Welcome to the The Independent Guards!

The TIGs take part in the final charge on Fort Blakeley, spring of 2019. Video by Fort Blakeley State Park 

Who we are:
The Independent Guards is an organization of Civil War reenactors that has come together in order to better educate the public on the most costly war in American history. 

15th Missouri, Muddy River Battalion (Missouri and the Midwest, POC Matt Bohnert)
TIG Mess (Florida, POC Curtis West)

What we do:
The Independent Guards participate in battle reenactments, living histories, and programs. We primarily stick to a generic Western Federal infantry impression. This impression depicts a common soldier on campaign... dirty, hungry, tired, and wishing for home. We will also do Confederate impressions.
As stated above, we try to depict the common soldier of the day with as much authenticity as possible. This authenticity comes in the form of, but is not limited to uniform, gear, and weapon guidelines, period rations, first person impressions, etc... While we strive to be as authentic as possible, we do understand this is an expensive hobby and are willing to help newer members along in their quest to better depict one of these brave individuals. We are here not only to enjoy a hobby, but to keep history alive through hands on education... for both ourselves, and the spectators.

Interested in giving Civil War reenacting a try? Already a reenactor and looking for a unit? A campaigner mess looking for a larger organization to fall in with at immersion events? Contact Us! While we strive to be authentic we understand this is a hobby and an expensive one at that... we focus mainly on attitude. All the handstitching in the world will not make an authentic impression if you can't perform drill, if you can't research, and if you are never willing to improve your impression both visually and mentally. Take a look at our contact information below to get in touch with us.
 Members of the mess gear up while others are posted on picket near our fortifications at Jefferson City, MO.
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