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Our next summer picnic will be held at

1pm on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at

Shelter # 3 (by the river) at Cook Park.

We would like to invite other classes from

the decade of the 1960s to join us in a nice

afternoon of food, nostalgia and chat.  Be

sure to bring your family......it will pot-luck

luncheon.  Send questions to Dave Hansen


 We want to thank all who attended the 

events of our 50th Anniversary of our

 graduation in 2016.

You can view the pictures of our

2016  50th Anniversary party....



The photos of our latest THS66 picnic

can be viewed at:   Picnic Photos






Monthly Dinner Parties 

(As of December 10, 2015 the beginning dinner time will be changed to 5 pm.)

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Reunion of the Class of 1966




A Report to Our Classmates 


    As those who came to our reunion at Cook Park already know, this year's party to celebrate the 40th year of our graduation was an overwhelming success.  Not only was it attended by far more people than anybody had imagined, but everybody thoroughly enjoyed meeting their friends again, many who have not seen each other for 4 decades.

    It was our intention to keep this reunion simple and low key, which may have contributed to the relaxed atmosphere and boundless friendliness.  Early estimates place the total attendance upwards of 200 people, including spouses, children, friends and former teachers!  There was no shortage of good food, friendly smiling faces or hard work from a lot of people who contributed to the success by finding nearly 80% of our classmates in just 3 short months....INCREDIBLE!   

    You can view pictures of the celebration beginning at...

THS66 40th Reunion


...Where you can see why the party lasted beyond its prescribed 3 hours.  To give you an idea of the lengths some took to join us, one of our classmates traveled from the East Coast to join in the fun!  

    A short program was conducted that included recognizing many of the people who have contributed greatly to our benefit.  First to be remembered were our classmates who have prematurely and sadly passed beyond this life.  Next, we applauded our teachers to whom we owe so much.  Third to receive our applause were the many in the audience who served our Country in the Armed Services.

    The highlight of the formal (and I use that term very loosely) program involved Janet, Marci and Lori's (Abeling, Cates & Leuz) fun questionnaire which drew out some fascinating details about our classmates.  Be sure to watch the new BULLETIN BOARD in the near future to find out some interesting things about those who attended!

    And finally...Mike Foss brought us all together in a true spirit of Tiger enthusiasm by leading the throng in a couple cheerleading fight songs!!!

    If you were unable to attend this year's reunion, everybody agreed that it was so much fun that we need to do another one next year, as well as some smaller events along the way.  So....stay tuned to this website, as we will add pictures as often as they are submitted, keep the Bulletin Board active (which also requires reader submissions) and post advance notice of future activities. 

    If you wish to help prepare for next year's reunion, we will continue to have occasional planning meetings.  And...we always need assistance searching out our remaining classmates who have yet to be found.  They are at the bottom of our ALUMNI page.


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