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Many of you know the story of a young wild-born orca  named Morgan who was found emaciated and alone in the Wadden Sea.
Morgan was captured under the guise of a humane rescue and then essentially 'laundered' into captivity, deceptively and illegally.

Today she still suffers cruel captivity, violent attacks by other orca so badly she has been seen leaving her tank on multiple occasions obviously to escape the
ongoing abuse  and constant sexual pressure by sexually mature males held at LoroParque.

Morgan exhibits alarming stereotypic (zoochosis) behavior such as bashing her head and chewing the concrete walls of her tank
causing extreme dental distress and a potential for secondary infections via bacteria entering the blood stream through infected teeth.

Her trainers seem unconcerned and apathetic to her suffering.

Seaworld and Loro Parque continue to claim all of this is normal and there is nothing to be alarmed about despite evidence to the contrary. 
Dr Ingrid Visser and Rosina Lisker of the Free Morgan Foundation  felt compelled to investigate.

Morgan's story continues...

1Please tweet the story of #Blackfish Morgan--Trying to escape her tank at #LoroParque #FreeMorgan https://goo.gl/O8N79A
2Wild-born #Blackfish Morgan has touched hearts around the world. This is her story. #FreeMorgan via @Free_Morgan http://goo.gl/cfWreB
306/2010: #Blackfish Morgan was captured and would soon be betrayed by those entrusted to care for her. #FreeMorgan https://t.co/BZcotvC9HH
4On November 29th 2011, #Blackfish morgan was transferred to #LoroParque and claimed by #SeaWorld. http://goo.gl/BJNI3i #FreeMorgan
5A 2012 report via @Free_Morgan Foundation focused on #Blackfish Morgan and her confinement @LoroParque. #FreeMorgan goo.gl/pOR0QV
6The 2015 Spiegl/Visser white paper showed how wild-born #Blackfish Morgan was 'laundered' into captivity #FreeMorgan https://t.co/Qzr4WlAsr4
7Visser/Spiegl paper unveils ethically questionable/corrupt practices of the captive industry #FreeMorgan #Blackfish https://t.co/SFF9TsTgIJ
86 yrs after her capture & illegal captivity @Free_Morgan still fights to get #Blackfish Morgan back home #FreeMorgan http://www.freemorgan.org/
9A New Report Documents Ongoing Concerns Regarding The #SeaWorld Orca Held At #LoroParque v @Free_Morgan #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/nNIUgg
10Open letter to @SeaWorld's Manby and @waynepacelle from the @Free_Morgan Foundation. #Blackfish #FreeMorgan https://t.co/GWHae58UP1
11#Blackfish Morgan has gained intl attn. & drawn public awareness & outrage over her ’care’ @LoroParque #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/4U83V9xL2j
12Recent video show #Blackfish Morgan ramming her head into a metal segregation gate out of frustration. #FreeMorgan https://goo.gl/8AUGFw
13JeffFoster has also observed wild-born #Blackfish Morgan bashing her head on tank walls & being attacked #FreeMorgan https://goo.gl/DCYtD3
14In 2012 #Blackfish Morgan was also observed bashing her head on the walls of her tank by Dr Visser. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/pfCApJtn7q
15.@LoroParque claims "sexual frustration" for head bashing and blames activists for #Blackfish Morgan's confinement. https://t.co/6paZgzA5NW
16Op-Ed: @LoroParque Describes Head-Slamming as ‘Normal’ via @thebattwoman at #DolphinProject #FreeMorgan #Blackfish https://t.co/x46h0jMr6K
17.@LoroParque says #Blackfish Morgan isn't stressed, just sexually frustrated enough to beat her head on the gate. https://t.co/AmqXNo51n4
18What was that @LoroParque? Can't hear you over the sound of #Blackfish Morgan's head slamming into a metal gate! pic.twitter.com/PRm1IpUPxO
19Dr N Rose calls @LoroParque's claim of Morgan being "sexually frustrated" exactly what it is. Disgusting. #Blackfish https://t.co/36JMLCPqqV
20Video also shows #Blackfish Morgan “hauling-out” onto stages at #LoroParque for extended periods of time #FreeMorgan https://goo.gl/74bAez
21Further evidence shows, this is not the first time #Blackfish Morgan has left her tank at #LoroParque. #FreeMorgan https://t.co/B0WRG8xBnP
22The Morgan Monitor Who Filmed Her Escape Behavior Provides More Details. via @Voice_OT_Orcas #Blackfish #FreeMorgan https://t.co/eA9P2NfSiS
23Dr @jeffrey_ventre on #Blackfish Morgan's illegal captivity, avoidant behavior & how to get her home. #FreeMorgan https://t.co/HG8GkAeGfV
24"Morgan was inserted into the social group w/5 other whales but she does not get along w/them" #FreeMorgan #Blackish https://t.co/At2iAp1FkA
25#Blackfish Morgan lives with what DrVisser calls an'extremely dysfunctional' group[P3] #FreeMorgan http://t.co/cnU1HTPRlg
26A report via @Free_Morgan found #Blackfish Morgan was being attacked on average more than once an hour #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/pOR0QV
27Dr Visser's Status Welfare Report 2012 show wild-born Morgan is being attacked by @Seaworld's #Blackfish @LoroParque http://goo.gl/pOR0QV
28.@SeaWorld wants you to think that wild #Blackfish just randomly chill out on the beach. NO wild orca does that. bit.ly/1Uzs7is
29And @LoroParque wants you to believe #Blackfish Morgan was hunting seals on the slide out like Patagonian orcas. http://goo.gl/e1C4oM
30Dr Ingrid Visser, orca researcher, said #Blackfish Morgan's behaviour was "fundamentally wrong". #FreeMorgan https://t.co/AlKacAVQYk
31#SeaWorld & #LoroParque insist #Blackfish Morgan is fine - Nothing could be further from the truth. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/8XAqJTqLpB
32Ongoing Concerns Regarding The #SeaWorld Orca Held At #LoroParque by Dr I.Visser & R.Lisker #FreeMorgan #Blackfish https://t.co/uFHAqP1rLw
33The FMF explosive new & graphic report depicts the poor conditions of all 6 @SeaWorld #Blackfish held @LoroParque. https://t.co/uFHAqP1rLw
34Images in this report speak 4 themselves - Graphic, indisputable & universally recognizable as “painful” #Blackfish https://t.co/uFHAqP1rLw
35Despite assurances by Loro Parque that ‘all is well’, data shows #Seaworld owned #Blackfish continue to suffer at #LoroParque. #FreeMorgan
36A recent visit to #LoroParque (Apr2016) indicated that issues raised previously were still in effect & have escalated #Blackfish #FreeMorgan
37Snapshots-in-time suggest a series of triggers indicative of chronic stressors that compromise #Blackfish welfare at #LoroParque #FreeMorgan
38The indicators identified by the CAP industry as markers 4 compromised #Blackfish welfare are prevalent & excessive @LoroParque. #FreeMorgan
39The teeth of all the @SeaWorld owned #Blackfish @LoroParque are of grave concern #FreeMorgan goo.gl/nNIUgg pic.twitter.com/hqDvEYuy6t
40Self-mutilation & injuries from drilling teeth R a reflection of extremely compromised welfare standards for #Blackfish held @LoroParque.
41The most undeniable welfare indicator for captive #Blackfish is the damage they sustain to their teeth. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/2O1E91qUnU
42In captivity, orca dentition is a fundamental indicator of an animals compromised welfare. #Blackfish #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/FA89GfYsQA
43.Seaworld et al has attempted to compare extreme damage seen on their #Blackfish to wild orca. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/wTelaHm69n
44.@SeaWorld & @LoroParque say tooth damage seen in their #Blackfish is from feeding but science disagrees #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/V8lE2l3bxn
45Captive #Blackfish R typically 'dump-fed' meaning the food is dumped directly into the back of the mouth #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/Zuy39Gv2eQ
46While N.Pacific offshore orca have population-wide tooth wear via eating sharks[pg5], CAP #Blackfish R not fed shark http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
47All #Blackfish held @LoroParque except wild-born Morgan R hybrids from different fish-eating pops. #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
48#Blackfish Morgan who was wild-born is also from a Norwegian fish-eating population. No excuse for this. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/nKJXALGOQz
49Extreme damage in the teeth of captive #Blackfish cannot occur due to feeding in the nonsensical way @Seaworld et al describes. #FreeMorgan
50.@Seaworld drilling of teeth & daily irrigation does not happen in wild #Blackfish populations #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
51Drs. @jeffrey_ventre & Jett describe 'modified pulpotomy' used to avert infection in captive #Blackfish. #FreeMorgan https://t.co/4FsQ5U9P7c
52Tooth damage in captive #Blackfish is also sometimes created by ‘jaw popping’ or ‘jaw clapping’, a precursor to aggression. #FreeMorgan
53.@jeffrey_ventre explains 'jaw popping' in this informative video. #FreeMorgan #Blackfish youtu.be/1EA_-VOzdzQ https://t.co/y2IQind0KR
54Dr @jeffrey_ventre Discusses Teeth Damage, Jaw popping, & Barbaric Pulpotomy Procedures Done on Captive #Blackfish https://t.co/KWwYMgWEsM
55#Blackfish have been observed sinking down into the water, shuddering or splitting w/trainers to avoid pulpotomies. https://t.co/5sKGbZXf1J
56After teeth are drilled trainers must irrigate #Blackfish teeth 2-3 times each day, for the rest of the orca’s life https://t.co/FRO30z6z0x
57Concrete tanks and/or metal segregation gates also create dental stress for captive #Blackfish. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/iGJWwA8jXJ
58#Blackfish teeth often become so damaged that it results in life-threatening damage. #FreeMorgan via @Voice_OT_Orcas https://goo.gl/mh2JJM
59Poor dentition causes #Blackfish 2 become immunocompromised & susceptible to bacterial/viral pathogens #FreeMorgan https://t.co/L4n9L5RjFf
60"..the consequence of broken teeth is early mortality" #Blackfish #FreeMorgan https://t.co/HUvI1FzEeY
61.@LoroParque says #Blackfish teeth are '..weaker..wear away faster than other terrestrial carnivores' #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/MVsGKog6RA
62Wild-born #Blackfish Morgan is of particular concern bc of her provenance & dispute over her ownership #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/ZVgG79
63Requests for an exam of #Blackfish Morgan by an independent veterinarian were denied by @LoroParque #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/VsKzMd
64When @LoroParque did a Health Assessment report Sept2015 on all 6 #Blackfish held there, it was barely 3 pages long http://goo.gl/ldzOV9
65.@LoroParque's ‘Health Assessment’ lacks substantive details on the health of the #Blackfish there[pg11] #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
66In a 7 mth time frame all of the #Blackfish held at @LoroParque showed extreme accelerated tooth damage #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/FLPDC7BTeS
67The Visser&Lisker report documented acute levels of dental stress for #Blackfish Adán @LoroParque. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/735hm4r3HK
68Adan, the youngest orca held @LoroParque had at least 8 teeth drilled in 7 months. #FreeMorgan #Blackfish https://t.co/MmHuEP5gu2
69.@LoroParque prevented DrVisser & R.Lisker from clearly photographing Morgan [pg14] #FreeMorgan #Blackfish http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
70Despite this obstacle, Visser&Lisker were able to clearly identify at least 4 fractured teeth on #Blackfish Morgan pic.twitter.com/NNxQLSa7Ny
71The staffs evasive nature prompted DrVisser to request photographs of #Blackfish Morgan & was granted. #FreeMorgan https://t.co/2pXaCF5tKl
72.@LoroParque promised images of #Blackfish Morgan's teeth & then reneged citing previous criticisms by @Free_Morgan pic.twitter.com/QMlYynNM6X
73Despite photo evidence @LoroParque denied #Blackfish Morgan's teeth were broken. #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/59r9a3 pic.twitter.com/8QL5HFj6N6
74A graphic timeline of #Blackfish Morgan's self-mutilating destruction of her teeth while at @LoroParque. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/5LoQ1i0vIR
75In under 4 yrs Morgan went from 0% severe damage of her right mandibular to 75% [pg16] via @Free_morgan #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
76Wild-born #Blackfish Morgan had 66.66% of her left mandible teeth ranked severe&moderate damaged[pg19] #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
77The absurdity of @LoroParque's denials regarding #Blackfish Morgan casts doubt on every claim they make #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/kpgneMz3xD
78.@LoroParque's duplicitous behaviour also calls into question whether other welfare issues are being concealed. #Blackfish #FreeMorgan
79The other 5 #Blackfish @LoroParque had at least 14 teeth drilled & at least 16 broken in 7 months. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/NmDeU7tFNp
80Of grave concern, the min. percentage of mandibular dental damage was 41.66% on Kohana & #Blackfish Keto[pg19] http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
81Adán, Skyla & #Blackfish Tekoa had between 50% & 58.3% of their teeth ranked as Severely & Moderately damaged[pg19] http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
8212 yr old #Blackfish Skyla has gaping holes, teeth worn to the gum & blue paint is visible on her teeth #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/H64cwRyIii
83#Blackfish Kohana's has drilled, cracked & noticeably dark teeth despite the 'superior care' @LoroParque #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/VXBmUPEKCy
84#Blackfish Tekoa suffers from huge gaping holes in his teeth & hypertrophic tissue damage. @LoroParque #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/l232YokD9B
85#Blackfish Keto has cracked & broken teeth as well as dead pulp cavities that have been drilled out. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/JuuvTAL4YR
86Visser & Lisker clearly show the Greenwood report didn't tell the whole story re: #Blackfish @LoroParque #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/7NJF9r2qzx
87The teeth of the orca at @LoroParque are in abysmal condition & are a reflection of the systemic problems of keeping #Blackfish in captivity
88.@SeaWorld #Blackfish Also Suffer The Devastating Impact of Captivity on Their Teeth[v @jeffrey_ventre] #FreeMorgan https://t.co/1LGs4QK4rO
89Anthropogenic tooth damage in #Blackfish @SeaWorld, caused by captivity via @Voice_OT_Orcas https://t.co/3FB4hT4j38 pic.twitter.com/NYF6srDDXQ
90#SeaWorld vs Science #Blackfish self-mutilate in captivity from psychosis vs NAT tooth wear https://t.co/QJsFzLQPyq pic.twitter.com/09lvzXm5tH
91Welfare concerns regarding @Seaworld owned #Blackfish at @LoroParque are well-documented but have so far gone unheeded. #FreeMorgan
92Dr Visser noted violations of at least 4 of the ‘5 Freedoms’ regarding the #Blackfish held @LoroParque http://goo.gl/k7M5mt #FreeMorgan
93.@LoroParque's own version of the basic 5 Freedoms excludes ‘Freedom from injury & disease’ #Blackfish #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/2PMXvHHfd8
94Dr Visser also noted violations of at least 23 C-Well® Welfare Measurements @LoroParque. #Blackfish http://goo.gl/k7M5mt #FreeMorgan
95Animal welfare standard violations by @LoroParque as reported by the @FreeMorgan Foundation[pg33] #Blackfish http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
96Conditions noted in the 2012 report on #Blackfish Morgan are ongoing in 2016. #FreeMorgan goo.gl/nNIUgg https://t.co/AltZDc95Od
97The 2012 report found #Blackfish Morgan was attacked more than once an hour #FreeMorgan goo.gl/pOR0QV pic.twitter.com/NNQgyVbY1w
98.@LoroParque staff were often present but apathetic during attacks on #Blackfish Morgan by other orca. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/44zbkdTNTz
99The 2012 Visser report also showed #Blackfish Morgan exhibiting sterotypical behaviors[biting concrete] #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/jrRAwsCc3P
100Although present #Blackfish Morgan's self-mutilating behaviour in 2012 was ignored by @LoroParque staff #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/x2wflhlBWt
101Visser&Lisker observed 3 #Blackfish confined in the med tank (approx 7m x 12m) @LoroParque for no medical reason. pic.twitter.com/xovxIpALEV
102#Blackfish @LoroParque R regularly confined in a tiny tank preventing natural body postures/behaviours #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/k6yRu96xi2
103#Blackfish confinement not assoc. w med/husbandry needs is against industry ‘best practice’ standards #FreeMorgan https://t.co/51nNE3DV04
104Inadequate tank space and inappropriate social groupings create unnecessary social tensions and further stress pic.twitter.com/5Rn6DPzUzo
105.@SeaWorld 3 #Blackfish trapped in a med tank? No wonder Morgan is trying to escape her tank @LoroParque #FreeMorgan https://t.co/AB74xApGp5
106In 2012 #Blackfish Keto was seen sexually pressuring Morgan, chasing & slamming her, penis visible[pg20] #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/cBH6NE
107Keto was also seen shadowing #Blackfish Morgan by Dr Visser. #FreeMorgan https://t.co/EeWRnirIc1 pic.twitter.com/hKqvP23Otn
108During the 2016 inspection Visser&Lisker again observed Morgan being closely shadowed by #Blackfish Keto[pg14] http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
109#Blackfish Morgan's CITES permit prohibits breeding but she is still kept with sexually mature males. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/ppixZKLDde
110In March 2016 @Seaworld ended their #Blackfish breeding program including the orca held @LoroParque. #FreeMorgan https://goo.gl/YB5Rp6
111Despite not owning any of the orca held there, @LoroParque has publicly challenged @Seaworld's decision. #FreeMorgan https://goo.gl/AIJSdE
112#Blackfish Morgan has a habit of lunging out of the water at trainers endangering their safety. #FreeMorgan pic.twitter.com/UbOO3BzcwD
113The lunging behaviours Morgan exhibits can become dangerous for other #Blackfish & trainers[pg46] via @Free_Morgan http://goo.gl/MOtPP2
114The welfare issues found in the Visser&Lisker report are unacceptable to anyone with any ethical scruples or moral integrity #FreeMorgan
115Incredibly, @Seaworld tells Dr Visser to stick to science - Unfortunately for them, she does. #Blackfish #FreeMorgan http://goo.gl/Ukci7n
116.@Seaworld apparent lack of concern for their #Blackfish held at @Loroparque is alarming and shows no concern for thier welfare. #FreeMorgan
117For @Seaworld & @LoroParque to deny there are issues in the light of this evidence is irresponsible and inhumane. #Blackfish #FreeMorgan
118Watch "I Am Morgan - Stolen Freedom" See captivity through the eyes of #Blackfish Morgan v DrVisser https://t.co/HkeAVKpSuj #FreeMorgan
119"Its not enough to look into eyes of a #Blackfish in captivity - Look through the eyes of Morgan" via @MatthewSpiegl huff.to/1pgLo0q
120Please keep sharing #Blackfish Morgan's story, stolen from freedom & family for human novelty #FreeMorgan https://goo.gl/O8N79A

Thanks to  Dr Ingrid Visser, Rosina Lisker & Mathew Spiegl  of the Free Morgan Foundation for the use of their report
and to Dr Jeffrey Ventre & Dr John Jett PHD of Voice of the Orcas for the use of their content.

All content used with permission.

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