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Where we think we are going next:

 Arizona in December.





Pictures of the new house have been added.   

Click link -- New House

We have gotten back to one of our favorite pastimes, Razor Clam digging.  The season is very limited, 3 days this month, 3 next month.  Digs are at night and it is usually fairly cool out.  Here is a pic of Meredith ready to head for the beach ---


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9/3/08    2 new folders  being added now, Idaho and Long Beach.  The Idaho pictures are mostly of mountains and canyons and the Long Beach one is of the Long Beach Washington area where we have spent the last week. 


We will be in the Tacoma area for the next couple of months as we find a place to settle and I go back to Florida to get our things out of storage.  I will update the site when something changes or post a note about every 2 weeks to let you know whats happening.  December will start our Arizona adventure and I am sure I will have alot more to post then.  Best wishes to all and I hope to hear from you soon. 

JD and Mert




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6/27/08  9:37 A.M.   We made our "official" turn to the West.  ______________________________________________

Recent Additions

We had a wonderful time in Idaho.  Pictures soon


We have made it to our friends house in Idaho.  Not without incident though.  We lost a second tire on the trailer.  It was on the same side as the one the road in Penn. destroyed.  We also lost the AC in the truck and the weather has been in the mid 90's.  As of today, Tuesday, we have the truck repaired and will get new tires for the trailer by the weeks end.  Jerry has done a little fishing here with fair luck. 
Though being the sportsman he is he lets most of them go before he actually gets them in the boat.  We will be back on the road on / about August 3rd. 


7/25/08  We have moved on from S.D and went through WY to Yellowstone Park.  Took the better part of a day going through the park.  Stopped and saw a few sights, of course Old Faithful, as well as a bear crossing the road, but we were too slow to get  a picture.  Saw elk, bison, all sorts of birds, had lunch on the shore of Yellowstone lake... Pictures on the Yellowstone page.   

Also have finished the SD page, added a few more pictures...


We have been in the Ohio, Kentucky area visiting family and friends for the past week or so.  We had a wonderful time visiting with Meredith's brother Ed and his family Kris and Lydia (and the puppies).  It was really great to see them and get to spend a some time with them.  Lydia pulled of a surprize birthday for JD and has become quite the cook. They also took us to a wonderful Italian resturant that I cannot remember the name of but highly recommend. 

From there we have gone to Elizabethtown Ky. to visit a long time friends Jess and Joy who live here.   When we leave here we will be headed to SD to visit Jerry's brother. 



While we were in Boston area, we went to Foxwoods Casino  in Conn.  Here's a picture of what we could get away with...





6/8/08  See Tidbits for the latest disaster...





Now for those who know Mert and her desire to drive the big rig,  you will be interested to know she has actually driven the truck and trailer in New Jersey.... How about that....!