Adult Education

Take Your Tanakh Series
Join Rabbi Dan twice a week for his popular Tanakh study groups:

Take your Tanakh in the PM
The TYT Series will continue on April 19th with a new topic: "The Kings of Israel and Judah."
Come and learn about the creation and destruction of the Jewish monarchy as we study the Book of 1 Kings. Become familiar with the Jewish royal family, learn about their achievements, blunders and history in a way which makes the Tanakh come to life. You won't want to miss out on this exciting and educational experience!

Starting April 19th, 2016, this class meets Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM at B'nai Abraham.

Take your Tanakh in the AM
In the morning class we explore the lives, personalities, struggles and moral messages of the Trei Asar, the Twelve Minor Prophets. Please join us we delve into the life and times of Hosea the Prophet!
Starting February 11th, 2016, this class meets Monday mornings at 8:15 AM at B'nai Abraham.

Women's Learning Chaburah
Join Yael Millner and the women of CTI once a month on Sundays from 3:00 to 4:00 PM for an on-going study of Pirkei Avot.
Come and learn the deeper meanings of some of our tradition's most quoted texts!
No prior learning background is required.
*This event is for women only*

Sunday Talmud Shiur
Join Adam Sales for a Talmud Chabura after minyan Sunday mornings. We will be working through the detailed discussion of the roots and ideas behind the laws of Shabbat, as we study Tractate Shabbat starting from the beginning.
The chabura is open to everyone, and will be accessible and interesting to participants of all backgrounds. There will be a breakfast of Bagels, Lox and Cream Cheese!
Printouts of the text and a translation will be provided.

Melton Adult School of Jewish Learning
Rabbi Dan will be teaching "Rhythms of Jewish Living" on Mondays from 7:00 - 9:30 pm at the JCC.
For more information on the Melton School and how you can become part of the largest adult Jewish educational institution in the world.

Evriyon: CTI's Center for Hebrew
Do you want to learn basic Hebrew? Do you want to feel more comfortable and confident using a siddur? Then you'll want to become a part of the Evriyon, CTI's first basic Hebrew language program for adults! By the end of this course you will learn about the history of the Hebrew language, be able to recognize and decode the letters and vowels of the Hebrew aleph-bet, and learn how to read and converse in basic Hebrew. In addition, this course will teach you insights into the siddur (prayer book) and show you the deeper meaning of some of our tradition's most famous prayers.
The Evriyon will be taught by Iris Kohn-Wiener, a native Israeli who has been living in the United States for the past 27 years. 
The cost for this course of $20 per session.
Classes begin on Sunday, November 6th.
All classes meet at B'nai Abraham.