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  • Next Club Meeting is Tuesday May 19th, dinner at 6:30 (Denny and crew are cooking)
  • The entire Club send their Condolences to Keith and his family on the passing of Keith's Father.
  • Congrats to our hard working President Steve Wright on receiving this years Tobin
     IWLA State Director & National Officer Merlin Peterson , along with Former President Larry Kipps presented Steve with the Award.... Thanks for all you do Steve!


***** Note that the "Rob's Roundup on the Shoots"
  link  is now active and Rob is publishing the Gun
         Shoots results.  (click the link here, or go to "2015 Shoots Update from Dave, Steve, Rob, and Dan"
 and click on the "Robs Roundup Link")
  • Steve's Report on the Fun Shoot:  We had a great turn out for Saturdays Fun Shoot!  I think there were about 14 men, women and young'ins that came out and participated in the days activities.  I'm not sure who was in charge of the weather; but we did have perfect weather for having great fun!  Thanks to Dean Henry for the pre-shooting safety instruction and  running the shoot. (Super Job Dean!!) I would also like to thank the following members for supplying their guns and expertise in instructing the new shooters;  Dave Wagner, Ed Straub, Larry Lavoy, Larry Manecke, Gary Espejo, John Weslow, Doug Skornica of the Tiffin Police dept and me.  (Click Here for more Pics) Fun Shoot 2014

  • Gary Espejo won the Weber Grill, but is donating it back to the club for the Fall Gun Raffle.  Thanks Gary!! 
  • Dave obtained 30 Pin Oak tree seedlings.  Here are the guys planting em in the Clubs open field... Looks good guys...

  • Important:  The Club is establishing a "Fair Committee" for our booth at the 2015 Seneca County fair.  To help coordinate the booth setup, design and activities... please join the committee if you can help!  Contact Rick Ricci or Steve Wright to join to Committee.  (Click on their name to send them an email).
  • The "Annual Tiffin-Seneca County IWLA Gun Raffle"... Larry L and Gary E. gave a nice update at Tuesdays nights meeting on the progress being made for out "Big Gun Raffle"  They have selected a nice array of guns for this years raffle... including a grand prize Henry 45-70 Package (Mounted Vortex Scope, Henry Soft Case).  Stay Tuned for more updates  (Please note Gary's new "survey" link at the bottom of the Navigation column.  The questions are related to our Gun Raffle event, but you can fill out the survey and bring it to the next meeting to help with input)
  • Dave's Grant proposal to the NRA for the upper shooting platform rebuilding-repair has passed the first round of approvals.  Dave will keep us posted!  (If you have ever stepped-out onto this overhanging platform, you have noted that is provides one of the most beautiful Sandusky River views in Seneca County!).


New Information:
  • 2015 Fishing Derby is June 6th at 9:00 am.

  • 2015 National Hunting & Fishing Day is Sept. 19th

  • Next Fair Board / IWLA Gun Show is Sept 19 & 20.
Ongoing Information:
  • To help out with club work projects contact Gary E., Dave W., Ed S., Larry L.  These hard workers coordinate the work activities when work activities are upcoming.
  • Check-out the NEW Rules proposed by the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) for the National Service Pistol Matches (Click Here)

  • Important SAFETY Measures!...
    • It is important that when using the lower range; that you post your targets on the stands in front of the back stops!!!
    • If you set targets up close to the shooting benches your bullets will ricochet off the flat ground; going who knows where!  “SAFETY IS A MUST”
  • Please!!! NO shooting of bottleneck rounds (including .223 rounds) on the UPPER Range!!
  • Please remember to PICK UP ALL of your Rounds and casings..  NO rifle-bottle neck round on the pistol range!  Leave the area cleaner that the way you found it!
  • Please:  NO "midnight shooting"  The ranges are open from sunup to sunset.  No shooting using car headlights etc.  (Late night Fishing is OK for members).

  • All RANGE are for MEMBERS and immediate family members ONLY.  The lower Range is open as long as there is NO activity on the farm field.  Please use caution;  Remember, NO glass, Cinder blocks, shooting at picnic tables, or Trash... pick up ALL trash (not just yours) before you leave.  It is everyone's duty to keep it clean.
  • Pond: The pond is catch and release only. We pay to have this pond stocked! THANKS!

  • Range SAFETY:  Common sense and Safety!  No Glass, concrete block, cylinder blocks, etc.  If you see trash on the range, clean it up.
    (MEMBERS and immediate family members ONLY!)
  •  Gun Safety must be practiced on the range:
    •  A gun is always treated as if it were loaded. 
    •  The gun is always pointed down range. 
    •  Finger off the trigger until clearance to shoot.
    •  Keep the action OPEN when pausing or going down range to set up targets.
    •  No Horseplay!
  • CHL / CCW Classes offered by Dean Henry, John Weslow, and Craig Robbins, on a regular basis.                   
      • John Weslow see for CCW class details.
      • Dean Henry -  (See Deans legal updates page.... and the Ohio laws compared to other states)  CCW cleanup legislation is moving thru OH legislature at lightning speed; it is a good thing; Don't need to have a CCW license to have a concealed hand gun in one's home.  With the increasing break-ins, gun sales are brisk.  "Shooting classes" are disparately needed for the general public. 
      • Craig Robbins (