Helpful info for Brides/Grooms/Wedding Planners

This is to help you keep us informed so we can do whatever we can to make your special celebration go as smoothly as possible. We are excited for the two of you and looking forward to your upcoming wedding. I have attached information on purchasing your “Day of Event Insurance” as well.

This information is to assist you as you plan. We want to say “yes!” to all your requests if at all possible.

Access to the barn will be available at noon on the day before the wedding unless you have made other arrangements with us. The barn is a ‘real barn’ and we are built on decomposing granite. Setting up too early will result in a layer of dust settling on your lovely tables, dishes, and decorations if the barn doors are open and cars are moving around. On the day of the wedding, usually about 3 hours before the service, we rake the area in front of the barn and water it to prevent dust during the ceremony.

The bathroom in the apartment is to be used ONLY by the guests who are staying in the apartment (maximum of 6). The apartment toilet is a state of the art composting toilet. It works like a ‘normal’ toilet, but cannot handle the waste from large numbers of guests. Just like all modern toilets, feminine hygiene products will clog this toilet. If you or your guests misuse the apartment toilet, you will be accessed at a minimum the charge of $200 for a plumber visit. We provide new, clean port-o-potties for your day guests.

Just as there are restrictions on the use of the bathroom facility in the apartment, the bathrooms in the cabin and lodge are for overnight guests only. Due to pressure on the wells and septic system ONLY overnight guests at the lodge (maximum of 18) and the cabin (maximum of 18) are to use the showers, tubs, toilets, etc. in the lodge and cabin. We provide new, clean port-o-potties for your day guests.

Some of the items we have for loan (please let me know that you will want access to the items and what day and time you want to use them) can be seen at Facebook Album: TihsreeD Loaner Items Please remind your guests that dishes in the homes are to stay in the homes… If you plan a pot luck, you and your guest will need to bring dishes for this event and/or use only the “loaner” items for the barn.

To protect you and your guests, we valet park all cars on the day of your event. Please inform your guests that they will need to leave their cars unlocked and keys in the car during the wedding. We have parking for 50+ cars with specific spots for vendors. An agreement we have with the fire marshal requires us to handle parking this way.

To reduce your day of event insurance policy premium and to protect our investment, all alcohol must be dispensed by our bartender on the day of your event. Our bartender provides water to guests as well as their drinks. Special “not for general consumption” bottles can be put aside until requested by the owners. Absolutely NO ONE is allowed to go to their automobiles for alcohol during an event. Please take all day of event drinks, mixers, alcohol, cups, kegs, etc. to the cantina for our bartender.

Questions for bride/groom/planner:

Do you have a day of event coordinator? Please provide us with contact info for this person. Do you have a timeline or schedule? We would like a copy of this as well.

What are your plans for the rehearsal/rehearsal celebrations? How many guests will be joining you on the property? Do you plan to use any TihsreeD property or equipment?

When do you anticipate decorating the barn? Will you want to use any of the TihsreeD loaner items (see list above)?

Could you please provide us with a list of vendors who will be coming to the property, what they will be providing, and when you expect them to arrive. It is helpful for us to know you have rental drop-offs, bakers, caterers, photographers, florist, hairdressers, etc. coming to assist you on or before your wedding day. If we are aware of this vendor activity, we can often answer questions and assist your vendor, saving you and the vendor time and trouble.

Helpful information about our venue for your guests:

TihsreeD Lodge is 50 private acres for guest to enjoy on wedding weekends. With 3.5 miles of private hiking, multiple hot tubs, fireplaces, kitchens and gathering areas, you will have many opportunities to relax, build memories and share time together.

TihsreeD is a non-smoking venue; however, limited outdoor smoking will be overlooked. Please be mindful of cleaning up your butts, used matches, and any other smoking debris. It is the smokers’ responsibility to be aware of current county or statewide fire and outdoor smoking restrictions. These restrictions may limit your smoking to private vehicles, as all of the TihsreeD buildings are non-smoking.

Mailing address for TihsreeD Lodge, Cabin and Apartment is 965 Pathfinder Road, Florissant, CO 80816

The landline number at The Lodge is 719-748-1143, the landline number at The Cabin is 719-748-6025.

Don 719-839-0860

Toni 919-624-7641

To direct someone here:

• Highway 24 West to Florissant

• Turn Right onto County Road 31 (go 0.5 miles)

• Turn Right onto County Road 3 (Wildhorn) (go 2 miles)

• Turn Right onto Arapahoe Creek (gravel road)

• Arapahoe Creek will lead into Pathfinder Rd. Take Pathfinder Road.

• TihsreeD will be about 1/2 mile down - Third driveway on the left

• Come all the way up the drive.