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Whether you are planning to take a relaxing weekender or to find that picture perfect place for a glorious getaway or to get intoxicated by blissfully enchanting nightlife or to stroll along history-laden walkways or to traverse the wonders that nature has to offer, Travel2Travel has got it all covered.  From sun-kissed faraway shores to exotic balmy nights to an opulent indulgence in totally foreign land, Travel2Travel can whip up a blast of a package just for you. 

Travel2Travel is pleased to offer a myriad of choices for the world-class traveller in you.  We showcase the best and the finest specials for holiday travels all across the globe.  From the medieval charm of Europe to the hip and glitz of Asia to the breathtaking beaches in the Caribbean, down to the mysterious allure of the land down under, from the USA to South Africa, from the Pacific Ocean to the Red Sea, we've got it all for you. 

With a great number of years concocting unforgettable ….

Hotel Review:  Burj Al Arab (British English) 

Taking the World by Storm and by the Ears

Dubbed as an international landmark that spearheads Dubai's renaissance, Burj Al Arab stands proud and totally breathtaking in its sail-shaped glory. 

A fusion of the west, the east and the warm Arabic embrace with a hint of groundbreaking technology, Burj Al Arab is redefining the standards of high-end comforts. 

With pilings that pierce the seabed to a full 40 metres, this phenomenal structure whose first brick was laid in 1994 takes pride in the international nod that it has been getting. Colossal and unnerving, this white edifice drowns the jetsetter with an onslaught of vivid colors and imagery inside.  Its one experience a guest will forever remember. 

Aptly called the Rodeo Drive, one of the shops that trickle down the path from the elevators will definitely tell you that this place is definitely not just any other hotel.  It's not your usual home-away-from-home wonder. 

Drawn like moth to a flame, visitors from around the globe flock to this one-of-a-kind attraction.  Every level of this magnificent beauty is queued with its own check in area and every floor gives the curious wanderer the chance to look down into the atrium at the heart of the hotel. 

The hotel speaks of one thing.  Opulence and it has never left a detail out.  This huge architectural amazement has two-storey suites.  To say that the view from the room is enchanting is an understatement.  The ocean sprawls lazily across you with a tranquil come-hither look that you simply cannot refuse.  . 

Destination Description:  Mauritius

Mauritius brings to mind an island of dreams with a landscape so alluring. It stirs a passionate steam of scenic beauty that only a tropical paradise can offer. The panorama ripples with volcanic skylines and pulsates with crystal clear streams and gushing waterfalls. This melting pot of various cultures lends itself to a fusion of the past and the present. The result is a smooth blend of a relaxing and calming ambience that is distinctively Mauritian. 

Mauritius offers you an incomparable beauty that beckons you to kiss its pristine shores time and time again... 

Destination Description: Dubai

Dubai---what a city it is but more interestingly, what a magnificent place it will be. A few years down the line and tons of ground breaking (err--pun intended) development later will afford you the most breathtaking nirvana in the whole wide world.

Dubai is one of the premier tourist destinations in the Middle East. With a number of unique and exquisite spots to choose from, you can be assured of a truly fantastic holiday.   May it be the sun, beach, city or even the desert--there will always be something for you and your discriminating taste.

From underwater hotels to brand new contoured islands to new harbors—yep, the whole nine yards, water, land and all—to skiing mountains and the most extravagant hotels that the world probably has never seen before…

Review of an adult website: (full-length version, pun intended)

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The chief god of them all—a huge, throbbing cock – to the delight of curious groupies and giggling hussies with real tight pussies, is the main attraction.  Carlos, the man, shows wannabes just what a monster cock is all about. 

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Download and stream full-length vids. You can have all the movies that you can handle or a la carte in formats that can be played in most players the world over.  A gallery of stills of rock-hard shafts and pre-cums are also available. 

Let the pussy-wrecking begin!

Article for an Ezine:  Three Sure-Fire Tips to Master the Pay Per Click Game

Imagine walking in a room of internet marketers and hearing them gush about how they brought in millions to their websites just because of the clicking game. If they can do it, so can you.

Successful ways of doing it is by going through the word games. It's a battle of the words and I don't mean a scrabble of text twisting tricks. I'm talking about learning the tools of the trade through AdWords.

Mastering the AdWord game is not a very complicated thing to do. I am not saying that you can do this with your eyes closed and your hands tied up. 

Once you've mastered the game, you can test a product way before you start marketing it just to see if there's a strong demand for it. You will also be able to generate more leads and ultimately, sales. If you're seeing dollar signs and you're getting excited with the thought of it, then this is indeed worth your five minutes. The next four minutes just might be the moment you've been waiting for. 

Check out these tips:

1. Research - Google is first and foremost a search engine. It only makes sense that for one to succeed in a product that they have created, one must learn how to take advantage of the power of research. 

Wordtracker is an.....

Dog Breed Description:  The Boxer

Are you looking at a square-built dog with a sinewed but taut skin, with strong limbs, a distinctive broad, blunt muzzle, a short back and an ever-alert expression, with your mouth wide open? You are not alone. Boxers are known to captivate people with their very amazing gait and bearing. This dog is aptly called boxer. Quite like its namesake, this pugilist of a dog is known to be the perfect fusion of strength and agility with élan. 

This medium-sized dog's short, tight-fitting coat usually comes in brindle, white, fawn and some shades of red with white markings. The ideal boxer's chiseled head is proportional to its body and is given due importance. The head lends itself to the boxer's distinction giving it a stamp of uniqueness. A boxer is a buffed up dog. They have lean bodies with a graceful gait characterized by a sense of power. The boxer's neck should be round, strong, devoid of any dewlap. 

Ezine Article:  Three Tips to a Successful Affiliate Marketing

Want to build your empire on the Internet by getting more than 10,000 hits every 24 hours? How about getting it done today? And I mean NOW? Scroll down for proven methods used by millions for generating traffic on their website. You wouldn't want to be the last to know, would you?

The methods listed below are sure to boost traffic to your site. And once you hit that traffic target, you should be able to make money from your site – whatever method you choose.

1. Keep your domain names....

Ezine Article:  Tips for a Profitable Real Estate Venture

Have you ever wondered if you can sell a house you don’t even own? Or what will happen if you buy a house then decide to move a few months after? Do you want a house that has grown in value and sells quickly? Sure you do.

Most of us won’t live in the same house for the rest of our lives. It's but logical that we begin analyzing home resale values from the very first day that we set out on a quest for that "dream house" lest we turn the whole experience into a comedy of errors that we wouldn't find so amusing at the end. It might be a bit tedious and time-consuming, but it'll all be worth it. It's a win-win situation from all sides of the coin, figurative or not.

Here are some tips to help you find a home with good resale value:

TIP #1 - One of the best reasons that keeps us glued to a place is its location. So you should go for a real estate property that you can live in for a long time if you have a choice. Whether you stay there longer or not, you need to consider this well. This could be a big factor in reselling the real estate property anyway.

TIP #2 - Seek the help of a real estate broker and a real estate agent. They could give you enough advice in assessing the asset for purchase like legal matters, for instance. Be sure to know how and how much you would pay for commissions. Otherwise, just get on without them. 

Ghostwritten Book:  Preface: Book on Toxicity

We all stand witness to a huge transition. It does not matter whether or not we really see what is going on. For more than 200 years, we have edged forward with the advent of modern technology. Tools have been invented and refined to make life easier for all of us. The crux of the whole revolution is good because its ultimate goal was to satisfy the basic human needs. 

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to many and largely unperceived by science and its branches, numerous chemicals and their by-products have been affecting the human immune system, the nervous system, and reproductive system. 

Somewhere along the way, with a few plugs and tweaks, we have become contributors to a massive global phenomenon that has made environmental groups and government agencies the world over wonder if we are able to sustain our industrial revolution. A billion and one research and study grants afterwards give us a glaring answer, "No, we cannot.” 

The issue surrounding us now may not be known to some. Most of us may even be unaware that environmental toxins envelop us. With the glowing promise of a better life in this century, we have now come to a stage where a host of chemical and biochemical problems affect not only our health but that of the whole planet as well. Such quandary makes us wonder if this can be solved by Captain Planet or, perhaps, Superman.

Times like this, we all wish and yearn for superheroes who made the bad guys leave and cleared the air for us. If only these were simply monsters that haunt our nights when we were kids, a bedtime story would have done the trick.  

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