After Action Reports

After action reports and pictures detailing our experiences from certain events.

Blakely, 2019:
One of the BEST events we have ever done. Seriously, if you are a reenactor and have a quality kit do NOT miss out on the next one slated for 2021. See video of our charge to the fort below!
Natural Bridge, 2018:
TIG Mess fell in with 17th Conn. Co. H to recreate the battle of Natural Bridge Florida. This reenactment is on the original ground. On both days we strove to recreate as accurately as possible the advances made by federal forces to push the Confederate defenders of Tallahassee back. Combined with members of other campaigner units and mainstream Federals we gave a good show. Every year there is an 18-mile march from St. Marks lighthouse to recreate the march made by Federal forces before the battle.

Olustee, 2018:
TIG Mess fell in with 17th Conn. Co. H to portray Federal troops at the Battle of Olustee. Our host unit was generous even roasting a whole pig over the fire for dinner. A great event on the original ground. If you have never been to Olustee, it is worth the trip.

Pellicer Creek Raid, 2017:
TIG Mess fell in with 17th Conn. Co. H to defend a vital bridge crossing from raiding Confederate forces. Company H set up an outpost and TIG Mess soon arrived to bolster the ranks. Saturday we met the Confederate forces with superior numbers, and though we incurred several losses, we drove them back. Saturday night the units were in high spirits with the promise of reinforcements. However, the reinforcements never arrived. On Sunday, the Confederates got some reinforcements, and the defending Federals found themselves outnumbered in a bad defensive position. Control of the bridge was yielded. Hopefully another attempt to control the bridge will be made with proper forces.

Pilot Knob 2017:
TIG Mess and affiliates raised a small company for the Pilot Knob event 9/23-24/2017.