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Note all of these stories are fictional. The content may also not be appropriate for all groups. The author does not support the real life implementation of corporal punishment, and also believes that it is detrimental to the child typically. All stories by the author are the property of the author,Tienz, and may not be posted anywhere else without my expressed permission and credit being given.                                                                 .


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11/25/07  I'm still alive.  Planning for K &S on task. Felt a vibe to do Aristotle high again.

11/1/06  I've gotten 3 stories written up. Proof Reading 1& 2 of <untitled> 3rd one's concept has been hashed out. Hav'nt gotten too far on AH IV.  It's kinda hole I dug myself since I'll need bout 1-2 chapts after IV to end the friends arc and turn the tone to something little more carefree.  

8/07/06 Ah III up...finally

5/20/06 Aristotle II on site. I to be posted later. III should be up by late tomorrow.

5/19/06  Site published.