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Welcome to the Tiffany Gardens Weather website.  This site shows the weather data from my person weather station.  I upgraded my PWS to a Davis VantagePro2, Cumulus publishing software, and a new Windows 8.1 computer in June 2014.  Previously, I operated an Oregon Scientific WMR200A weather station.  Please see my photo gallery to see my old and new station setups.  I try to remain as true to NWS and Globe Weather standards as my property will allow.  I am typically within statistical accuracy with NWS (National Weather System) and other PWS (Personal Weather Station(s)) in my area -- the key was to use a high quality radiation sheild for my temperture and humidity sensor and elevating my ananometer. I have remained true to this philosophy with my new installation.


My old PWS provided UV data using a WVN800 UV Meter.  This meter was located about 9 feet (3 meters) above the ground near my old anemometer.  It faces South as I am in the Northern hemisphere. My intentions are to procure a Davis instrument UV meter in the future.


I previously relocated my temperature/humidity sensor inside of an Ambient Weather SRS 100LX radiation shield.   Then I connected a PC cooling fan to my radiations sheild to simulate a FARS (Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield.) The sensor is still about 1.9 meters above the ground. I will be watching my Temps this summer to determine whether or not to add a fan to the installed radiation sheild.


My anemometer is on a mast about 16 feet (about 5 meters) above the ground.  This puts it in even cleaner air that is above the level of my house and eliminates some of the wind disturbance from surrounding obstructions. 


Obstructions remain the same, to whit: houses over 120 feet away to the W and to the NE.  There is a white painted brick wall about 10 feet to the S and a wood fence to the N about 25 feet away.  There is also a wooden fence about 29 feet to the E.  No fence is over 6 feet in height.


If you have any comments on how I can improve my weather station or my website, please send me a comment from my "about us" page.


 Thank you.

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