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Please send all Business Correspondence to the Tiffin-Seneca Izaak Walton League of America to: 
P.O.Box 724 Tiffin, Ohio 44883 
Next Club Meeting 
is Tues
March 21st, 6:30 

Mike Huff and Wife fowarding the  "IWLA Out Door 
Life" Photo Contest.
Age groups: Youth, Teen & Adult
    Categories:  Nature, Enjoying Nature, Wild Animals, Best Black & White

Dave & Robb have a 2 Gun Shoot ... Championship in March (details click Here) 

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We are now members of the 
Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce.  
Please visit there  Page Here 

John Weslow reports that Buckeye the 
Firearms Page has a 
Summary of the NEW CCW Rules: 

54 Members Attended the
January Club meeting!
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To make it easier, the Club is asking for a 2 member team to take over the Membership Directors Position:

The 1st membership coordinator would handle the Meeting Applications, New Membership Tours and intro Packets.
The 2nd membership coordinator would handle Renewals & tally sheets for the National IWLA. 

 Please see Steve Wright or Rob Weaver


Sunday January 22,  2 Gun Shoot:

Work Party Updates  (Click Here for current updated from Gary)   Gary's email:

Competitive & fun shoots  (Click here for the full monthly schedule) 

  • Thank You Webster Industries!  for all your support and donations

  • Thank You to the NRA and our ODNR for all their help and dedication in preserving Constitutional Rights & Natural Resources!!!!!
  • Thank You Paul for the many Pics

  • Very Special Thanks to GOOGLE for sponsoring our Webpage & Providing the on-line storage space. 

Some of the Great Folks who help Sponsors the Tiffin-Seneca County IWLA:


Regarding Memberships: 


    • Important SAFETY Measures!...
      • It is important that when using the lower range; that you post your targets on the stands in front of the back stops!!!
      • If you set targets up close to the shooting benches your bullets will ricochet off the flat ground; going who knows where!  “SAFETY IS A MUST”
    • Please!!! NO shooting of bottleneck rounds (including .223 rounds) on the UPPER Range!!
    • Please remember to PICK UP ALL of your Rounds and casings..  NO rifle-bottle neck round on the pistol range!  Leave the area cleaner that the way you found it!
    • Please:  NO "midnight shooting"  The ranges are open from sunup to sunset.  No shooting using car headlights etc.  (Late night Fishing is OK for members).

    • All RANGEs are for MEMBERS and immediate family members ONLY.  The lower Range is open as long as there is NO activity on the farm field.  Please use caution;  Remember, NO glass, Cinder blocks, shooting at picnic tables, or Trash... pick up ALL trash (not just yours) before you leave.  It is everyone's duty to keep it clean.
    • Pond: The pond is catch and release only. We pay to have this pond stocked! THANKS!

    • Range SAFETY:  Common sense and Safety!  No Glass, concrete block, cylinder blocks, etc.  If you see trash on the range, clean it up.
      (MEMBERS and immediate family members ONLY!)
    •  Gun Safety must be practiced on the range:
      •  A gun is always treated as if it were loaded. 
      •  The gun is always pointed down range. 
      •  Finger off the trigger until clearance to shoot.
      •  Keep the action OPEN when pausing or going down range to set up targets.
      •  No Horseplay!
    • CHL / CCW Classes offered by Dean Henry, and John Weslow, on a regular basis.                   
        • John Weslow see for CCW class details. 

        • Dean Henry -  (See Deans legal updates page.... and the Ohio laws compared to other states)  CCW cleanup legislation is moving thru OH legislature at lightning speed; it is a good thing; Don't need to have a CCW license to have a concealed hand gun in one's home.  With the increasing break-ins, gun sales are brisk.  "Shooting classes" are disparately needed for the general public. 

    *** Please email Craig with any corrections, additions or deletions (

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