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                            Teaching Music, Understanding Children       


    Add: Jalan Bukit Tinggi, Taman Tan Yew Lai, 58200 KL (Next to OUG)

HP: 019-3233659    email: tiffanyhousemusicstudio@gmail.com

 www.musikgarten.org (USA) or Facebook: Tiffany's House



Give your child a good musical foundation before learning Piano, Violin or other Musical Instruments. MUSIKGARTEN, a life-long musical journey for music enjoyment and appreciation!

在学钢琴, 小提琴或任何乐器前,让您的孩子接受优良的音乐启蒙教育. MUSIKGARTEN   (音乐乐园) 伴随您的孩子一同成长,为日后的音乐之旅建立绰越的基础!


Why Musikgarten? 为什么选择音乐乐园?

Musikgarten's programmes are based on meeting the development needs of children as they grow. Favourite songs, stories and dances are revisited throughout - building on what each child has mastered and enjoyed - making successful learning easier.



·         Nurtures Brain, Social, Emotional, Physical & Creative Development
·         Promote total development & build a strong musical foundation
·         Backed by 30 years of practice & research designed for age appropriateness

·         激发头脑和身体的发育,提升创造力,情绪管理和社交能力。

·       为您的孩子在正式学习钢琴,小提琴或其他乐器之前打好稳固的基础。

·         有着超过三十年的专业研究和实践考察经验。




For more information or   A TRIAL CLASS please call :

Tiffany at 019-3233659


or visit us at facebook :Tiffany's House




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