Member Updates

Be sure to thank any of our 2017-2018 sponsors if you patronize their business locations.  They are:  American Heritage Reality, Barb and Dick's Berry Farm, Charlie's Small Engine Repair, Kuebler Shoe Store, Lucia Lupica, Professional Hearing Care, Reineke Family Dealerships, Dr. Richard Reser D.C.,  Dr. Carl Schafer, D.D.S., Seneca Massage Therapy and Dr. Timothy Sulken, D.D.S.  They have helped us secure quality cuers and callers for the dance year ahead.    (Posted February 27, 2018)

Window stickers stating "We Love Square Dancing" and our website address (see photo tab) are now available for purchase from Tom Welter or Wayne Sigler for $1.00.  You can pick one or two up at the next dance.  The stickers do no good inside a brief case!  Do you have one posted in a visible location?    (Posted July 12, 2014)