Tiger Creek Discovery Lab

Discovery Club (click here - next meeting Feb. 21 only until 4PM)

The old Computer Lab is now two labs: ChromeBox computers and STEAM.  Students study computer technology and execute learning applications weekly in the computer lab.

STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics.  Tiger Creek debuted a new STEAM Lab in August 2018.  The Lab provides hands-on bi-weekly learning experiences for every child from Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Click here to see an Overview of the concepts.

The goal of the STEAM Lab is to engage and inspire kids while complementing Tiger Creek's academic program.

Click here to see the STEAM Lab resources and lessons.

Photo examples of the students' work and web links to the lessons used   Other STEAM schools that post student work
 Spring 2019 - Click here  Bugg Magnet Elementary, Raleigh NC
 Fall 2018 - Click here  Willowwind School, Iowa City IA