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Vol. 9(2)

January 2012, Volume 9(2)
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This special issue on teacher assessment was edited and managed by Judy Wilkerson

Teacher Assessment:  Introducing This Special Issue

Judy R. Wilkerson (pp. 1-3)


Development and Validation of Indicators of Teacher Proficiency in Diagnostic Classroom Assessment: A Mixed Methods Study

Madhabi Chatterji (pp. 4-25)


Teacher Dispositions: Moving from Assessment to Improvement

Deirdre S. Englehart, Heather L. Batchelder, Kelly L. Jennings, Judy R. Wilkerson,

W. Steve Lang, and David Quinn (pp. 26-44)


Exploring the Conceptual and Psychometric Properties of Classroom Assessment

Richard DLC Gonzales and Charito G. Fuggan (pp. 45-60)


Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Certification Assessment Scores from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Emily R. Lai, Joan E. Auchter, and Edward W. Wolfe (pp. 61-80)


Development of the Teaching Economic Literacy: Confidence and Anxiety (TELCA) Instrument

Larry H. Ludlow, Julia Rollison, Jillian Cronin, and Todd Wallingford (pp. 82-103)


Assessing Higher Education Teachers through Peer Assistance and Review

Carlo Magno (pp. 104-120)


Examining the Construct and Cross-Cultural Validity of the Teaching Excellence Rating Scale (TERS)

Steven E. Stemler, Julian Elliott, Daniel McNeish, Elena L. Grigorenko, and

Robert J. Sternberg (pp. 121-138)


Certification of Teaching Competencies at the High-School Level in Mexico: An Evaluation Model for a Social Challenge

Agustin Tristán-López and Miguel Angel Ylizaliturri-Salcedo (pp. 139-164)


Measurement and Evaluation Perspectives  On Scaling Teacher Affect with Multiple Measures

Judy R. Wilkerson (pp. 165-187)





Date released: July 23, 2011