About the Tiffin T Squares


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Danny Beck presents graduation certificates to new 2016-2017
square dancers:  Celesta Bingamon, Paul Jones, Joyce Lynch,
Ruth Jones and youngest new dancers, Molly and Aiden Smith.
                            Celebrating Danny Beck

"Five Decades of Fun, Dancing, Cueing and Teaching"

Sunday, July 16, 2017 from 2 to 5 PM
Huron County Fairgrounds
EXPO Building, 940 Fair Road, Norwalk, OH
$6 person/$12 per couple
Multiple guest callers and cuers
Serving Danny's favorites - pies and ice cream

Sponsors: Johnny Appleseed Squares, Norwalk FADS, T-Squares

Advanced tickets available at dances; or contact:
Jane Staib
6466 S. CR-47
New Riegel, OH 44853
Ph:  419-447-9759     Email:  jcstaib@sbcglobal.net

Proceeds in excess of expenses will be donated to the Salvation Army

John and Susan Crumrine were recognized at the March 25 dance for their contributions to the T-Squares.  "Fishing" was the theme since
they will be moving to Wisconsin.  Excellent food decoration by
Sharon Skeel, Rod and Sue Echelberry and Dave and Jackie Schiefer.