I am interested in how environmental variability influences biodiversity, community structure, ecosystem dynamics and cross-habitat resource flows. I use experimental and comparative approaches in field settings to investigate the role of environmental variation, particularly hydrologic in maintaining biodiversity and organizing food webs. Primary topics of research include i) food-web variation in relation to biotic and abiotic conditions, ii) characterizing diet variation in individuals and populations and evaluate its consequences to food-web dynamics, iii) quantifying spatial subsidies coupling habitats, and iv) testing drivers of biodiversity both functional and taxonomic, across space and time. Investigating these connected topics is necessary to understand the broad implications for the conservation of aquatic habitats in a changing climate.

My research program uses both vertebrate and invertebrate subjects and integrates across the fields of conservation biology, ecology and ecosystem ecology to study processes in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Western Michigan University
Department of Biological Sciences and Environmental and Sustainability Studies program
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Appointments and Education
Postdoc (2012-2015) Department of Integrative Biology, Oregon State University
PhD (2012) Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto
MSc (2007) Biology, Southeastern Louisiana University
BSc (2004) Honors Biology (Magna Cum Laude), Winona State University