Post Quarter Grade

POST    Quarter  Grades


Log on to your grade book and be sure all your grades have been entered and saved.

You should have data in the gold columns.  If you do not, see a Campus administrator.


The green   Select a task   should be the Quarter you wish to post grades for.


Be sure that the grading window is open – dates that it is open will be posted in District Notices on your Campus home page.


1. Place mouse pointer on the green columns of the grade book – Right Click – from the dropdown menu highlight and click on --  Post grades (make sure that the first line of the drop down is the quarter you wish to post).   You should now see the quarter averages in the green columns.  Click the   Save  button on the top of your grade book.


      2.  If you wish to edit any of the letter grades, click on the grade you wish to edit and use the drop down arrow and select (click on) the letter grade you wish. Click on  Save button on top of grade book.


Change the   Section  to a different class and go back to step 1.  You must post grades in each of your different classes.


If you add new grades after you have posted, you will need to repost for those grades to be calculated into your posted grade. Multiple reposts do not cause any problems.


You can repost and edit grades as many times as you wish while the grading window is open.


Please save a tree and do not print this out right away --- try to use the electronic copy.