The first book written on Tien Shan Pai was authored by
grandmaster Willy Lin.

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Wang Chueh-Jyne   (1910-1990)
Founder of Tien Shan Pai

Wang created a composite system combining forms and techniques from several different styles, including northern Shao Lin, tai chi, bagua, xing yi, baji, and chin na. Many of the forms came from the Nanjing Institute.
Tien Shan Pai is simply a "brand" name . There are No "Tien Shan Pai" forms used.
Wang was never actually appointed grandmaster by any generational authority (see interview page -C.C. Liu ). Wang took 10 disciples via formal ceremony .

 Willy Lin, 1st generation disciple of Wang Chueh-jyne

In Recent years, Lin discovered that the "64th" generation story is false and was used as a "marketing" idea. Lin offers a full disclosure on his website www.linkungfu.com , as well as instructional dvds and pix
of all the senior Tien Shan Pai disciples and masters.
Willy Lin ( Lin Shih Kuang ) was the first person to use the name "Tien Shan Pai"
in the U.S.  essentially "branding" the kung fu style taught by Wang Cheh-jyne here in America.
 Lin also wrote the first book in English on the art of Tien Shan Pai and recently bought back exclusive rights to his book from Ohara publications.

Sifu Willy Lin is the "father" of Tien Shan Pai in America.

Lin's assistant instructors in D.C..

Left to Right-Wayne Behnke,Gene Gause,Huang Chien-liang,
Sifu Willy Lin,"Tee"(not instructor),Dennis Brown,and Ron Burley

Willy Lin sponsored Tony Lin (see other pix ) and Huang Chien-liang to the U.S. and hired them as assistant instructors. Lin also sponsored C.C. Liu ( not pictured ) to this country.

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