Quick Start Guide to TihsreeD Lodge

Quick Start Guide to The Lodge at TihsreeD

You are at: 965 Pathfinder Road, Florissant, CO 80816

The landline number here is 719-748-1143 The Cabin landline number is 719-748-6025 Don: 719-839-0860 Toni: 919-624-7641

Emergency: 911

To direct someone here:

• Highway 24 to Florissant

• Turn Right onto County Rd 3 (go 0.5 miles)

• Turn Right onto County Rd 31 (Wildhorn) (go 2 miles)

• Turn Right onto Arapahoe Creek (gravel road)

• Arapahoe Creek will lead to a private road. Take the private road

• TihsreeD will be about ½ mile down - Third driveway on the left

• Come all the way up the drive to The Lodge

Check In Time: 4:00 p.m. on date of Arrival

Check Out Time: 11:00 a.m. on date of Departure

About Our Three Rules: 1) No smoking in The Lodge, 2) No shoes to be worn in The Lodge, and 3) No pets in The Louse.

We do not allow smoking or pets in The Lodge. Limited outdoor smoking will be overlooked. Please be mindful of cleaning up your smoking debris – failure to do so will result in the loss of you Security/Damage deposit. It is the smokers’ responsibility to be aware of county or statewide fire restrictions. The restrictions may limit smoking to vehicles, as all of the TihsreeD buildings are non-smoking.

The Lodge is set up to accommodate, house, and sleep up to 18 individuals. In other words no more than 18 individuals are allowed in The Lodge. Should you have day guests or more than 18 individuals you are to inform Toni and/or Don and arrangements will be made. Please DO NOT remove the furniture, bedding, dishes, etc. and bring them to another area of the property. All items in The Lodge are to remain with and in The Lodge.

No events or parties of more than 18 individuals are allowed in The Lodge. Should you need additional space The Great Hall can be made available.

To keep The Lodge free of grit during your stay (and protect floors from damage), leave shoes on porch or inside the door. We provide non-slip footies and/or sox for your comfort.

Furniture movement: We have set up The Lodge to provide both useable and functional space during your stay. The Lodge is 6,800 square feet and there is ample space for all guests. Should you need to move furniture all movement requires two people, DO NOT DRAG, PUSH, or PULL any furniture across the floor; scratches to the hard wood floor will result in the loss of your Security/Damage Deposit.

The Lodge is furnished with better linens and bedding. Please do not abuse the bedcovers by using them like sheets. Sheets are easy and inexpensive to wash. Bedcovers require dry cleaning. Sleep on sheets and pillowcases, not on unprotected blankets, bedcovers, or furniture surfaces.

There are 9 sleeping surfaces in The Lodge: 3 King beds; 4 Queen beds; 1 Full bed; and 1 Twin bed. Please use these beds for your sleeping arrangements. Air mattresses, sleeping on furniture, or sleeping bags is not permitted.

When you leave, please place used washable items in the laundry room: used towels, sheets, pillowcases, footies, robes, etc. Please do not remove bedspreads, blankets, mattress covers unless you have stained them. We dry clean these items on a set schedule.

The items in the storage closets are have been cleaned and folded and are earmarked for our next guests to The Lodge. Any entry into or use of these items will result in the loss of your Security/Damage deposit.

The large bin outside the door is for mixed recycle items. Recycle items: plastic containers (NO Plastic Bags), glass, CLEAN paper, CLEAN cardboard, and cans go in this bin. Absolutely NO plastic bags or trash belong in the recycle bin. Other Examples include: Diapers ARE NOT recyclable; Coffee grounds ARE NOT recyclable; Egg shells ARE NOT recyclable; Cigarette butts ARE NOT recyclable.

All food scraps and grease go in the covered metal can on the porch. We will remove food scraps frequently to avoid visits from coyotes and bears. Use a bowl to collect food scraps after meals, then dump the food waste in the larger metal cans as part of clean up. Scrape ALL food scraps into the metal can – DO NOT put food scraps in trash.

All trash (plastic liners, plastic bags, used paper products, diapers, etc.) should be placed in a trash bag and set out on the driveway (NOT THE PATIO) for pick up.

Fireplaces are to be used by adults familiar with burning wood. If you need assistance with fireplaces/woodstove ASK US before you begin. Failure to open the flue and filling the house with wood smoke will cause extra cleaning charges. It is the guests’ responsibility to know if there are burn restrictions that would prevent them using the outdoor fireplaces or grills.

The refrigerators are set to a proper temperature. After loading groceries into them, they take about 24 hours to equilibrate. Do not adjust the refrigerator settings. Doing so will risk freezing up the condenser, requiring a service call or cause your produce, eggs, and beverages to freeze, spoiling your food and making a mess in the refrigerator.

To operate showers in three of the bathrooms (two upper level and one lower level), pull down on the ring through which the water flows.

On very cold days, propane flows slowly. This may cause the flame to go out on the gas stove. An adult should stay near the stove anytime it is in use. At 9000 feet above sea level, water boils at 190 F. Any food cooked in boiling water will take about twice as long as normal to cook. Items cooked in the oven should cook close to the way you are used to. Our overflow refrigerator is in the mud room on the lower level.

A cleaning kit is located inside the front door in the closet along with a vacuum and broom. There is no cleaning fee associated with your reservation, however excessive cleaning will result in an assessment fee determine by the additional cleaning time. In other words, if you spill something – wipe it up.

The hot tub is here for your enjoyment. The hot tub for The Lodge is automatically set, please only push the two jet buttons located on the right side of the control panel - pushing buttons quickly in succession will cause the hot tub to go into power save mode requiring a reset. If too many people are in tub at once and the water is displaced, it is the guests’ responsibility to add water to cover the jets. Please read the Colorado Hot Tub rules posted outside. In addition, no one under the age of 16 is allowed in the hot tub at any time.

Wedding Specific:

· Parking: During your stay you will have many visitors, please be respectful of parking and leaving enough space to drive around all buildings and to have ample parking. The best solution is to leave keys in the car. On Day Of Wedding: All cars will be moved and parked by TihsreeD management; therefore all guests MUST surrender their keys to TishreeD management, including “day of guests”.

· Great Hall: All decorations, lights, table placements, etc. must be removed prior to your departure. If this is not completed there will be a cleaning assessment.

· Alcohol: On the day of your event, all alcohol MUST be served by on of TihsreeD’s bartenders and it MUST be served from the bar locations.