibes begins their "research" & cruel experiments are inflicted on helpless dolphins[pg16]. #Blackfish https://t.co/Kqr8wDrg6M
135 .@Marineland_Fr teamed up French scientist René Guy Busnel whose work was considered to be more monstrous than scientific. #Blackfish
136 Prof. Pilleri described many of Prof. Busnel's former experiments as horrific. #Marineland #Blackfish pic.twitter.com/OeR75fWdUT
137 More about the "Mad Scientist' of @Marineland_Fr & their 'flirtation w/science'[pg16] https://t.co/Kqr8wDrg6M https://t.co/xqJsgO1mOX
138 You can see some disturbing images of Busnel’s Laboratoire d’Acoustique Animale in Paris here [pg18|fig6] https://t.co/Kqr8wDrg6M #Blackfish
139 Busnel worked 25 yrs @Marineland_Fr research; however it is unclear whether they were aware of his disturbing abuse. #Marineland
140 .@Marineland_Fr would further betray nature by claiming conservation in order to gain even more access to wildlife to exploit. #Blackfish
141 To justify captivity, @Marineland_Fr emotionally extorted the public by saying their animals won't be harpooned in the wild. #Blackfish
142 .@DFEcoalition interview w/@johnjhargrove exposes #Blackfish conditions&behavior @Marineland_Fr #Marineland https://t.co/NbMKRo4JZ7
143 #Blackfish @Marineland_Fr frequently display aggression both to trainers and each other. #Marineland https://t.co/Pgxf89BTQD
144 At least 5 #Blackfish @Marineland_Fr have attacked their trainers. #Marineland https://t.co/7T4QmwyqNR pic.twitter.com/I275810JXJ
145 #Blackfish @Marineland_Fr have reportedly been involved in 11 acts of aggression to trainers. #Marineland https://t.co/JJQn51uTQ6
146 Killer Controversy-Why orcas should no longer be kept in captivity. by Dr N Rose #Blackfish #Marineland https://t.co/daO9QSOeka
147 'When & if a #Blackfish chooses to kill, there is little to be done to avert it'~@johnjhargrove #Marineland https://t.co/nT1aStOAPn
148 .@johnjhargrove explains the #Blackfish breeding relationship between #Seaworld& @Marineland_Fr #Marineland https://t.co/WHk0ivjDKg
149 #SeaWorld will end #Blackfish breeding but @Marineland_Fr will continue~@Dauphins_libres https://t.co/t6iii6eZSU pic.twitter.com/V791Aqt5b8
150 How will @Marineland_fr diversify its #Blackfish gene-pool now that #Seaworld isn't an option 4 genetic material? #Marineland
151 We call on @Seaworld to destroy its #Blackfish genetic material so it can’t be used by @Marineland_Fr #Blackfish #Marineland
152 With the deaths of Freya&Valentin @Marineland_Fr has an ever shrinking gene pool & no viable breeding pairs. #Blackfish #Marineland
153 Wikie is the only female at @Marineland_Fr and most of the orca she could breed w/live @SeaWorld. #Blackfish pic.twitter.com/m6SNKlXe8i
154 .@Marineland_Fr, like #Seaworld will try to make captivity appear natural but will continue breeding #Blackfish https://t.co/uAGtNQQf7C
155 .@Marineland_fr has stated that, unlike #SeaWorld, it will continue with its captive #Blackfish breeding programme. https://t.co/ByKMw8vtBT
156 .@Marineland_Fr's decision to continue breeding #Blackfish shows poor leadership, a lack of vision & an apathy to the suffering they endure.
157 Drs. @jeffrey_ventre & @John_Jett_Phd on the detrimental impact on #Blackfish in captivity. #Marineland https://t.co/qvLAmBsqbk
158 #Blackfish & Dolphins are not the only ones to suffer @Marineland_Fr . Meet Rasputin the polar bear. #Blackfish https://t.co/ftLwgQG8hA
159 Rasputin the PolarBear is seen exhibiting sterotypic behaviors brought on by zoochosis #MarinelandAntibes #Blackfish https://t.co/6YSD2g9MpT
160 Read more on abnormal & sterotypic behaviors in captive animals via @BFfoundation #MarinelandAntibes #Blackfish https://t.co/y59j8vecFh
161 John Hargrove discusses @Marineland_Fr's "horrific filtration system" #Marineland https://t.co/lL4xnDoI2y pic.twitter.com/5WaDL2MHiL
162 .@Marineland_Fr refused 2 spend $$ on a water-chilling system 4 their wild-caught & cap-born Icelandic #Blackfish pic.twitter.com/yg190HLKj5
163 As of 2008 @Marineland_Fr still had made no improvements-Hargrove had skin infections from the water. #Blackfish https://t.co/BfBya0tIhu
164 #Blackfish were scalded & their eyes burned due to a malfunctioning chlorine injector #Marineland https://t.co/D1MW0I8bxj
165 #Les bassins du #Antibes remplis de boue via @samlipmanwriter #Marineland https://t.co/yU3NUfuSy2 pic.twitter.com/RmROaklnFt
166 .@Marineland_Fr had largely escaped the full impact of #Blackfish Effect until the flood brought controversy to their doorstep.
167 Animals in trapped in cages, completely dependent on their captors were left to die.~@code_animal #Blackfish https://t.co/UjSL8ZZAeo
168 10 days after the weather, 11 photos showing the inside @Marineland_Fr #Blackfish https://t.co/Tbx4cmTLAU pic.twitter.com/eqgkJvuJa8
169 Former #SeaWorld trainer asks @Marineland_Fr to free #Blackfish after flash floods. tinyurl.com/o27cdvg pic.twitter.com/pGAST1CrPc
170 Less than 48 hrs after refusing compassionate plea from @johnjhargrove, #Blackfish Valentin dies. #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/OnBVZzGa2j
171 Why didn't @Marineland_Fr work with @SeaWorld to help Valentin & other #Blackfish? https://t.co/NLb2ai9PgF pic.twitter.com/gdd44lIViw
172 In damage control mode, @Marineland_Fr Dumps incompetent director like a dead #Blackfish http://t.co/3NYRzaokJI pic.twitter.com/RhG3NCQ0T5
173 Reporters finally allowed to enter @Marineland_Fr find secrecy&lack of organization. #Blackfish #Marineland https://t.co/OBiwWjTc6O
174 Orgs demand an investigation after the death of #Blackfish Valentin #Marineland https://t.co/36Jl4xt6Pk pic.twitter.com/WK7L2nuBWK
175 An Open Letter-What is WAZA doing about the welfare of the animals @Marineland_Fr? #Blackfish [@coveblack] https://t.co/hBjCnLHzhD
176 EAZA Responds To Black Cove - MarinelandAntibes via @CoveBlack https://t.co/RnjaAZblsy #Blackfish
177 .@Marineland_Fr was completely unprepared for floods that killed numerous animals #Blackfish #Marineland https://t.co/yU3NUfMtpA
178 #MarinelandAntibes says protesters are 'just nicks'-People fight back w/selfies #Blackfish #Marineland https://t.co/QOfsiDVAdU
179 Behind the glitter .@Marineland_Fr hides distress & death. #Blackfish #Marineland https://t.co/DQtoNzqCpH pic.twitter.com/JNxpOffRzy
180 .@Marineland_Fr was built on a flood plane, this kind of disaster can happen again. #Marineland #Blackfish https://t.co/v8Piw94syM
181 2016After devastating floods, @Marineland_Fr reopens w/staff changes #Blackfish https://t.co/iGFNY9ijzA pic.twitter.com/xlo1FPSag1
182 It is time for @Marineland_Fr to evolve, stop breeding and take steps to move their #Blackfish&Dolphins to sanctuaries. #Marineland
183 .@Marineland_Fr made its money brutality, violently & on the backs of wild #Blackfish & #Dolphins who suffered horribly #Marineland
184 We hope the @Marineland_Fr's future will be more compassionate than their past. #EmptyTheTanks. #Blackfish #Marineland
185 #Marineland #Antibes confirms their #Blackfish will be the last welcomed in their tanks. https://t.co/4oxaS8ADJD https://t.co/JlqPPuotie
186 As the #Blackfish effect spreads globally, #France says no breeding and cruel captivity for #orcas & #dolphins https://t.co/DFTSROkH1v
187 Strange for @Marineland_fr to bemoan a breeding ban after declaring their current #Blackfish would be the last. https://t.co/vuwSdbq7IP
188 #Marineland of #Antibes, who has killed 12 #Blackfish & 33 #dolphins, says breeding ban will harm the animals. https://t.co/2cLEoX3v59
189 Hard to take #Marineland #Anitbes srsly when 45 cetaceans died in their tanks v @cetabase https://t.co/5Yp5nD9kiz https://t.co/tbqFfBbM9N
190 If @Marineland_Fr is concerned about 'stressing' out #Blackfish & #dolphins they should retire them to a sanctuary. https://t.co/emB2EuXxji
191 France Bans All #Dolphin and #Blackfish Captivity While SeaWorld Invests in It v @wearesonar https://t.co/dBQBFYGDzr https://t.co/Frcg4nGHW6


1Derrière les spectacles préparés, les musiques et les performances de cirques, tout est bien sombre @Marineland_fr #Marineland
2.@Marineland_fr a été créé en 1970 par l'industriel Roland de la Poype #Marineland https://t.co/efbcM963Wr pic.twitter.com/2gZAZFRjcS
3Le #MarinelandAntibes a été fondé en '70 et racheté en '06 par le groupe @parquesreunidos au @code_animal #Blackfish https://t.co/hSWBL0LSS2
4Le @Marineland_fr augmenta sa collection d'animaux sous couvert de recherches scientifiques #Marineland https://t.co/3CtBM4Yjrm
5Et ainsi débuta un carnage dans l'océan qui dura 20 ans et sacrifia 1000 #Blackfish et dauphins #Marineland https://t.co/DJTUQqzlGi
6.@Marineland_fr a été fondé en '70 et racheté en '06 par le groupe @parquesreunidos #Marineland #Blackfish https://t.co/hSWBL0LSS2
71964-1989, 138 orques furent capturées à travers le monde pour des aquariums #Blackfish #Marineland https://t.co/PxrUaqEequ
8Les orques du Marineland d’Antibes via @Dauphins_libres #Blackfish #Marineland #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/hcfAwz7cpu
9Calypso fut la première #Blackfish à être cruellement asservie @Marineland_Fr à l'âge de 7 ans. #Marineland https://t.co/e9Ajdd72Jz
1011 déc 1969: #Blackfish Calypso & 11 orques du pod A5 furent capturées brutalement à Canada #Marineland https://t.co/NLbpYt6UlP
1111 déc 1969: #Blackfish Calypso fut capturée avec Corky et achetée pour @Marineland_Fr par un couple d'ados https://t.co/xHUpV2y7Je
12Après avoir été terrorisée #Blackfish Calypso est acheminée par avion au zoo de Cleepthorpes puis au @Marineland_Fr pic.twitter.com/xYGFzqg2Sz
13#Blackfish Calypso nage seule et effrayée pour la 1ère fois de sa jeune vie au ZooCleepthorpes #Marineland https://t.co/WNKsYmhn18
14Au Cleepthorpes #Blackfish Calypso aurait été forcée de subir des d'insémination artificielle #Marineland https://t.co/cLbu9MwFVN
15La vie déchirante de #Blackfish Calypso fut le symbole d'une éthique contestable et un présage pour des temps sombres #Marineland
16#Blackfish Calypso survécu difficilement pendant un an avant de succomber de la captivité ce qui fut son salut. #Marineland
17La mort tragique de #Blackfish Calypso marqua le début d'une longue série d'orques mortes @Marineland_Fr https://t.co/5FjhKQHzjC
18Découvrez-en davantage sur la communauté #Blackfish du pod 7 & ce que vous pouvez faire pour eux #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/tPivnxBvtv
19Clovis fut le 2nd #Blackfish ajouté à la collection du @Marineland_Fr par @SeaWorld #Marineland https://t.co/uhN6mgD9Oe
208 août 1970 les #Blackfish Clovis & Lolita furent sauvagement capturés par #Seaworld #Marineland https://t.co/eE7QH1uNPI
21#Blackfish Clovis quitte sa structure d'accueil temporaire et pour la 1ère fois de sa vie se retrouve seul et terrifié #Marineland
22#Blackfish Clovis rejoint Calypso @Marineland_Fr mais elle meurt peu de temps après, le laissant à nouveau tout seul https://t.co/baP34ZbQuu
23#Blackfish Clovis n'a droit à aucune dignité et est transformé en un animal de cirque. #Marineland https://t.co/zcOYqqCQMn
24#Blackfish Clovis ne connut jamais d'autre orques et mourut seul dans son bassin @Marineland_Fr au bout de 2,5 ans pic.twitter.com/HVofNEf185
25#Blackfish Lolita est la seule survivante de cette capture. #FreeLolita ~@orcanetwork https://t.co/cZ1ndgNxll
26La famille de Clovis & Lolita fait partie des Résidents du Sud et nage toujours librement dans la Mer des Salish pic.twitter.com/LBbYL5LmNU
27Avant d'être contraint d'arrêter par le gouvernement islandais, @Marineland_Fr acquit ses #Blackfish via la célèbre entreprise "Fauna"
28Orque furent mortellement blessées lors des captures, tandis que des filets les séparaient et que des familles étaient violemment déchirées.
29Il a été signalé qu'un #Blackfish s'était fracturé le dos et il fut tout de même transporté pour être abattu ensuite https://t.co/xRoG0oHJ9t
30Une fois capturé, le #Blackfish est parqué au zoo de Saedyrasafnid en attendant d'être vendu au #MarinelandAntibes pic.twitter.com/S1GUZLOvSJ
31Ces anciens prédateurs vont se soumettre à leurs tortionnaire et apprendre à quémander des poisons morts #Blackfish https://t.co/uoKpwFLma8
32Avant que l'Islande ne stoppe les captures, 59 #Blackfish ont été arrachés à l'océan dans cette ruée commerciale. pic.twitter.com/Hvr7mUslXJ
33À la fin des captures islandaises, @Marineland_Fr a reçu 6 #Blackfish, en a tué 4, Kim2&Freya survécurent #Marineland
34#MarinelandAntibes : l'orque Kim2 est mort en 2005 wp.me/p6D6xi-7K via @Dauphins_libres #Blackfish pic.twitter.com/cESEyvc0Av
35Attaque d'orque Freya au Marineland d'Antibes #MarinelandAntibes #Marineland #Blackfish https://t.co/0ErBXjZXh5
3606/2015 @Marineland_fr Disparue en juin, l'orque Freya est morte d'une pneumonie https://t.co/8DfxXYs8Tg pic.twitter.com/MvRNYffR41
37Freya, l’orque captive, meurt prématurément @Marineland_Fr #Blackfish #Marineland scl.io/Nkmw170j pic.twitter.com/3h8z5Ph7WS
38Les captures islandaises furent si perturbantes que le chasseur d'orques J. Foster arrêta #Marineland https://t.co/Hi0I2u0YUp
39Entre 1975-1988, des permis pour capturer 64 #Blackfish ont été délivrés, la plupart sont présumées mortes aujourd'hui #Marineland
40'90 @Marineland_Fr ignore l'indignation publique et importe2 nouveaux #Blackfish avec la bénédiction du gouvernement https://t.co/hBhSOAe5DQ
41Tanouk est mort de désespoir wp.me/p6D6xi-5A via @Dauphins_libres #Blackfish ##Marineland pic.twitter.com/Yy96pHG5WB
42#Blackfish Shouka a un long passif d'agressivité et au moins 5 incidents ont été référencés #Marineland https://t.co/JJQn51uTQ6
43#Blackfish Shouka attrapa son dresseur, John Hargrove, sur la scène et le tira dans un bassin avec 7 autres orques. #Marineland
44#Blackfish Shouka poussa son dresseur, JHargrove dans le dos et l'emmena sous l'eau https://t.co/blmJa9sPLF #Marineland
45A 9 ans, Shouka est arrachée à sa vie familiale en captivité @Marineland_Fr et envoyée à SixFlags, prêtée pour la reproduction #Blackfish
46#Blackfish Shouka déportée aux USA en mai 2002 wp.me/p6D6xi-7B via @Dauphins_libres #Marineland pic.twitter.com/RS3WfYOaHr
47#Blackfish Sharkan devait faire son spectacle 1jour après que sa fille lui ai été cruellement enlevée @Marineland_Fr https://t.co/cWA95Ucqr6
48#Blackfish Shouka passa la majorité de sa vie complètement seule à DiscoveryKingdom #Marineland https://t.co/4MGbcJrf5S
49Juillet '12 Shouka s'élance hors de l'eau et attaque son dresseur #Marineland https://t.co/iOgbYvyzjE pic.twitter.com/NNvUumwjdn
50Août 2012 #Blackfish Shouka est transférée à #Seaworld au lieu de retourner auprès de sa famille @Marineland_Fr https://t.co/4bOZQLrt5Z
51Valentin a entrainé @johnjhargrove sous l'eau en tirant ses chaussettes @Marineland_fr https://t.co/BJxPOFH4hD pic.twitter.com/kmEstYNpIB
52#Blackfish Valentin fut dopé aux suppresseurs de testostérone pour éviter les agressions sexuelles @Marineland_Fr https://t.co/9nzBIaXm2H
53Lorsqu'il était drogué, les yeux de Valentin roulaient en arrière, ce qui le rendait dangereux @Marineland_Fr https://t.co/tb1pZ4Kgif
54.@johnhhargrove défendit #Blackfish Valentin afin qu'il ne prennent plus de suppresseurs de testostérone, avec succès #Marineland
55#Blackfish Valentin mourra @Marineland_Fr, 4 mois après sa mère #Marineland https://t.co/STot0ZZKCU pic.twitter.com/F1PSpKNO7A
5612 oct 2015 #Blackfish Valentin est réuni avec sa mère dans la mort. Il quitte @Marineland_Fr dans une grue pic.twitter.com/JjNhVXCVl6
57Le dernier voyage de Valentin https://t.co/xMGxmVGT9w via @onevoiceplanet #Blackfish #Marineland pic.twitter.com/oJaezzNHla
58#Blackfish Valentin n'était pas en sécurité, pas même dans ces bassins qui furent sa maison #Marineland http://t.co/DVTq1LhiFZ
59Les mâles #Blackfish ont une plus grand probabilité de mourir après le décès de leur mère. #MarinelandAntibes https://t.co/3R8M2qSN49
60#Blackfish Valentin "souffrait depuis le jour où il est né" ~@johnjhargrove #Marineland https://t.co/A4RcoyDT9H
61Nous pouvons tirer des leçons de la vie et de la mort de #Blackfish Valentin @Marineland_Fr https://t.co/zoiLwrXotl pic.twitter.com/GNTnDSlaS5
62.@Marineland_Fr semble n'être rien d'autre qu'un cimetière #Blackfish #Marineland https://t.co/pa0C32ZiEQ pic.twitter.com/1ccLjIqVxb
63Bébé #Blackfish @Marineland_Fr l'annonce officielle! https://t.co/DIURlhKIRy ~@Dauphins_libres #Marineland pic.twitter.com/yvuIRhjgQ0
64Il n'y a pas d'équivalent dans l'UE de l'inventaire des mammifères marins aux USA, les morts et les transferts peuvent être dissimulés
65Avant la signature du Traité de Protection des Mammifères Marins, ~1300 dauphins ont été capturés dans les USA eaux #Marineland
66Des dauphins capturés pour des experiences @Marineland_fr, 1 et meurt sous le choc, les 4 autres s'accrochent à peine à la vie. #Blackfish
67Craignant la polémique, @Marineland_Fr relâcha discrètement les 4 dauphins restant dans l'océan. Nul ne sait s'ils ont survécu #Blackfish
68.@Marineland_Fr débute leurs "recherches" & les dauphins subissent de cruelles expériences #Marineland https://t.co/IW467qmsrT
69.@Marineland_Fr fit équipe avec le scientifique Busnel, dont le travail est plus considéré monstrueux que scientifique #Marineland
70Le Prof. Pilleri décrivit nombreuses des expériences précédentes du Busnel comme horribles #Marineland pic.twitter.com/OeR75fWdUT
71Vous pouvez voir des photos choquantes du Laboratoire d'Acoustique Animale de Busnel, à Paris. #Marineland https://t.co/Bm9gIfM8nh
72Brusnel fit des recherches pendant 25 ans @Marineland_Fr; néanmoins il n'y a pas de preuves que le #Marineland était au courant de ses abus.
73.@Marineland_Fr trahir la nature en prétextant agir pour la conservation afin d'augmenter son accès à la vie sauvage pour l'exploiter.
74Afin de justifier la captivité @Marineland_Fr trompe les sentiments du public en assurant que leur animaux seront ainsi protégés des harpons
75LesDauphins captifs des delphinariums en France~@code_animal #Marineland #Blackfish https://t.co/WApUiOvzii pic.twitter.com/Xmi1RGbGSg
76Au moins 5 #Blackfish (probablement plus) ont attaqués leurs dresseurs #Marinelandhttps://t.co/7T4QmwyqNR pic.twitter.com/I275810JXJ
77"Quand, et si, un #Blackfish choisi de tuer, il n'y a pas grand-chose à faire pour l'empêcher" #Marineland https://t.co/nT1aStOAPn
78JHargrove explique la relation entre #Seaworld& @Marineland_FR pour reproduire leurs #Blackfish #Marineland https://t.co/WHk0ivjDKg
79#SeaWorld annonce la fin des orques captives. Et le @Marineland_Fr?~@Dauphins_libres #Marineland #Blackfish https://t.co/8ugURxkWi5
80Comment le @Marineland_fr va-t-il diversifier les gènes de ses #Blackfish sans #Seaworld ? #Marineland
81Avec la mort de Freya & Valentin le patrimoine génétique @Marineland_Fr est encore plus réduit et il n'ont aucun couples viable #Blackfish
82Wikie est la seule femelle @Marineland_Fr et la plupart des orques compatibles vivent à @Seaworld #Blackfish pic.twitter.com/m6SNKlXe8i
83Tout comme Seaworld, @Marineland_Fr continue de reproduire artificiellement ses #Blackfish tout en faisant la captivité paraître naturelle.
84Tout comme Seaworld, @Marineland_Fr continue de reproduire artificiellement ses #Blackfish tout en faisant paraître cela naturel.
85John Hargrove dénonce le système de filtration "horrible" du @Marineland_Fr #Blackfish https://t.co/lL4xnDoI2y pic.twitter.com/5WaDL2MHiL
86.@Marineland_Fr refuse d'investir dans un système de refroidissement pour leurs orques et originaires d'Islande pic.twitter.com/yg190HLKj5
87En '08 @Marineland_Fr n'avait toujours pas amélioré leur système-Hargrove avait des infections cutanées dues à l'eau #Marineland
88#Blackfish Tanks In Antibes Filled With Mud via @samlipmanwriter #Marineland https://t.co/yU3NUfuSy2 pic.twitter.com/RmROaklnFt
89.@Marineland_Fr avait échappé à l'effet #Blackfish jusqu'au jour où les inondations soulevèrent des controverses #Marineland
90Inondations : double peine pour les animaux de Marineland. #Blackfish #Marineland au @code_animal https://t.co/wUv8ha246T
9111 photos montrent l'intérieur @Marineland_Fr 10 jours après la tempête#Blackfish https://t.co/Tbx4cmTLAU pic.twitter.com/eqgkJvuJa8
92John Hargrove demande @Marineland_Fr de libérer les #Blackfish après #Marineland tinyurl.com/o27cdvg pic.twitter.com/pGAST1CrPc
93Moins de 48h après le refus face au plaidoyer de @johnjhargrove, #Blackfish Valentin meurt. #Marineland https://t.co/OnBVZzGa2j
94Pourquoi le @Marineland_Fr n'a-t-il pas collaboré avec @Seaworld pour aider Valentin et les autres #Blackfish? #Marineland
95.@Marineland_Fr est en pleine gestion de crise et jette leur directeur incompétent tel une orque morte #Blackfish https://t.co/MjiX1fpqHu
96Journalistes finalement autorisés à entrer @Marineland_Fr découvrent des dissimulations et un manque d'organisation https://t.co/BwdfjvVaNT
97Des associations demande une enquête après la mort du #Blackfish Valentin #Marineland https://t.co/36Jl4xt6Pk #MarinelandAntibes
98US Animal Org Files Complaint w/French Govt. Over @Marineland_fr Deaths. #Blackfish https://t.co/boAyoZCRY0 pic.twitter.com/JdjaBThuGH
99Une association US dépose plainte contre le gouvernement français au sujet des décès au @Marineland_Fr #Blackfish https://t.co/boAyoZCRY0
100Lettre ouverte au WAZA: que font-ils au sujet du bien-être des animaux au @Marineland_Fr #Blackfish https://t.co/hBjCnLHzhD
101.@Marineland_Fr n'était pas du tout préparé à cette catastrophe naturelle qui balaya plusieurs de leurs animaux https://t.co/yU3NUfMtpA
102Derrière les paillettes du @Marineland_Fr: Anxiété et Mort. #Blackfish #Marineland https://t.co/DQtoNzqCpH pic.twitter.com/JNxpOffRzy
103@Marineland_Fr est construit sur un site inondable, cette catastrophe peut se répéter #Marineland https://t.co/dy4Xgx9OOk
104Après les inondations, @Marineland_Fr réouvre avec une équipe modifiée #Marineland https://t.co/iGFNY9ijzA pic.twitter.com/xlo1FPSag1
105Quel futur pour les orques d'Antibes~@onevoiceplanet #Marineland #Blackfish https://t.co/fujJX23e7n pic.twitter.com/4S9aMZVQ2K
106Il est temps que @Marineland_Fr évolue, stoppe les reproductions et replace leurs #Blackfish & Dolphins en sanctuaires. #Marineland
107Nous espérons que le nouveau @Marineland_Fr aura plus de compassion que le précédent #EmptyTheTanks. #Blackfish #Marineland
108Pour la fermeture de #MarinelandAntibes. Nous demandons la fermeture définitive de Marineland à Antibes #Blackfish https://t.co/iYzSeSsLI1

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