Seven students. One mission. Save the radio. This marks the end of Nick Schwaderer Era. Welcome to the new 101.3 Tiger Community Radio! Led by Mr. Eichenlaub of Saint Regis, MT, we are here for a new beginning. We still have a lot of work cut out for us, but we are already on a good path. With 3 seniors and 4 juniors, we do have the skill required for recreating a station.

    Based in Saint Regis, MT, we are all first-year radio broadcasters. This means we have never designed or run a radio station before. With Tiger Community Radio, you can look forward to the comedic yet semi-serious talk shows of our two comedians. A wide variety of music that changes genres in blocks every 2 hours. Many new skits performed by generally all of the crew, and much more. Say goodbye to ordinary radio, and say hello to the adroit station that we call TCR.
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(left to right) Hannah, Jeron, Spur, Keenan, Dallas, Jesse, Austin