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 Posted April 9-09


THS66 Has a new Bulletin Board now....




Posted April 2-09

Subject: Mr. Ulwelling

Dear Anne [Mansfield],

In response to the sad news about John Ulwelling, I feel I should write a
few words.

First of all, I'd like to express my thanks to Ron Dale, Dave Hansen and all
others who have maintained a contact with alumni of Tigard High School. I
receive Tigard High school news from them occasionally, and though I have
only attended one gathering (1986) I still remember a great many of the
students from our class of '66. I never got to know many very well, as I
wasn't a very socially active student. Since then, I found that my recent
diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome can probably explain the distance I kept
and the lack of confidence that I felt. I liked many of the students, and
admired them for their contributions, school spirit, and fun personalities.
I just didn't feel that I was part of the mainstream of social life at
school. I did make an effort to join in, but it was a struggle for me. My
one really great friendship with the big guy, Ron Simpson, helped me feel
more connected, since he had lots of friends.

I must say that of all the teachers I ever had, from grade 1 through 12,
John Ulwelling was the single standout teacher that made a real difference
in my life. There certainly were good teachers in junior high and high
school. But when I consider the impact that the best and most inspiring
teachers can have, he is the singular memory for me. His manner,
personality, dedication, humor and teaching style made learning enjoyable
and inevitable for me. I was reluctant to be in the "spotlight", and was
(even as a senior) mortified at giving an oral report in front of the
teacher and entire class, as I did in his World History class. But I rose
to the challenge (Greek
architecture!) and somehow made it through, feeling that I had done
something of value. And he was able to elicit in the students a feeling of
being in a cohesive, friendly team of learners, mutually supportive and
focused on the topics offered, every day.

I was fortunate to have Mr. Ulwelling as a teacher for two consecutive
years, in U.S. History and then World History. I became a teacher myself in
1986 and continue to this day (music specialist in Vancouver, WA), and I
have never forgotten how engaging and enjoyable Mr. Ulwelling's classes
were. I believe he has influenced my own style and approach to leading
young people through the learning adventure. You were so right, Anne, when
you described him as a role model. His characteristics of spontaneity,
directness, amusement and focus on learning have become strands of my
teaching style.

I always loved his way of setting the class at ease....he would sit facing
the group with his chair reversed, leaning his arms casually on the back
("let's shoot the breeze") and proceed with discussions about great movies
that we should see (and why we should see them, and what to look and listen
for that were relevant to our lives)---or current events of the day, which
were worth really paying attention to, because they mattered. He sometimes
related anecdotes of his college life (quite recent for him, of course),
such as the day his mates pulled a prank on him and somehow got his little
car into the lobby of their fraternity house, and he had no clue how to get
out......my memory is a bit foggy, but it was something like that.
Then, when it was the right time, he would turn it completely around and say
(something like), "Okay, let's get to work", and we all turned with him to
the lesson at hand, feeling refreshed and ready.

And Mr. Ulwelling used the phrase, "seize the day", which he presented in a
way that was life-enriching. Years later, when viewing the film, "Dead
Poets Society", that immediately came to mind for me. Two final things for
me to mention are quite personal, and they both attest to Mr. Ulwelling's
sincere interest in students'
lives. At the end of Senior year, in our World History class, he asked
students about their personal goals...what would we be doing NEXT? now that
we were ready to move ahead into our lives. He asked me, in front of the
class, and he was aware that I had aspirations of playing music in a band,
and I don't remember what I answered, but he showed a positive encouragement
toward me and all, with attention to detail. He asked the kinds of questions
that were both perceptive of our interests and also thought-provoking to us.
I believe that he wasn't just curious, but also nudged me into considering
the many aspects of my chosen path. The following year, I saw him in
Tigard, at the bank where I had my account. He stopped to chat with me and
sort of catch up with how I was doing. That meant a lot to me, and gave me
reinforcement at a time when I still had uncertainty and self- doubt.

A few years later, I wrote a letter to John Ulwelling, to express my
appreciation for his work as a teacher, and how (for me) he had made a
positive impact on my life. Many years after that, I saw him on TV,
possibly at the Schnitzer for some kind of symposium and he was on
stage.....I may be wrong, but it could have been concerning Amnesty
International or a similar organization. I felt that he was moving to a new
level of reaching people about things that should matter to us, and I was
not surprised to see him in that role. He remains a great person in my
life, and I hope to hear more reflections from classmates about how he had a
lasting impact on their lives.

My "few words" runneth over, but for such a reminiscence I hope I'm
forgiven! I hope all is well with you, Anne, and if you feel these words
are worth sharing with others, you are welcome to do so.


Steve (Koski) Riihikoski



Posted March 25-09

Dear Alumni,
 We just received information of a memorial service planned in honor of Mr.John Ulwelling. Please forward this announcement to all alumni on your e-mail list as we don't have everyone's address.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 11:00 a.m., at St. Mary’s Cathedral, 1716 NW Davis Street, Portland, Oregon.

Thank You,
Ron Dale
Class of 66 THS

 PDF Remembering John Ulwelling 


Q = Which two of our classmates threw handfuls of

marbles down the hallway when Mr Bieker was 

innocently walking while looking out the windows

and ended up on his backside???


A = Could it have been Jim Connelly & John Richlick???

BTW....See what you miss when you do not come to our

THS66 Monthly Dinner Parties!!! 


Posted March 16-09

More Sad News...

We just received word of the passing of our

classmate, Dennis Trump on January 8, 2009.

 Dennis lived in Carlton, OR, and is survived by 

his wife Kris.  She welcomes any special notes

or memories at:



Oregonian obituary:

 Dennis D. Trump

A graveside service will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 17, 2009, in Crescent Grove 

Cemetery in Tigard for Dennis D. "Whiskers" Trump, who died Jan. 8 at age 61.

Dennis D. Trump was born May 24, 1947, in Portland and raised in Tigard. 

He served in the Marine Corps in the Vietnam War and received a Purple Heart. 

He moved in 1976 to Carlton, where he was a sheep and cattle farmer. 

He moved to Dayton in 2006. In 1975, he married Kris M. Ericksen.

Survivors include his wife; sons, Dennis A. and Peter A.; mother, Wanda T. Nelson; 

and brothers, Michael and Ivan.

Remembrances to the American Heart Association. Arrangements by Attrell's.


Posted March 12-09

 THS66 Monthly Dinner Party 


Posted March 10-09

The Oregonian has posted an obituary of 

John Ulwelling


Then type ULWELLING in the search window. 


Posted March 7-09

Dave and all:
I am sorry to hear about John Ulwellling passing. I have fond memories

 of Mr. Ulwelling guiding our International Relations Club fund raising

 activities. I found a memoriam to John written by Sara Piasecki of the

 "Historical Notes from OHSU" that I thought all might be interested in reading:

Rick Switzer
From the "Land of the Morning Calm"
Rep of Korea



Posted March 7-09


More sad news to share...


 John Ulwelling passed away on February 13 of

this year.  He was a beloved teacher, husband,

father, coach, mentor and role model of a humble

and clear thinking human being who left his compassionate,

indelible mark on so many.  We are all so fortunate to have

known him.


Posted Feb 17-09


A bit of sad news...

Peggy Long Fessler

of THS66 passed away

yesterday, Feb 16-09

She is survived by her husband, Mel Fessler

2 children and 10 grandchildren.  Peggy was an

ardent supporter of Breast Cancer Walks each year.

 Any contributions could be sent to the

American Cancer Society.

 Peggy actively participated in the 

Susan G Koman Walk for the Cure

as often as she was able, even to the

point of having her friends push her

in a wheelchair when she was too ill.


Posted Feb 12-09

 THS66 Monthly Dinner Party

at the Royal Panda Restaurant


Posted Jan 8-09

We had a nice THS66 Dinner Party at the Royal Panda

Ginny Silvey (2nd from the right) joined us tonight.....

It's a nice way to spend an evening with old friends!


Posted Jan 1-09


Pencil the 7th and 8th of August in on your calendar!  Those are the

dates for the next THS66 Summer Picnic and Music Festival at the

Tualatin Crawfish Festival at common area at the lake on Friday night


THS66 Summer Picnic

Saturday ===> 2pm at Shelter #3 at Cook Park


Posted December 4-08


THS66 Monthly Dinner Party

We look forward to seeing you at our next THS66 Dinner Party!!!

(Mark it down on your calendar for Thursday, January 8)

.....until then.....

>>>Merry Christmas<<<


Posted Nov 13-08

THS66 Monthly Dinner Party

Carl Anderson * Janet Abeling * Nik White* Maxine Hansen

Dave Hansen * Don Miller * Nancy Dale * Ron Dale

Thursday, November 13

The Royal Panda Restaurant at Bridgeport

Photo courtesy of Carl


Posted Oct 9-08

A small gathering of THS66ers enjoyed a pleasant dinner

tonight at the Royal Panda.  We do this on the second Thursday

of each month.  Please join us when you have the chance in the

future.  It's fun to reminisce and enjoy each others' company.

 Note:  Janet Abeling is holding Carl Anderson's

 very rare record of the THS66 Band.


Posted Sept 19

Cascade Harmony Chorus presents


Seasons of Song

Our next show is on Dec 14th in
 Oregon City and will be a terrific
one. Lots of new music...some
Beach Boys, Stray Cats, Righteous
Brothers, Beatles and much, much
more. Oh yes, Holiday music too.
So let's make it a Class of 66
event with fun galore. You can
order tickets from me my number
is on the FLIER.



Posted Sept 11-08

THS66 Monthly Dinner Party

 Another night of good food and pleasant company!


Posted Aug 26

 About a dozen THS66ers gathered at McCuddy's Marina for our

Summer Cruise tonight.  In contrast to last summer's weather,

tonight was nearly perfect on the Columbia.  Virtually no wind,

a very mild temperature and other than clouds in the sky...no

moisture.  It was a shirt sleeve environment, with a most enjoyable

evening of chatting and snacking.   Nikk White (THS65) and Ron

(THS66) & Nancy Dale skippered their boats to a nearby quiet place on

the river where we anchored for an hour and a half to enjoy the serene

setting.  It is a perspective few can appreciate unless you have the

opportunity of relaxing in a floating mini-palace where time flows by

as slowly as the river current meandering toward the sea.  Take a

look at the PICTURES to see what a fun evening it was.  THANK YOU...

Nikk, Nancy & Ron!!! 


Q = Where did Sue McQuaid get the



A = Only Gail Tinner and Melissa Wick know...

and they aren't telling!!!


Posted Aug 13

Carl has contributed a few more pictures of last weekends events.  You 

can view them at the bottom of PAGE #3


Posted August 9-2008


Once again we enjoyed a pleasant Summer Picnic at Cook Park.

Several members of the classes of '65 and '67 joined us for

a pleasant afternoon of chatting and snacking.  The PICTURES

have been posted, and our regular dinner parties at Royal Panda

 will start again on the second Thursday of September.  Hope to

see you there!   And....pencil in the THS66 Summer Picnic on your

calendar for next year.  It's a great opportunity to see old friends

and share stories of our school years.  


See you next at the Royal Panda on September 11....



Posted August 8-2008


The weather was perfect for Mark Gensman's band playing to a crowded

venue this year.  You can view the PICTURES HERE!


Posted July 3

THS66 Summer Picnic Reminder!!!


Saturday, August 9 at Cook Park

2pm to 6pm--Potluck

All THS66 folks from the 60s

are welcome, including teachers,

relatives and friends.


Posted July 3


We have a 2nd Thursday of the month

dinner party on July 10 at the Royal Panda

just south of Bridgeport Village.  They are

lots of fun, and good food as well.  Take

a peek at the June 12 posting below to

see those who attended last month's

dinner party.


Posted June 12


 Our first THS66 Monthly Dinner Party was a success.  If

you don't recognize some of the faces, visit the webpage

to see more pictures....and names! 


Posted May 20


New Activity...



The THS66 Planning Committee wishes to invite our classmates,

 spouses and neighboring classes to join us on the 2nd Thursday

 of each month for a casual dinner party.   The Royal Panda at

 Bridgeport Village has enough room, reasonable prices and very

good food.  They are welcoming us between 7pm and 9pm.  You

can find reminders on the THS66 calendar.  The Royal Panda is

located due west of the Trimet parking lot.  If you have those

evenings free, and want to have an enjoyable evening chatting

with old friends....we hope you will join the fun!  So, pencil in

June 12 and July 10 on your calendar.  For August, we'll have our

THS66 Summer Picnic on Saturday (the 9th) at Cook Park instead.


Send Dave Hansen an email if you have questions.  


Q = Which of us wanted to be a flight

attendant, and then realized their dream?


A = Sue Schroetke 


Q = What's Jeff Mackey's

favorite sport?


A = Motorcycles


Q = Which THS66 kids

married each other?


A1 = Linda Rhinevault & Tom Leist

A2 = Sue Schroetke & Jeff Mackey 

A3 = Mike Foss & Kathryn Bell       

    A4 = Are there others???...Email Me! 


Q = What's Jan Schrom's 

favorite food?


A = Crab 


Q = Which of us has been

married 42 years? 


A = Connie Davidson 


Q = Which of us has visited...

    Viet Nam, Japan, Phillipines, Fiji Islands, New Zealand,

Australia, Indonesia, Canada and Mexico ?

A = Don Miller 


Q = Which of us boarded a container ship

in the middle of the ocean, and then traveled

up the Columbia to Portland?


A = Sue McQuaid 


Posted May 6-08 

Note:  Your THS66 Bulletin Board Editor

has been slacking off lately.  His life is now

stabilizing, and he should be returning to

a regular schedule of keeping up with THS66

events and pertinent stuff.  So....please submit

stuff to post!!!  


Posted May 8-08

 Our THS66 PC Dinner Party

was very relaxed this month.  As you can

see from the pictures, Nick White (THS65) had

the most fun!


Q = What famous celebrity singer

did Mike Horyn meet?


A = Willie Nelson


 Q = Which of us wishes she could

use her artistic talents more?

A = Judith Roberson (Phelps)


Q = Who is Maryanne Richardson

related to by marriage?


A = Walt Disney 


Q = Which of us sky dived from 12,000 feet?


A = Sandy Johnson 


Q = What does Genice Misterick

(THS67) wish she had done? 


 A = Studied harder so she could skip school more often!

* **

Q = Which of us was Student Body

President of Oregon Tech during 74/75?


A = Steve Phelps 


Q = Which of us has been to the 17,000 foot

level of the north side of Mt Everest?


A = Janet Abeling 


Q = Which of us ate fried grasshoppers? 


A = Mark Gensman 


Q = What does Jan Schrom fear? 


A = Heights & Spiders 


Q = Which of us lived 10 years on the

Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation?


A =  Paulette Howell


Q = Which of us tried to pick up Susan

Addicot on the first day of our Senior 

year without realizing she was a teacher?

A = Carl Anderson


Posted March 15-2008 

I laughed so hard last night my stomach hurt, what a fun get-together.  Great pictures, too, thanks for posting them, but I have to echo Nikk, when do you sleep?  See you at Rosie's gig or in May,


Posted March 14-2008 

Good Morning Dave,
When do you sleep - do you sleep with your camera and laptop - HAAH. Thanks for  posting pic's my laugher still hurts from the good time had by all looking forward to May get together and Rosie's Concert
See Ya Nikk [White]



Posted March 13-2008

These THS66 PC folks had a great time at

Royal Panda tonight, reliving the past with numerous

stories that brought a lot of laughter and fond memories.

Can you recognize any of the attendees in the above picture?!?!?!


(You'll never guess what they are doing!!!) 


If not, then take a gander at the below images and then please

consider joining us for the next party in a couple months.

You won't regret it....unless you don't show up for

what promises to be another great time!

L-R:  Dave Hansen * Janet Abeling * Roger Switzer * Rosie Hing

Donna Scott * Suzanne McQuaid * Jan Schrom * Carl Anderson

Don Miller * Ron Dale * and.....Nick White (THS65) on the bike


Pencil in our next meeting on your calendar....

7 pm Thursday, May 8-2008

Royal Panda near Bridgeport


Q = What was Judy Mansfield's life goal?


A = To be a wife 


Q = Which of us has lived in 6 states:

 Washington, Texas, Massachusets, New York,  Virginia & Oregon?

A =  Denise Versoza


Posted March 4-2008 

Fun Stuff--Courtesy of Rosie 



Posted March 2-2008 

Dear Classmates,
Spring is here and that means it's
 time for the annual Cascade Harmony
Chorus show. Lots of classmate
 attended last year, we had a totally
 fun evening. There will be songs
 you'll remember from our youth and
 toe tappin jazz by the Hing Boys.
 I hope lots of you will attend again.
Call me for tickets. If you are
 unable to attend but would like
 to purchase a ticket to donate to
 a student, you will be helping us
 promote the Barbershop art form with
the young ones. Thanks so much.

For tickets call:
Rosemary at 503-263-6188
Cascade Harmony Chorus


Note:  See Ron Dale's enthusiastic

 review of last year's event below


Previously posted April 2-2007


and Rosie's above Cascade Harmony Chorus event

Fellow Classmates,


In our busy lives my wife and I were tempted to not attend "BLAST FROM

THE PAST" event.  But we did and WOW--what a surprise, the quality of

these award winning singing groups was way beyond any envisioned

expectation.  What a wonderful surprise and a joyful evening it was to

listen to so many wonderfully presented songs by such talented and

skillful musicians.  Rosemary, you and your colleagues were wonderful

and the evening became a gift to enjoy and reflect on.  We were thrilled

to have had such a delightful evening away from our normal routine and

thank you for suggesting the idea to our class.


Our evening was further blessed with good conversation between programs

with several class of 66 alumni also in attendance.  Between the excellent

program and our classmates we all had a memorable evening together.


We encourage all who did not join us to consider attending our future

events and enjoying more memorable moments together.


Thank you,

~Ron Dale~ 


Q = What did Barbara Dayson want

to be after she graduated?


A = A scientist 


Q = Which of us had their most embarrassing

moment when they walked into the wrong classroom

and announced they had just gotten their drivers license?


A = Jan Schrom 


Q = Whose most embarrasing moment was

being kicked out of Mr Kock's choir class?


A = Don Miller 


Q = Which of us was a first rate bicycle messenger? 


A = Steve Domries 


Posted January 17-08

THS66 Winter Dinner Party 

We shared a lot of stories and memories as we

enjoyed a pleasant meal at the Royal Panda tonight.


 Jan just as she was about to get up on the table

for a short dance routine for which she is so famous...

 Hope to see you at the next one!!!


Note:  I have sent out email announcements to the following

people, but the message bounced back as undeliverable. 


Sally Fritzler Kuykendall

Cheri Nelson Kelnhofer

Barbara Dayson Wertz

 Lynda Sills Simantel

Mike Brown

Linda Thornbrue Petty

Jerry Well

Donna Scott Weddle

Wes Rayborn

Linda Dobson Cook

Tom Ward

Lois Bagley Tivey

If you have current contact information for these folks,

please send Dave an EMAIL.   Thanx! 


Posted January 7-08


THS66 Classmate Linda (Thorsen) Moro

now has a blog for those who wish

to share their adventures...... 


Linda & Pat's Blog  



Posted December 26


Miss Elsie Flink, a long time first grade teacher at

Durham Grade School died last week in Meridian,

Idaho.  She was born in 1908.  A memorial service

will be held at 1 pm on Thursday, December 27 at

Adams Chapel in River View Cemetery located at 0300

SW Taylors Ferry Road.  During her long career, Miss Flink

taught many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of Durham area

students the 3 Rs...we all have very fond memories of her.

Her obituary can be found in last Sunday's Oregonian.  Along

with pictures taken during her career as well as later in life,

it mentions that she kept two diaries which are now in the

care of the Oregon Historical Society. 

 Rest in peace, Miss Flink


Q = In what capacity did Pat Thurston serve

 our country while he was in the Marines?


A = Tank Crewman 


Q = Which of us appeared on 

Koin Kitchen in 1965?


A = Mark Gensman 


Q = Which of our classmates from THS67

rafted the Grand Canyon 3 times?


A = Michael Flaman 


Q = Which of us lives in a neighborhood

known as the "The Hideout"?


A = Larry Findley 


Posted November 15-07

 Planning Committee Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Courtesy of Ron Dale


 Q = Which of us has met Dick Fosbury,

the Olympic Gold Medal Winner 


A = Paulette Howell 

Q = Which of our neighboring classmates

appeared on Good Day Oregon?


A = Marty Stites


Posted Sept 19


Linda (Rhinevault) and Tom Leist were absent from

the last Planning Committee meeting (party) due to

celebrating their anniversary...CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Posted Sept 17


For September, a small group of Planning Committee 

members and classmates from adjoining years

 met at McCuddy's Marina on September 13.


to see pictures and read a synopsis. 


Posted August 11


The THS66 Summer Picnic 2007

is now over, and can be said to be a success!

Class members from 1965, 1967 and a few other

classes joined us for a relaxing afternoon at Summerlake

Park for what turned out to be a very nice event enjoyed by all.

The weather was perfect, and the food was plentiful.  You can view

the pictures at:  THS66 Summer Picnic 2007 

If you missed this year's Summer Picnic, plan ahead for next year!!! 


Posted August 11

The THS66 Tualatin Crawfish Festival event was a success!

You can view the pictures starting here.... 



Posted July 31 


Dan Miller has just been found!  He says to tell those who

thought he had died in a car wreck in 1968 that he is still

here, and is sorry to disappoint them!


Posted July 24

 From the last Planning Committee Meeting 

Suzanne McQuaid**Jan Schrom**Linda Doane 

Carl Anderson**Nick White THS65**Dave Hansen**Ron Dale  


Q = Which of us met Michael Dell in the

course of building his $42,000,000 home

in Austin, Texas?

A = Linda Hanna


Q = Which of us met JFK while he 

was campaigning in Oregon...and, 

still has his autograph?


A = Becky Peck  


Posted July 19

Planning Meeting Minutes

from July 12 


Courtesy of Ron Dale


Which of us became a truck

and school bus driver?


A = Don Regehr 


Q = Which of us lived in Australia?


A = Janet Abeling


 Q = What is Karen Munger's best 

memory of high school?

A = The Fashion Shows


Q = What would Mary Elizabeth Collins do

differently if she could do high school over again?


Q = Study  


Q = Who has been a teacher and the Assistant

Superintendent of the Hillsboro Schools for 37 years?

A = Mike Furrer


Q = When asked what they would do

differently, who said "Not be a nerd"?


A = Steve Domreis 


Q = Whose best memory is the

Sit-in when lunch was refused...? 


 A = Joanne Etling


Posted June 21-2007

by Dave Hansen


Earlier in June, the THS66 Planning Committee met at the

Royal Panda to discuss details of this year's picnic. 

 Nick White of the Class of 1965 poses with Janet Abeling

and Linda Doane for a photo after joining us for an evening

of fine food and discussion about the upcoming picnic in August.


Ron Dale prepared the minutes of the evening, and has

asked me to post them on the website for the benefit of

all.  Please note the various tasks that folks have volunteered

to do to make this year's picnic a success.  If you wish to help

in any of these areas, please let us know.  Also, Ron has prepared

a comprehensive list of those classmates  that we have yet to

locate.  Please look it over closely and see if you might know the

whereabouts of some of our missing class members.  We want to

make sure we don't overlook inviting anybody to the picnic.

And....Remember to invite any members of your family and

anybody you might know from the THS classes of 1965 & 1967.




Posted June 1-2007


Hey Dave,


Yes, we are going to be playing at the Friday night

Crawfish Festival Kickoff concert on the commons again

this year.  We changed the name of the band from

Gayle Force & The Windbreakers to Just Playn' Fun.


New lead singer and new drummer.. but still doing it.

Retire? Hmmmm.. I'm not sure what that means!!


Friday evenening August 10, 2007 from 6:30 to 8:30.

Looking forward to it.



Mark Gensman 


Q = How long has Bob Wilcox

been married?


A = 31 years 


Q = Laverna Chilson was a

member of the first THS....???


 A = Girls Track Team


Posted 5-28-07

by Dave Hansen 


I've been thinking quite awhile about building a

Tigard/Tualatin School reunion website.  Here's the

preliminary results of my work.....


 Please let me know if you have any

suggestions for changes or additions. 


Posted 5-14-07

 by Dave Hansen

Following the Planning Meeting last week, I came home

pumped up with excitement about our first annualTHS66

Summer Picnic that is scheduled for August 11 at Summer

Lake Park.  Ron Dale drove by and snapped some photos-

Looks like a good place to gather for a fun afternoon, eh!



Don't forget the night before:  Tualatin Crawfish Festival

for some relaxing music along with a great bunch of old

friends.  Be sure to invite your relatives, and anybody you may

know who attended Tigard High School Classes of '65 & '67.


Posted 5-14-07


Due to the nearness of the First Annual  THS66 Summer Picnic,

the Planning Committee will be meeting again next month at

the Royal Panda Restaurant at Washington Square 2 at 7 pm on

Thursday, June 7.  Even if you have not volunteered to be on the

committee you are welcome to  join us for a fine meal, a lot of

socializing and perhaps even a a little picnic planning!


Q = What is Jeanne Hasuike's

favorite memory of THS?


A = Having lots of fun 


Q = What's Jim Campbell's
favorite food?
A = Hamburgers


Q = What did Jan Schrom hand Officer

Murley while searching for her drivers license?


A = An empty beer bottle 


Q = Which of us appeared on

both the Howdy Duty and the

Dick Clark shows?


A = Sandy Ketchum 


Q = What did Barbara Brookshire

want to do after high school?


A = Become Rich and Famous 


Q = Which of us shut the door

on Mike Hanna's finger?


A = Sue McQuaid 


Q =  Which of us spent the past

40 years repairing radiators?

A = Jim Botten


Q = What would Karen Munger do differently

if she could do high school over again?


A = Study! 


Q = Which of us enjoys watching all of 

John Wayne's movies?


A = Jackie Keesling 


Q = Which of us can claim 15 minutes

of fame for the mention of our name in



A = Jan Schrom 


Posted April 6


To Ron, Jan and all our classmates and friends who came to the

'BLAST FROM THE PAST'.  I thank you for all your kind words and

really appreciate your enthusiasm for our show.  Singing Barber-

shop has become my passion, it brings me so much JOY and HAPPINESS.

I'm especially glad to have been able to share my passion with you and

have such positive responses from you all.  The songs we sang are

certainly from our youth.  Someone said he remembered every girlfriend

he had back then when he heard our songs.  Funny how those memories

become so clear when triggered by a song.


Ron, I sent your comments on to each member of the Chorus because

we couldn't have had a better review.  If we can entertain you and take

away the stress of daily life for a couple hours....then our work is done.

Thanks for the nice words.


Looking forward to our next meeting,




PS  Remember anyone can hire the chorus or ensemble to sing for your

parties and events.  Just call me and I'll be around, you can call me...(see

I just want to sing) 



Posted April 3


He Everyone,


Last Saturday nite several of us attended a musical event "BLAST FROM

THE PAST"...All of us in attendance had a wonderful time...The music was

delightful and a couple of classmates showed up that we hadn't connected

with yet...so needless to say we made the most of the moment!!

Thanks to Rosie for inviting us and putting on such a great show..

If anybody else has any "hidden talents", or great ideas for a get together

please come to the next planning meeting in May or drop a note on the BB...

this one sure turned out great.  Thanks again Rosie...it was a hoot!!

Hope to see you all soon,

~Jan Schrom~


Posted April 2


Fellow Classmates,


In our busy lives my wife and I were tempted to not attend "BLAST FROM

THE PAST" event.  But we did and WOW--what a surprise, the quality of

these award winning singing groups was way beyond any envisioned

expectation.  What a wonderful surprise and a joyful evening it was to

listen to so many wonderfully presented songs by such talented and

skillful musicians.  Rosemary, you and your colleagues were wonderful

and the evening became a gift to enjoy and reflect on.  We were thrilled

to have had such a delightful evening away from our normal routine and

thank you for suggesting the idea to our class.


Our evening was further blessed with good conversation between programs

with several class of 66 alumni also in attendance.  Between the excellent

program and our classmates we all had a memorable evening together.


We encourage all who did not join us to consider attending our future

events and enjoying more memorable moments together.


Thank you,

~Ron Dale~


Posted March 23


Hi Everyone,


Just a note to remind everyone about the "Blast From the Past"

event on Saturday 3/31/07!  If you haven't already gotten your

tickets, scroll down and get Rosie's # and give her a call...It should

be a hoot!!  Looking forward to seeing everyone!


~Jan Schrom~ 


Q = Sue Schneider has a fear of....?


A = Heights 


Q = Linda Rhinevault's favorite teacher is....?


A = Mr Kangas 


Q = Which of us wanted to become a doctor,

but became a business analyst instead?


A = Glenn Anderson 


Q = What phobia does Jan Schrom

admit having?


A = She's claustrophobic  


Posted March 15

Courtesy of Mark Gensman




I didn't know anything about {Rosie's Battle of the Bands comment

below}.  I don't get the Sunday Oregonian so I'l have to check it out.


Thanks for the heads up..I never played with the Epics, but our guitar

player from the Jokers Wild left the band to join the Epics.  So it may

not be me..Especially if they are holding their hands over their ears..

couldn't be ME..right?


~Mark Gensman~



Posted March 14

Courtesy of Rosie Hing


Hello Classmates,


We once again had a fun meeting at the Hi Hat.  We were so busy

chatting that we did little business.  However, we did decide that the

next group event will be the "BLAST FROM THE PAST" show on March

31.  Quite a few classmates have their tickets already and it looks like

it will be a sellout.  For more info, check out the flier linked above.

I have advanced tickets...just call me: 503-263-6188


FYI...An "afterglow" is a barbershop tradition.  It's kind of like a cast

party where the show performers and others will let down their hair

and sing some more, eat and drink.  It's $5 and you buy your ticket

at the show if you want to attend.  Totally optional.


Hope lots of you will come.  I think all six of my brothers will be there.




PS:  Wasn't that Mark Gensman's mug in the Sunday Paper?  Playing

with the EPICS at the 196? Rose Festival Battle of the Bands?  Great

photo with all the cops covering their ears.  Memories, like the

shadows of my..............!


Posted March 12

~~Dave Hansen~~ 


In an effort to encourage somebody from

the Class of 1967 to organize a 40th reunion

this year, I have put together a temporary

website for those searching the net for info,

and to invite members of the Class of 1967

to our Summer Picnic. 


Tigard HS--Class of 1967 


If anybody has any suggestions, criticisms or

other thoughts regarding this, please let me know.

And....if you know the whereabouts of any '67

classmates, please point them to the above site

and invite them to our THS-66 Summer Picnic.



Posted March 12

Courtesy of Lin' Johnston


Hi Dave.  I'm gonna have to pass on the meeting.  It would make

a pretty late night for me.  It's an hour + drive to Tigard from Longview

and I gotta work Friday.  It's also my husband's birthday.  He's all 

worried that he's turning 55....POOR BABY!!!!  There are a few of us

around that would like to be facing 55 and not 60, huh.  Anyway, thanks

for the blast from the past.  I simply cannot believe the Hi Hat is still

chugging along.  My goodness, we loved to eat there, back in the dark

ages when I was a kid.  Our next door neighbor, Billie Lilly, was the

bartender there her whole adult life.  It's amazing how such small things

can bring back a wealth of memories.  I remember Billie (who cared for

her invalid mother and an alcoholic brother) had a little mixed breed

dog named Sooter.  Almost every day, Billie would walk up to Girard's

Grocery (remember them?) and by Scooter a Hershey's chocolate bar.

That little dog would carry his candy bar home, then sit on the front

porch with Billie and down the whole thing one square at a time.

Scooter lived to be a very ripe old age, so guess chocolate is only toxic

to modern day dogs.  Scooter's one flaw was that he loved to chase

cars and did so until our Collie (Lady) followed him into the street one

day, grabbed him by his collar and shook him like a rage doll.  He must

have thought that's what happens when you catch the car you're chasing.

Anyway, guess he got the message because he was never seen chasing

cars again.  Gee lookie, a human interest story with my regrets message.

Have a good meeting and please let me know what you would like me to

help with.  Thanks.  Lin'


Q = Who in our class had the pleasure

of meeting Jimmy Durante at an auto show?


A = Sue Schneider 


Q = Which of us rode a motorcycle to

Matzalan (Mexico) and back again in 1974?

A = Tom Leist



To view pictures of the last

Planning Committee Meeting

at the Hi Hat Restaurant


Click Here 


Q = Whose best memory of a biology class

incident involves lots of water, Josh McIntosh

and an upset Mr Biederman?

A = Pam Schubert


Q = Which of us worked as a guide

in a historic house museum?


A = Sharon Grecco


Q = What is Lynda Sills'

favorite food?


A =  Junk


Q = Which of us used to hang out

after school with our "greaser friends"?


A = Sandy Ketchum 


Q = Which of us has met Frank Sinatra?


A = Deborah Brady 



Q =  Which of us lived in Wales

Mexico and Great Britain?

A = Judy Mansfield


Q = Which of us served Uncle Sam in the

Army as a helicopter maintenance specialist?

A = Steve Richardson


Q = Which of us is related to two

Norwegian Kings of 300 years ago?


A = Ron Dale 


Q = Which of us once met Phil Knight


A = Carl Anderson 


Posted Feb 25

Submitted by Rosemary Hing















 Event Flyer

~Rosie Hing Hands~ 


We are extending

a welcome to anybody from the

bookend classes of 1965 & 1967

 So....if you know folks from

those years, please invite them to

join us that night, as well as for our

summer picnic.


Q = Who among us currently works

for the Department of Defense as a

supervisory accounting technician?


A = Denise Versoza 


Q = If they could do high school over

again, which one of us would be less shy?


A = Phyllis Weiler 


Q = Which of us wanted to

be a pro golfer?


A = Tom Amburn 


 Q = Who's favorite sport is wrestling?


A = John Driscoll


Q = Which of us worked for the

IRS in delinquent acounts?


A = Sandra Johnson 


Posted Feb 13

Courtesy of Lori Leuz


This is a test for us, old kids! The answers are hidden...just
highlight them with your mouse pointer

 Q1. After the Lone Ranger saved the day and rode off into the sunset, the
grateful citizens would ask, "Who was that masked man?" Invariably, someone
would answer, "I don't know, but he left
this behind." What did he leave behind???
A = A Silver Bullet
Q2. When the Beatles first came to
the U.S. in early 1964, we all
watched them on...
A = The Ed Sullivan Show

Q3. "Get your kicks,...
A = on Route 66."


   Q4. "The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to...

A = protect the innocent."

Q5. "In the jungle, the mighty jungle,... 
A = The Lion Sleeps Tonight."


Q6. After the Twist, The Mashed Potato, and the Watusi, we "danced"
under a stick that was lowered as low
as we could go in a dance called...

A = "The Limbo"
  Q7. "N_E_S_T_L_E_S", Nestle's makes the very best...
A = Chocolate."

Q8. Satchmo was America's "Ambassador of Goodwill." Our parents
shared this great jazz trumpet 
player with us. His name was...

A = Louis Armstrong

Q9. What takes a licking and keeps on ticking? 
A = The Timex watch

Q10. Red Skelton's hobo character was named...
A = Freddy, The Freeloader 
...and Red always ended his
 television show by saying...
A = "Good Night, and may God Bless."

Q11. Some Americans who protested the Vietnam War did so by burning
 A = Draft cards
(Bras were also burned)

Q12. The cute little car with the
 engine in the back and the trunk
 in the front was called the VW.
 What other name did it go by?
A = Beetle 
 Q = What other name did it go by?
A = Bug

Q13. In 1971, singer Don MacLean sang
 a song about, "the day the music
died." This was a tribute to...
A = Buddy Holly

Q14. We can remember the first satellite placed into orbit. The
Russians did it. It was called...
A = Sputnik

Q15. One of the big fads of the late 50's and 60's was a large plastic ring
that we twirled around our waist.
 It was called the...

A = Hoola-Hoop



 Q = Which of us has appeared on

American Bandstand?


A = Sue Schneider 


 Q = Which of us has met Bill Gates?


A = Sue McQuaid 


Q = Which of the girls wished she

could have been Marilyn Monroe? 


 A = Dixie Brown


Q = Who admitted that their best

memory of high school was...skipping!?!?!?! 


 A = Suzanne McQuaid


Posted Feb 1


We are trying to find our missing classmates

to let them know about the 2007 THS66 Summer Picnic.

Linda Rhinevault (Leist) had a great idea....She suggested

I post the names on the THS66 Bulletin Board in hopes that some

of those reading this will know how to contact some of them:


Glen Anderson

Sharon Banta

Tenna Baumiller (Huebner)

Robert Baynham

Kathryn Jean Bell

Linda Bell

Verle Bolden

Scott Boone 

Donna Burris (Danner)

Diana Kay Cahoon (Michelson)

William N Chamberlain

Vicki Cox

Jackie Crane 

Donna Culver

Robert Dickoff

Ron Finch

Jaunita Finn 

Virginia Flannery

Lynelle Flye

Wayne Francis

Nick Galloway 

Daniel Garvin

Janet Graham

Cheri Marie Gunnell (Neylon)

Dan Hage

Robert Hall

Carol Hanson

Margaret Hatch

Karen Hazel (Farmer)

Annu Heikkila

Nancy Ann Hemstedt (Tisher)

Mark Hubbard

Steve Hust

Clint Johnson

Julie Johnson

Suzanne Johnston (Nannini)

Wayne Kessler

Diane Kraft  

Joyce Leach

Christine Lewis

Cheryl Lingle

Luanne McAnally

Lee McColl

Vicki Joy Meyer (Zenables)

Dan Miller

Shirley Moorehead (Dees) 

Marna Morgan

Francis O'Halloran 

Mark Phillips

Marianne Popp

Jeanie Rankin 

John Richlick

Bonita Schmitdt (Francis) 

Randall Scott Shinn

Janet Stan (Rutherford)

Lori Thulin

Rodney Turner

Steve Van Vleet (Moody) 

James Bryant Wallingford

Carol Whitford (Whitman)

Buzz Williams 

Sandra Woodside

Richard Young  

 Please send me (Dave Hansen) an email if you

know how to contact any of the above classmates.

Interestingly, some even came to the 40th reunion,

but we failed to get their contact information. Please

help us out in locating our classmates...thank you. 


Q = Who's best memory of high

school was being a nerd? 


A = Steve Domreis 


Q = Which of us was a truck driver

for Uncle Sam's Army?


A = Jim Connelly 


Pictures of THS66 Winter Social

can be viewed by....







Posted January 25


2007 THS66 Summer Picnic


We've reserved a new place for our Summer

Picnic.  It will be held on August 11 at Summer

Lake Park, from 2 pm until 6 pm.  For those who

have not yet visited the park, you can easily reach

it by taking Walnut (where the Frostop was located

on Hwy 99W) until you reach 128th.  Turn right on

128th into the residential area and just follow it for

a few blocks until you reach the park. 


Be sure to pencil this in on your calendar, as well

as the Tualatin Crawfish Festival the night before,

assuming Mark Gensman's band will be playing there

again, so we can have another two event weekend.

The Saturday event will again be a pot luck event

similar to last years 40th Reunion.  However, this

year we wish to invite neighboring classes (THS65

and THS67) to join us.  If you know any "kids" from

these classes, please let them know our intentions

and invite them to the party.



Q = Which of us owned a '68 Corvette that was known to

exceed 140 mph on the road from Coeur d'Alene to Spokane?

A = Linda Hanna


Q = Which of us worked in the office, and was known

to provide excuses for those who skipped class?


A = Suzanne McQuaid 


Q = Which of us relates the following story......


 I had just started dating Dave Durant who took me to his Senior

 Prom.  As we were walking up the steps to the gym, I had one hand

 through David's arm and the other clutching my "oh so sophisticated

 evening bag" that, of course, matched my gown.  I took the first stair

just fine, the second stair not so fine as I stepped on the hem of my

gown - took another and another as my dress seemingly got shorter

and shorter only to find my face on the top step.  Durant was  howling,

I was howling and everybody around trying to help me up.....yes,

embarrassed I was!!!!!


A = Deborah Brady 


 Q = Which of us worked in the

American Embassy in Guam?


A = Linda Hanna


Q = Which of us has been "on camera" as an

audience participant of the Johnny Carson Show,

the Phil Donahue Shoe, Regis & Kelly Show AND

the Red Dunning Show of the 1950s?

A = Becky Peck


Q = Which of us has had Jay
Leno visit their home?
A = Dave Hansen


Q = Which of us was caught smoking

in the supply room by Mr Lehman?


A = Tom Leist 


Q = Which of us has visited 37 countries, which included

seeing rare animals in the Galapagos Islands, pirhana fishing

in the Amazon, photo safaris in South Africa and Zimbabwe...

and descended into King Tut's Tomb in Egypt?

A = Becky Peck


Q = Which two THS66 guys used

to cut classes early to go over to 

Lake Oswego to visit their girlfriends

just as they were getting out of class

at LOHS?


A = Mark Majovski & Mark Gensman 



Q = Whose most embarrassing moment

was being dumped by Sue Kent?


A = Carl Anderson 


Oct 30 

Posted by Dave 


Rather than deleting all the fun stuff that

has been posted on the Bulletin Board

for the past few months, I will archive to

separate pages for anybody who has not

yet had a chance to read it.


Fun Pages




Sept 24



In order to obtain more material for this

Bulletin Board....

I have posed a questionnaire

on the THS66 website.  Please




and then send me an email with your answers

to each question.  (Just use the question number

for each answer...no need to quote the question

in your reply.)  By doing so, you will make it a bit

easier for this guy to continue posting interesting

material for our classmates to read a little longer!


Sept 22

THS66 Now has an








To Submit Material

To the Bulletin Board


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