Lessons for new dancers

Lessons will begin again in the fall. If you have a yen to see what you're missing, you're welcome to come and visit during one of our regular dances (see "Dance Schedule"). We'd love to share the joy of western square dancing with you!

LESSONS 2021-2022

Free Lessons on September 26th and October 3th

Lessons will be held at a location TBD.

Time: 6-8pm

Any student that was attending lessons in 2019-2020 that did not graduate can attend this year for free.

By "dancing in squares, you can make a circle of friends".

For more information, please contact any of our "Club Officers" or call Mike & Barb Benner 419-448-0580 or Calvin & Jane Staib: 419-447-9759.

Dancers who wish to see or review square dance calls can do so online at: Video Square Dance Lessons

Danny Beck

Club Caller for the Tiffin T-Squares Dance Club