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Posted December 26, 2015

The below obituary was published Dec 20, 2015 in the Oregonian

For those students who attended Durham Grade School,

Mrs Sempert was our 4th grade teacher.

Posted November 29, 2015

Posted November 13, 2015


At our monthly THS66 Dinner Party last night we discussed

moving the starting time up a couple hours to make it easier

for people a long distance away to come to the monthly dinners.

That seemed reasonable, as most of us are now retired, and the

timing is of little concern.  So for now, we are going to try 5pm

and hope that it will be more convenient for people to join us.

So, the new time will be....

5 pm at the Royal Panda on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Posted November 13, 2015

We had a pleasant chat last night

Please consider joining us next month at the new time....5pm!

Posted October 12, 2015

Dave ~ Barbara ~ Linda ~ Don

Posted September 21, 2015

The 2015 summer picnic photos have been uploaded

to our web albums.  If you see something that

needs additional information or correction, please

send your comments to the THS66 Website........

Posted September 10, 2015


September 16-17-18, 2016

Tigard High School 1966 Alumni

Calling all 1966 Classmates! Your reunion committee is working toward a fun weekend in honor of our 50th reunion.

Reserve your spot now for the celebration in your honor we are '50 years later party!'

Do you plan to attend the 1966 Reunion Celebration?

More information and details to follow as the committee works toward finalizing plans. Please respond to or at your earliest convenience but prior to September 30, 2015.

Additional comments, suggestions, great ideas and questions welcome. Responses guaranteed!

We are reserving the entire weekend for 1966 graduating class for the 50th reunion in 2016.

Come see us this year at the annual picnic Saturday, Sept 12. Details on THS66 Home Page:

We hope to see you there! Your reunion committee will have a table set up at the this year's picnic if you wish to respond and reserve your spot for the 50th party then.

Thank you in advance. We hope you are as excited as we are to get together to celebrate!

Linda Gilliland

Reunion 50 Chair


Posted September 10, 2015

Final Reminder

Our 2015 Annual Picnic is this coming 

Saturday, September 12 at 1pm at Cook Park.

Bring a relative/friend/classmate and enjoy a

day of relaxation.

Posted August 17, 2015

Michele & Jim Connelly * Steve Lilly * Nancy Dale

Ron Dale is the photographer

Posted August 17, 2015

Jim Connelly has taken up the hobby of trains....

The top picture is at Train Mountain with his latest engine

Posted August 15, 2015

Posted July 11, 2015

Sue McQuaid*Steve Lilly*Linda (Rhinevault) & Tom Leist*Barbara Bucholz*Carl Andersen 

Posted June 13, 2015

Steve Lilly ~ Sue McQuaid ~ Barbara Bucholz ~ Dave Hansen

Posted May 15, 2015

FR sitting: Nina Shaylor Rigert (THS67) & Carl Andersen

MR:  John Driscol, Sue McQuaid, Roylynn Kahle (THS67), Janet Abeling, Bonnie Pape (THS67)

BR:  Steve Lilly, Gerry Brickey, Nikk White (THS65), Barbara Bucholz


Posted May 1, 2015

Jill's demise was announced on March 3, 2015 

on the THS66 Bulletin Board, but you can read

her obituary HERE  

Posted April 29, 2015

It is with deep regret that we report the passing

of Jackie Keesling (Smith) tonight.  Over the past

5 years she fought a courageous battle with cancer,

and is now resting in peace.  Both Marye Anderson

(Fenimore) and Cindy Boyte (Compton) have been

able to give her comfort and support during her ordeal.

Posted April 14, 2015

Bonnie Tracy (THS67) & Carl Andersen

Small dinner party this month!

Posted April 9, 2015

Nikk White of the Class of 1965 is wondering if anybody

knows if his class is doing anything special this year to

celebrate their 50th anniversary since graduating.  If

you know of anything I can pass on, please send an

EMAIL (to Dave Hansen) and I'll pass it on to him and

post it on our THS66 Bulletin Board as well.

Below is a picture Nikk sent of his old 1956 Harley.

(Hey Nikk...I thought you drove a BMW Isetta to school.  Don't remember this one!)

Posted April 9, 2015

Lake Okoboji is a popular vacation and recreation spot in

 northwest Iowa, including an amusement park named Arnold's Park.  
It has some beautiful old cars in it, along with recreations of

storefronts and the way Arnold's Park looked in the '50s and '60s.  
The Roof Garden was a well-known dance hall, drawing people

 from long distances to dance to big-name rock & roll bands. 
If you like older cars this is worth watching ----- enjoy

Courtesy of Ron Dale

Posted March 16, 2015

From FaceBook it has been reported that

Ted Roskowyk (THS67) passed away on

on Saturday, March 11.  Ted and his wife

Kathleen have attended several of our 

THS66 Summer Picnics in recent years.
Posted March 14, 2015

L-R:  Dave, Barbara, Steve, Sue, Carl, Jim & John

March 2015 THS66 Dinner Party

Posted March 3, 2015

Dear Class of '66,

It is with great sadness that I share with you the

 news of Jill Coryell Bickell's passing.  She died

 last Fri, March 2nd, after a four year battle with

 lymphoma.  Jill and Steve returned to "the Valley"

 last summer from their home of 13 years in Wallawa.

I saw Jill very recently when she and Kathie Cooper

 Richards and I met for lunch.  We reminisced for hours

and she was as happy and upbeat as you all will

remember her.  When we hugged good-bye she said,

 "This was so much fun, let's do it every month."

We scheduled another lunch but sadly she had to

cancel because her father had fallen the night before

and was in the hospital, he died recently too.  So much

sadness for the Coryell family and their loved ones.

Janet Coryell and her husband Ed Gill invite you

all to a Celebration of Life for Jill Coryell Bickell at 

their home.  

Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 2 pm

13885 SW 102nd Ave
Tigard, Oregon

I'll see you there.
Rosemary Hing Hands

Posted Feb 28, 2015

Blast from the past.....

Posted February 14, 2015

Carl has reserved Structure #3 down by
the river at Cooks park on Saturday
September 12 between noon and 4pm.
Please bring a potluck dish to share with 
the others.  We hope to see our class-
mates, spouses, children, friends, teachers,
and other folks who may have attended 
Tigard High School.

In the meantime, join us on the second
Thursday of every month at 7pm at the
Royal Panda restaurant at Bridgeport for
our monthly THS66 dinner parties.  If you
would like to receive a monthly reminder,
just send Dave Hansen an email.

Posted Feb 13, 2015

Jim Swanson of THS67
joined Barbara, Dave, Sue & Carl

Posted Feb 9, 2015

Carl Andersen has been playing with peppers!  :-)

Posted Feb 9, 2015

Jim & Michele in Idaho

Posted January 11, 2015

Nina (Rigert) Shaylor (THS67) joins Bonnie Tracy (THS67), Barbara Bucholz,
Carl Andersen & Dave Hansen

December 13, 2014

Weather has kept a lot of folks
home both this month, and last
month.  Barbara Buchholz & 
Dave Hansen showed up for a
pleasant evening of chatting
for the month of December.

Hope to see you all for our 
dinner parties next year!

Merry Christmas!!!  

Posted Dec 5, 2014

Courtesy of Ron Dale

Posted Nov 28, 2014

Courtesy of Our Seaside Princess
Posted Nov 11, 2014

Our Idahoan contingent:
Ron & Nancy Dale with Michele & Jim Connelly

Posted Oct 25, 2014

Sad news to share today.  Art Biederman
passed away a few days ago.  He was he
first Principal of Twality Junior High, and
is fondly remembered by a lot of the 'kids' 
in our class.  Our condolences to his family.

Contributed by Cindy Boyte

Posted Oct 25, 2015

Steve Phelps wife (Judy) is an expert quilter,
whose workmanship recently won a contest.
You can see her winning quilt on YOUTUBE...

Posted Oct 24, 2015

That's a picture of Jim Connelly with
his train in his garage.  The engine
has the cover removed (it is sitting
far behind Jim, on the table.)  The
flatbed cars are directly behind him.

The train runs on a 7.5" track, and 
.....YES.....It can carry not only the
 engineer, but also passengers!!!

Posted Oct 12, 2014

Somewhat small party, but Barbara, Carl and Dave had an enjoyable evening

Posted September 15, 2014

We've concluded another THS66 Summer Picnic

at Cook Park this past week.  Had a little trouble

when a zombi attacked one of our THS66 classmates....

.........But Mike (Horyn) survived to enjoy another

of our picnics.  We also enjoyed the company of a

few spouses, friends and fellow classmates from 

1967 and 1968.  We thank all who came, and hope

to see you again in coming years.  Now, to view the

photos, please click on the below zombie photo.......

BTW.....The zombie people were filming an episode

for their TV series and were using Shelter #3 for their

staging area before we used it for our picnic.

Posted August 15, 2014

We had a small group this week, but were happy
to have Jan and Nikk back for a couple months
before they continue their 5 year dream vacation!

But what is that book in Nikk's hands?  Despite 
the extra antlers, let's take a closer look.........

We need to get closer than that though.  Let's
 take a peek inside to see what John has done........

Note that John Driscol has created the most 
fabulous and classy mobile home on an old
Federal chassis.  If you double click on the
images you can read the print, which will give
you an appreciation for the fine craftsmanship
John applied to this long term project.  As you
can see, he is not only talented, but also quite
artistic as he continues puttering on this unique
rig.  For what it is worth, this motorhome is
the nicest one featured in the entire book!!!

FWIW:  Credit needs to be given to Carl Andersen
for his beautiful photographs of Johns motorhome.

One last thing.....Jan & Nikk were celebrating
their 7th year together with a glass of wine.

They enjoyed their first glass of wine together
while attending the 2007 Crawfish Festival in
conjunction with our THS66 reunion that year.

Posted August 3, 2014

Nancy Dale and Michele & Jim Connelly

Ron Dale and Michele & Jim Connelly

Dear All,

This evening we enjoyed fine dining in what is claimed to 
be the only German restaurant in this state. No matter if
 their claim is true, the food was as good or better than
 Gustav's in Portland. After that wonderful dining experience
 we were  considering a possible quick tan.

Wishing all a great time reminiscing next Thursday. How are 
plans for our 50th developing?

Posted July 24, 2014

Linda Gilliland has been working hard on our

50th Reunion 

plans.  She has tentatively come up with the below.....


Tentative plans:

Friday evening event (WELCOME)

Saturday optional offerings (breakfast, shopping or perhaps golf?)

Saturday evening EVENT

Sunday awesome picnic, prizes, goodbyes, photos, etc




SEPTEMBER 16, 17, 18, 2016

If you have any thoughts, ideas or want to help out....Linda
would like to hear from you. Just send her a note to this site....

Though we will send out firm emails once the decisions
 are finalized, be sure to peek at the THS66 Bulletin Board
now and then to find out what is transpiring.

Posted July 15, 2014

Jim & Michelle Connelly

Ron & Nancy Dale send their best!

We looked at our web site and observed your excellent 
attendance last Thursday, wish we could have dined
 and enjoyed with all who attended your table too.

Blessings and continued success to all.

Posted July 12, 2014

Steve ~ Sue ~ Carl ~ Linda ~ Tom ~ Barbara ~ Dave ~ John

We all sat around the round table as 

we chatted was rather nice!

Posted June 25, 2014

Contributed by Ron Dale

Posted June 17, 2014

Posted June 12, 2014

The party tonight was small, but enjoyable!

Steve, Sue, Carl & I hope to see you next month.....

Jim & Michele Connelly joined with Ron & Nancy Dale of

Idaho didn't want to miss one of our monthly dinner parties!

This is what Ron had to say about it......

Dear All,

We all dined this evening in separate states. We miss the 
wonderful servings from the Royal Panda but enjoyed 90 + 
temps here today with Sunshine filled skies. 

This evening we dined at Johnny Carino's Italian restaurant
 in Meridian, ID where our first picture was taken.

After a lovely dinner we moved to the Dales patio (2nd picture)
where we enjoyed hearty conversation until a beautiful
 sunset ended our evening.

We trust your evening was equally blessed with enjoyable
 conversation and hearty conversation.

Posted May 11, 2014

Hope you join us next month!!!

Posted May 4, 2014

Dear Alumni,

Greeting from Jim & Michelle Connelly with Nancy pictured 
in our Pontiac. We were departing a wonderfully delicious
 & filling Sunday morning brunch at the Boise Stage Stop 
(background). Located 20 miles south of Idaho's Capitol
 city its historical information follows our picture.

We wish all at this Thursday's dinner good health and
 hearty conversation.

Best Wishes to All,

Posted April 15, 2014

(Friday) & Saturday ~ April 19

Lincoln City Garage Sale Weekend

Pizza party to follow at Dave & Jackie Hansen's home at 4pm on Saturday

Call 541-764-5839 or send an email if you wish to attend

Posted April 13, 2014

  Yummy!!! (Steve Lilly's delightful meal.) 

Now there is a meal to make fish happy...for a moment!  
But I assure you, Jerry (Brickey) ate something even better.
(Jerry ties fishing flies, and some are displayed in the box.)

FR: John Driscol, Carl Andersen, Bonnie Pape, Linda Rhinevault Leist, Barbara Buchholz
BR: Jerry Brickey, Tom Leist, Steve Lilly, Dave Hansen 

Posted April 13, 2014

Jim & Michele Connolly and Nancy & Ron Dale
of Boise

Photo Courtesy of Ron Dale

Posted March 21, 2014

Posted March 16, 2014

I can't believe they wrote a song about us!

Courtesy of Ron Dale

Posted March 15, 2014

Carl = Steve = Barbara = Don

We had a nice conversation concerning Officer Murley, (sp?)  motorcycle

 misadventures, The Family Drive-in, and general nostalgia.

Posted March 15, 2014

Ron & Nancy Dale ~ Michele & Jim Connelly

Happy St. Paddy's Day from our Tuesday
 Idaho table to your table this Thursday.
Also invitations to all if passing through
 our area to let us know when and we will
 plan some quality hospitality in honor
 of your arrival.

Posted March 15, 2014

I've been scanning my Mom's old photos and found this gem!

Best I can remember: 

Front row:  Don't know

Second row:  Don't know (maybe Leo Crisman)~ My sister, Barbara (in front of me)

Third row:  Ron Dale ~ Jim Flowers ~ Dave Hansen ~ don't know (perhaps Jim Merrimon)

Fourth row:  Jean Petz ~ Elizabeth Repp ~ Lori Leuz ~ don't know ~ don't know ~ Bernie Warner (???) ~ Kent Sawyer

Fifth row:  Joan Petz ~ don't know (maybe Billy Hatfield) ~ Gary Frey ~ don't know

Sixth row:  Don't know (maybe Glen Moore) ~ Steve Richardson ~ don't know (maybe Glenn Moore)

March 1957

If anybody can help with the names, it would be most appreciated!

=Dave Hansen=

Posted February 27, 2014


Courtesy of Ron Dale

Posted January 31, 2014

Our THS66 2014 Summer Picnic

will be held on Saturday, September 13, 2014.

As before, it will be a potluck luncheon that will

begin at 1 pm and end at 5 pm.  As before, we are

holding it by the river at Cook Park.  Please invite

classmates, other THS students, relatives and 

teachers from this era.

Posted February 15, 2014

February's Dinner Party

Posted January 31, 2014

To see the way it was on TV during our youth....

Visit the bottom of each page to learn

more about the details of each program.

Posted January 10, 2014


We made it!!!

Courtesy of Seaside Cindy
Posted January 9, 2014

The January 9, 2014 Dinner Party was
small, but Bonnie, Carl & Barbara
had an enjoyable evening
Posted January 5, 2014

Nancy & Ron Dale ~ Michele & Jim Connelly

We start of the new year with a couple
of our THS66 folks now living in Idaho

Posted December 16, 2013

Click on the speaker in the middle of the Record and it plays the entire song.


You now have 30 years of the Top 10 Songs for each month of the year

 from 1955 to 1985.  This is beyond incredible ... for the listener who 

can relive those wonderful music days of yesteryear...



Incidentally, you can not only hear the music, but 

you get to see the original label, in addition to getting a photo of 

the artist, biography and discography.  All this with a nudge to your mouse!


You can also click on them and save them in MP3 format.

Courtesy of Seaside Cindy Boyte!!!

Posted December 16, 2013

Though our numbers were few,

an enjoyable time was had by all!

Posted November 17, 2013

The music you will remember!


Posted Nov 14, 2013

We had a good time tonight!

FWIW.....  FSM  



Posted Oct 4, 2013

Posted September 24, 2013

Nikk White (THS65) writes:

Hey Dave, good to hear you had a good reunion. Wish we
could be there but we are stuck down here. To see just how
bad it is down here I've included a few pic's. Trying to stay cool
and going to Yelapa for my birthday. See you in June or July?? 

Nikk & Jan (Janet Abeling ~ THS66)

Though Nikk and Jan missed this year's
picnic, they can see the photos if they

  You might do likewise!!!

Hope to see you at next year's THS66 Summer Picnic...


BTW.....If you want to follow their adventures....

Posted August 9, 2013

As usual, the old crowd showed up for the dinner party last night!

Hope to see you next month at the picnic!!!

Posted July 14, 2013


Be on the lookout for this suspicious character....

If you happen to see him, please
try to refrain from snickering......

BTW......It is rumored that this guy
is associated with this website.......

Posted July 12, 2013

Any idea who drives this car....


 ...who this guy might be, or what he is doing?

to find out.

Posted June 14, 2013

June 2013
Dinner Party

Posted June 14, 2013

Monthly Dinner Party
May 2013

(Photo Courtesy of Carl Andersen)

Posted April 14, 2013

To give you a feel for what Jan and Nikk are up to......

Courtesy of Janet Abeling


Posted April 12, 2013

Art & Lynne Biederman


Mr Biederman was the first Principal of

Twality Junior High School

when it opened in 1961.  He retired in 1986,
and now lives on the Central Oregon Coast

When Twality was changed to be a middle
school, this sign was given to Art, which he
put in the backyard of his home.  The cool
damp air has caused it to rot out over the
years, but it still brings back fond memories!

BTW.....Art's wife Lynne also worked for
the Tigard School District.

(FWIW....NO!  I did not carve my initials into the
sign that can be seen in the last photo.  Perhaps
Dan Hage knows the culprit!!!  <GRIN>  Haven't
figured who carved TLH though........could have
been somebody from a subsequent year.)

Posted by Dave Hansen

Posted April 11, 2013

Monthly Dinner Party
April 2013

Posted March 15, 2013

Monthly Dinner Party
March 14, 2013


Posted February 21, 2013

If you have not already done so, please take this survey so 

we can find out what our classmates are thinking.


Thank you!!!

Posted February 21, 2013

Do you remember the cars

your dad bought when you 

were in Tigard High School?

Thanx to Mike Padberg, THS65

Posted February 15, 2013

Courtesy of Seaside Cindy Boyte

Posted February 14, 2013

to find out what this is about!


Posted February 4, 2013

Courtesy of Seaside Cindy Boyte

Posted January 30, 2013  

Courtesy of Seaside Cindy Boyte  

Posted January 26, 2013

Courtesy of Ron Dale

If you need a laugh today, this should 

take care of it and if it doesn't, nothing will.

Tigard High School
Class of 1966

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The 2015 Summer Picnic is
now over,
and we will
focus on the
(our 50th
next year.

Gilliland is
all events
next year,
so visit our
THS66 Bulletin Board to get
get updates.

Send any
or questions
to the 
or directly to

(See Linda's 
notice that
was posted
Sept 10, 2015)

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(Effective 2013)

Without your contributions, there may not  
 be much to read on our NEW THS66 Bulletin Board!


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Note to all who would be interested in joining the

 THS66 Planning Committee:  

Please send 
an email if you are interested in receiving emails from those of
us who chat about and plan future events for 
the Class of '66. Also, you do not have to participate...
You are welcome to just listen to the chit-chat if you 

which is still off in the distance.  If you want to listen in or share some
ideas, join the THS66 Planning committee by
sending an email to  Dave Hansen 

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Also, please let me know if you if you 
wish to receive monthly reminders
of the monthly THS66 Dinner Parties.

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Join us for our next

THS66 Monthly Dinner Party
at the Royal Panda in Bridgeport

(The second Thursday of each month

5 pm

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For those who would like one of our new 

Class of '66
Tigard Tigers

mugs...Steve Lilly has had them printed up
as a fund raiser.  The price is $8 for one, or two for
$15.  Steve will bring them to the dinner parties and the THS66 Annual Picnic in Sept.
Note...The printing is on both sides, and you can
double click the image to get it enlarged.

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  THS66 Alumni  

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