National Hunting and Fishing Day 2022... Thank You Volunteers!!!

The Heritage Fest Parade Float Looked Great!!

Dangerous Hornets nest
Hornets nest on the 2nd target on the Archery Range... Has been removed...

(Thank You Gary Solomon)


***** NOTICE*****

Gary E, and Gary S. have announced that the "Shock the River" program is scheduled again this year Sat Oct 22
This event usually starts at 9:00 am and features Brian Zimmerman, ODNR Ohio Fish expert and author.


Thank You members who made it out to the September Meeting

Nice work by the Hunting Blind Construction Team!
Steve Perkins, Gary Solomon, Dave Wagner, Joe Frankart, Steve Wright, Tom Weis, Dale Bentz

Good Day of Fishing with the SCOC group

"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work"

Steve P., Gary S. and Steve W. installed the NEW fountain.... And.....almost "installed" Steve W. in the pond too!!

Thanks to all Ikes who made it out and volunteered all morning for the
City Fishing Derby.
The count was well over 100 people...

Thank You: Rob, Dave, Gary S., Wayne, Dale, Nate, Nicki, Emily, Steve, Rich, Larry, Robert and other volunteers for the fantastic work at the Wounded Warrior Support-Event-Benefit. Rob organized the event with numerous shooting challenge events. Gary S. took the wives and kids to the Fishing Pond (were they said they had a blast). Dave, Larry, and Rich grilled dogs, brats, & burgers. Wayne, Dale, Emily and Craig did soup & salad. Nate, Nicki, Rob, Steve and others worked the ranges. Dale had the grounds looking absolutely beautiful. *** I am sure we are missing some other contributors.... Please send Craig the names of anyone left out. Pics below..........Thanks Nicki for the pics

*Please email Craig if we missed your name as a volunteer... Thanks (

Tiffin Seneca County Izaak Walton has received the 2021 Volunteer of the Year Award from the City of Tiffin Parks Board!

Gary Rider's grand kids had a great day fishing!

Please Sign the NEW 2022 Range Safety Form (even if you did before..... Just slip it in breeze-way at the front of the Club House..... Thanks!!!!! Click Here for the new form

All members PLEASE take 5 minutes and review the range safety video below (You may have to click on the play arrow twice)

*** For everyone's Safety and Protection, Please review the Range Safety Videos...

Click Here to print out the New Range Safety Release form...

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2019 Sponsors
  • Thank You Greg!! at Johnson's Hunting & Fishing (Click Here) for all your support.

  • Thank You to the NRA and our ODNR for all their help and dedication in preserving Constitutional Rights & Natural Resources!!!!!

    • Thank You Paul for the many Pics

  • Very Special Thanks to GOOGLE for sponsoring our Webpage & Providing the on-line storage space.

Some of the Great Folks who help Sponsors the Tiffin-Seneca County IWLA:

Regarding Memberships:

  • Hunter Safety Classes... Sign up at WWW.WILDOHIO.COM...

    • Link to Article Published about the Club in the BGSU newspaper!

    • Important SAFETY Measures!...

      • It is important that when using the lower range; that you post your targets on the stands in front of the back stops!!!

      • If you set targets up close to the shooting benches your bullets will ricochet off the flat ground; going who knows where! “SAFETY IS A MUST”

  • Please!!! NO shooting of bottleneck rounds (including .223 rounds) on the UPPER Range!!

  • Please remember to PICK UP ALL of your Rounds and casings.. NO rifle-bottle neck round on the pistol range! Leave the area cleaner that the way you found it!

    • Please: NO "midnight shooting" The ranges are open from sunup to sunset. No shooting using car headlights etc. (Late night Fishing is OK for members).

  • All RANGEs are for MEMBERS and immediate family members ONLY. The lower Range is open as long as there is NO activity on the farm field. Please use caution; Remember, NO glass, Cinder blocks, shooting at picnic tables, or Trash... pick up ALL trash (not just yours) before you leave. It is everyone's duty to keep it clean.

    • Pond: The pond is catch and release only. We pay to have this pond stocked! THANKS!

    • Range SAFETY: Common sense and Safety! No Glass, concrete block, cylinder blocks, etc. If you see trash on the range, clean it up.

  • Gun Safety must be practiced on the range:

    • A gun is always treated as if it were loaded.

    • The gun is always pointed down range.

    • Finger off the trigger until clearance to shoot.

    • Keep the action OPEN when pausing or going down range to set up targets.

    • No Horseplay!

  • CHL / CCW Classes offered by Dean Henry, and John Weslow, on a regular basis.

      • Dean Henry - (See Deans legal updates page.... and the Ohio laws compared to other states)

*** Please email Craig with any corrections, additions or deletions (