Firstaid Training, Low Cost, Leicestershire & E. Midlands
St.John, Red Cross and RAMC
First Aid Trained.
Leicestershire & Midlands
Tiger Training

Course of up to 8 adults trained for £120, total cost.

First Responder/Emergency Certificate Provided

Why "Only" £120, total cost. To cover basic costs to me. My aim is to enable as many people, adult or children to learn the skill to relieve suffering/ or save lives, as it is possible.

Learn the skills, fast and well. 

I teach and assess firstaid for many locations in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Rutland in the East Midlands.
Care at Home, ADR (HAZMAT), Cadets, D of E, private individuals and companies.  

Course of up to 8  adults trained for £110, total cost.

Travel is £10 for each 50 miles. 

Each adult receives an idividual certificate.

I was trained by RAMC, St. John/ Red Cross and have been an instructor for 25 years.

 D.O.T. Approved, C & G London Institute Approved. 

As I work with CCF/ACF/ATC and D of E

 I have a several  current CRB.   'Children Act'

01509 213729 or by e mail [below]

I also teach Expedition [Battle Field] First Aid

[course to your requirements]


Groby College
Tony Blanchard

G.K.Smith F.I.Diag.E
01472 354264
J.G. Proud
0116 2677075.
Simon Cooke [Manager]

No one who has attended my course has ever stated other than complete satisfaction at the knowledge of the training they received.
This includes several, St. John, Red Cross and S. R. Nurses.