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Vol. 12(2)

January 2013, Volume 12(2)

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Measuring “Orthorexia”: Development of the Eating Habits Questionnaire

David H. Gleaves, Erin C. Graham, and Suman Ambwani


Assessing Students’ Critical Thinking and Approaches to Learning

Carlo Magno 


A Rasch Approach to the Measurement of Responsive Curriculum Practice in the Context of Curricula Reform

Claire E. L. Sinnema and Larry H. Ludlow


Validation of the Humility Inventory (HI), a Five-Factor, Self-Report Measure of Humility

Stephen L Brown, Praveen K. Chopra, and Glenn R. Schiraldi


Methods of Item Analysis in Standardized Student Assessment: an Application to an Italian Case Study

Michela Gnaldi, Mariagiulia Matteucci, Stefania Mignani, and Nicola Falocci 


Order Effects in Within-Subjects Malingering Studies of the MMPI-2

Peter A. Weiss, James E. Vivian, Ron Chance, William U. Weiss,

Brittany Tenbarge, and Lori Jones 


Measurement Invariance Analyses of the College Achievement Inventory

Between Canadian and Japanese Groups

Eriko Fukuda, Donald H. Saklofske, and Kyle M. Lang  


Measurement Invariance of Students’ Parents’ Action Questionnaire (SPAQ) among Three Ethnic Groups in Malaysia

William Koh, Siaw Yen, and Ong Saw Lan 





Date released: December 6, 2012