Starter Guide

This is a guide in which we will place links to sutlers that make good, authentic gear. Most of the links are to sites of which we have experience dealing with. We own a lot of the gear listed below, however, we will list other sutlers of which we know have quality product. Uniforms should be of proper construction and color. This page is under construction...
If wanting to make your own uniforms, cloth and kits can be found at several vendors:
Charlie Childs

Patterns for uniforms can be found at these vendors:
Galla Rock
Charlie Childs

Be sure to check ebay, facebook sale groups, and Stoney Brook's Consignment page if you are looking for used gear!

*Due to recent issues with some sutlers not providing product on promised deadlines(or at all), please speak to us and the rest of the authentic community BEFORE purchasing from SA Miles, Bristol Hollow, Sekela, or Daley. We are sorry to need to place this in the starter guide. There are still plenty of great makers out there for uniforms and gear.*

- Federal Type II forage caps
- Hardee Hat
- Any documented civilian hat of proper construction. 
    Don Freeman
    Goober Grabber Headware

Coats, blouses, frocks:
- Federal Sack coat of Schuylkill Arsenal, J.T. Martin, or private purchase.
- Federal Frock Coat
Federal issue shirt of domet flannel
-Federal issue 'contract' shirt of wool flannel
-Cotton shirt of appropriate construction
   SA and J.T. Martin trousers are the preferred styles for the unit. Deering pattern is also acceptable.
    SA and Deering Pattern:
    SA Pattern: 



    Many other vendors have haversack suitable for use in the field. The ones listed above are what we have personal experience with.

Socks(the most important part on a march!):
-While we do recommend wool socks, period cotton socks are also acceptable. 

Ulrich smoothside canteens- these can be found at various vendors including regimental, Maryland sutler, etc...
Blockade Runner Smoothside tin canteens- slightly cheaper option and they have lasted us quite awhile. 

Belts, slings, cartridge boxes, cap pouches:
With so many choices in this category, we tend to stick to a generic impression when it comes to leathers. 

    Unfortunately not many places are currently producing a top quality federal blanket. Keep an eye out for used blankets on ebay and facebook from wwandco, sekela, Bristol hollow, etc... Until that is remedied, the following are acceptable:
    Woolrich made federal issue blankets, preferred grey but tan will also work.
    Last resort Italian military style. We have some of these in loaner reserve, please do not spend money on one, you can borrow until you save the money for a good blanket. 

Gum blankets:

    Federal Double bag:

Mess gear(tin, NO stainless allowed!):


Shelter Halves:

Patterns, cloth, and sewing essentials: