#Blackfish made the world aware and now it is up to us to change it.
With all we know with regards to the effects of captivity on cetaceans,
It is no longer acceptable. It is cruel, it is abuse and it must end.
No longer will we accept justifications or excuses that benefit the man and harm the animal.

Now we know and now it must change.
Tilikum has become an unknowing ambassador for change but these pages are for all cetaceans
who have been cruelly enslaved for the greed of CEOs and the selfishness of their guests.

We are at the tipping point of ending captivity in the United States for cetaceans, especially orca. 
Public sentiment is on our side. We cannot lose our momentum or we lose our edge.

Everyday someone new sees Blackfish on Netflix or hears about SeaWorld abuse via the media.
It is so much to absorb for new people and a very convoluted subject with so many insidious tentacles.
It isn't just Tilikum and it isn't just Seaworld, all of them suffer in every tank across the world.

We have created Twitter stories to individually profile some of the orca 
as well as dedicated pages for individual parks, weekly tweetsheets and for dolphins and belugas who also suffer in tanks around the world.

Our tweets are carefully researched for accuracy but we are human, 
if you see something you believe is incorrect, please contact us so we can correct it. 

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